few questions about encoding video and bitrate


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Dec 7, 2018
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quick question, do you record at h265+ or h265? (why?)
do you record at variable bit rate or constant? (why?)

i personally switched today to h265 from h265+ to get access to third stream and to be able to play recording without issue, h265+ gave me issue with my local video player
i use 4k monitor and i have 4 cameras, with third stream I can fill the whole screen with proper ratio (1280x720) without having gray / black each side of the video(640x480)
one thing i know, it will use more HD space but i can still have > 2 weeks of 24/7 recording so i think that drawback is not a huge deal

i am using variable bit rate, reason? because it look more ok? i guess
for bitrate i use this chart Hikvision Bitrate Chart All Max Bitrates
i record at 15fps but i use the suggested 20fps bitrate instead, to be safer / have maybe a better quality recording (should I change my thinking?)
Dec 28, 2019
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New Jersey
I record at H264. H265+ is a non standard format which, since I use Blue Iris, isn't actually supported. I tried H265 and found it didn't make a significant difference in files sizes, but that can depend on the amount of motion in the video.

I've found that constant bit rates provide the best video, 2048 for 2MP and 8192 for 4MP, but your eye may see something else.

15F/ps is fine for surveillance video and will make file sizes significantly smaller. Even slower is fine as well, some folks are happy at 8F/ps. This is video surveillance not a Hollyweird epic.

As with everything, personal preference and YMMV.