DVR connection to cameras via VPN lost

Jun 17, 2022
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Hello everyone!

I am using a DS 7732NI-K4 NVR (V 4.71.005 build 220524) that is connected to some cameras: some are connected on the same LAN network and some through a VPN network at a distant place. The NVR connects to the local cameras fine but seems to loose all the cameras that are connected via the VPN after a while. A restart of the NVR won't solve the problem but a VPN reset will fix it for some time but then the NVR will loose the connection again. When the connection is lost from the NVR, the rest of the network works just fine (I can ping the VPN cameras, visit their web interface and iVMS 4200 can live view them just fine via VPN). It is only the NVR that won't connect to them.

I am using a self-hosted bridged SSL VPN from router to router and all cameras have static IP addresses. All VPN cameras are Hikvision DS-2CD 1343G0-I (V5. 7.3 build 220315). Both main LAN and VPN work on the same subnet and range of IPs (192.168.1.xx) with no IP conflicts. I don't have an external static IP but I am using dynDNS for VPN connection purposes.

I would be grateful if anyone could help me with this issue on how to keep the NVR connection to the cameras stable.

Thank you all in advance!Notes_220618_013050.jpg