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Feb 20, 2018
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My first post after reading for weeks here - thanks for all the great information. I am looking to cover my front door, garage and back door, and I've been playing with the IPVM calculator. My thoughts for each are the following: either the HDW4231EM-AS 6mm or the HDW5231R-Z, though I am open to other suggestions. On the one hand, the 4231 6mm would buy me more distance for 100 ppf and the fixed camera angle seems right. The 4231 also has a slightly slimmer profile for a front door. On the other hand, the 5231 is (from what I read) a better night performer and I can narrow the angle for more ppf distance. Not sure if the lighting I have will matter. I've attached both day and night pictures with angles, measurements and proposed placements (stars). The night pictures are without a flash (except for Garage #1) with all relevant lights on.

Front door
It would be nice, but not essential, to cover the whole angle at 100 ppf out to 25' and 28', but I'm happy enough with decent coverage for the front door. I thought about a mini-dome for aesthetics but even that sheltered location gets too much sun.

I am just looking to cover anyone approaching the garage doors and packages, not the whole driveway. I'd need more than one camera for proper coverage, but I may start with the one on the right side that would show the driveway entrance.

Back Patio

I outlined with a red rectangle the only feasible area for placement (behind a fridge on the inside - anywhere else is a wiring nightmare). I am worried about that light being right near where I would place the camera - is that likely a problem? For coverage, I am looking for 100 ppf to the distance marked, if feasible.


Front - Day.jpg Front - Night.jpg Garage #1.JPG Garage #2.JPG Back - Night.JPG Back - Day.JPG


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May 12, 2016
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Looks like you've put a good amount of thought into this.

It's probably easiest to buy 1 HDW4231EM-AS and 1 HDW5231R-Z mount them to a 2x4, stick it in a bucket of rocks and test your locations.