Any Help/Manual/Replacement For My NVR?


Getting the hang of it
Apr 22, 2015
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I have this anonymous NVR I got a couple or more years ago. I never learned how to use it really. It has been sitting there saving the output from a wired in Dahua.

I could never get it to see my wifi Dahau, nor any of my other cameras.

Seems to me it won't see anything except what is wired in or if it will I don't know how to do it and could use some help or a manual perhaps.

It has its own 10.x.x.x. net where my lan and everything on it is at 192.168.x.x

I have a couple of onvif cameras and I just noticed today while looking into the nvr screens that is boasts "onvif client version 2.4.1" and I wonder if that means it would be all set up to run onvif cameras?

It can only run 4 cameras it seems.

I'm wondering what I could/should replace it with if I want something that will run any kind of camera at all mixed in together, will run more than 4 camera, will accept external media for expansion and whatever - usb stick take out sections of recordings perhaps, that sort of thing.

Bottom end of the market I'm at.