Alerts not sending in second profile

Feb 25, 2019
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Chattanooga, TN
I've been using BI for a long time, but always just Profile 1. All cameras are set to record continuously with motion detection enabled and alerts set up for when triggered (email and an HTTP post to home automation system for lights to turn on).

After hanging up icicle Christmas lights outside, motion alerts went crazy as they blow in the wind. This summer I added a couple cameras that are now "behind" the icicles so this is the first year it was a problem. I set up a second profile to disable motion detection and alerts on just those two cameras behind the icicles. The rest of the cameras I set to "sync with profile 1" under all three of the trigger, record, and alerts tabs. For the cameras I do still want alerts from, when running under the new profile, recording works, motion detection works (I see it trigger), but the alerts never send. If I set it back to profile 1 I start getting the emails again. It gives the impression that the "sync with profile 1" button isn't actually working for the alerts tab, while it does everywhere else.

Am I missing something or done something wrong?