AI Tool not recording in BI

Jan 30, 2021
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I set up my BI / AI Tool / Deep Stack following (mostly) The Hook Ups Youtube video, and had 2 out of my 3 cameras working. I replaced my router and added a PoE switch to my network which caused a bit of havoc with IP address and so on but I've managed to get the system back to the point where -
  • All 3 cameras are triggered by motion, take a jpg and store it in my AI watch folder,
  • AI Tool uses Deep Stack to analyse the image for relevance,
  • AI Tool triggers HD version of the camera successfully (according to the log)
- but BI doesn't record anything! If I trigger the HD camera directly in BI it records fine.
I think the problem could be - if I copy the trigger URL from AI tool and post it in the web browser it returns "Authorization Required", where as previously it would return a small info screen indicating the trigger URL was good.
I feel like I've looked at every BI menu screen a dozen times trying to figure this out - any pointers on where I should be looking???
Thanks for your help.

*edit - Bi v and AI Tool v 1.65
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