3.59.00 - July 24, 2014 Lots of new features!


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Mar 9, 2014
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3.59.00 - July 24, 2014
· A major change has been made to the way recording folders are specified and used. Previously there were only the New, Stored, and Alerts folders. Now you may choose up to 7 additional or auxiliary folders. The Alerts folder is still handed specially and must remain the third folder, but for the others you may choose whether to move files or delete them in order to maintain the folder size and age.
· On the camera properties Record tab, you may select which of the storage folders to use, allowing you to distribute your recording across multiple drives.
· The right-click Move and Export menus have been combined and updated to be more concise and to allow movement to any of the configured folders. If you use the Move/Export to move the clip to a managed folder, it will also automatically be retained in the database. The previous Store and Un-store menu items have been removed.
· A separate status message is generated for each folder which includes its over/under value (extra space on the drive beyond what's required for a full folder). However now at the bottom of the UI and on the client apps, these over/under values will be grouped by drive letter or name.
· The clips pane in the interface no longer has a separate Stored icon. The options are now for Alerts, Clips, and Flagged, just as it is on web interface and client apps. The Clips list contains clips from ALL storage folders combined, but you may use the folder selection box to show only a particular folder or subfolder.
· The Record tab option to save snapshots on a timed basis but only when triggered no longer aligns itself with the time of day. It is now ready to save a snapshot as soon as the camera is triggered and will continue at the specified interval until the camera is no longer triggered.
· On Options/Audio, it's now possible to specify an audio output device for live camera audio as well as BVR playback.
· Audio talk to Grandstream RTSP cameras
· The Alert images folder is now organized according to your filename and subfolder overrides on the Record tab if you choose to save hi-res versions of the images