3.53.00 - May 20, 2014


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Mar 9, 2014
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3.53.00 - May 20, 2014
  • By popular demand, the "reset camera" right-click menu option is back, but now labeled as "Restart camera window."
  • Previously with a very slow frame rate ( less than 1fps) or with watchdog events, web casting suffered. Now, duplicate frames are sent as necessary with a minimum 1fps in order to produce output and to keep clients alive.
  • If your camera supports it, and Blue Iris supports it for your camera, you may select to send the reboot command to your camera from the Watchdog page after a specified number of timeouts.
  • Bug fixes related to the email alert "second pre-trigger image." This image may have been lost or a duplicate previously in certain circumstances when using alert delay, multiple trigger alert delay, or others.
  • Bug fix related to the alert's use of the trigger source (motion, audio, etc) which may have been lost previously in certain circumstances.
  • The "Event schedule" button has been moved from the PTZ tab to the Schedule tab. This schedule of commands to send to the camera consisted primarily of PTZ commands, but as new commands are added which are not related to PTZ, it makes sense to move this button and make it available without PTZ.
  • DIO set/reset options have been added to the event schedule to control your SeaLevel device. Camera specific DIO output may be supported over time. You now may use this schedule to control events such as outdoor lighting, alarm arming, etc.
  • The Limit IP Access box on Options/Web server now allows you to add trusted IP addresses in order to exempt them from authentication. Use the ^ character before the address. The address will be treated as a LAN anonymous connection (admin).
  • There is an option on Options/Clips to log clip store/delete details, defaults to ON to continue previous behavior.
  • On Status/Messages the default path is now in a "Log" folder with filename format %Y%m.txt to provide a new file for each month. This will prevent the accidental creation of multiple GB files and make it easier to locate what you may be searching for in the log.