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Mar 9, 2014
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3.51.00 - April 29,

All video encoding/decoding components have been updated to the most recent stable
versions available.

The camera right-click "Reset" option has been removed due to ambiguity and redundancy. Using this
option was equivalent to opening camera properties and clicking OK; it did not
physically reset the camera. Wording on the camera properties Watchdog tab has
been adjusted.

The ActiveX control has been updated to version This new version allows you to click onto a
group image to view a single camera and then click again to return to the group
image. There's also a record icon that can be used to start/stop manual
recording on the selected live camera. PTZ preset buttons 9 and 10 have been

The camera Audio tab now allows you to adjust the gain for network audio sources from 50% to 200%.
Values higher than 100% may result in clipping (static or popping sounds) with
high-amplitude source audio.

A user with access only to specific camera groups will now see a "cycle" option for the first group with
remote access via browser or client app.