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    CodeProject.AI Version 2.5

    No.. it's greyed out... can not click it.
  2. J

    CodeProject.AI Version 2.5

    This is what I see in BI... Edit: I realised you had to remove the older custom models from the folder and leave only the general one - it now works.
  3. J

    CodeProject.AI Version 2.5

    Thanks. So I downloaded and copied it into C:\Program Files\CodeProject\AI\modules\ObjectDetectionYOLOv5Net\custom-models but now it wont start up... hmmm.. i removed the file and it boots up. Any ideas?
  4. J

    CodeProject.AI Version 2.5

    What's the best way to run codeproject AI so it only has "people" models... that is all I care about, i dont care about cars, animals, etc. I feel that if I can eliminate those models which arent required it should speed things up quite a bit.
  5. J

    Issues with profile change via schedule

    At the moment I’ve got a schedule which changes from day to night to night (alerts) based on time of the day etc. I’ve setup homeassistant to easily change profiles to “away” which basically turns on all alerts for person detection etc. The switch works great. But I still want it continue...
  6. J

    INSPIRATION: Homeassistant (HA)

    I am finally getting with the times and starting to integrate HomeAssistant!! I'd love to see your integration with blueiris including some workflow ideas (notifications, widgets, logic), etc. please post some layout screenshots for inspiration! I believe this will greatly benefit the entire...
  7. J

    New Reolink Wired POE Doorbell Cam ?

    Who has their doorbell configured with HomeAssistant? I am curious as to what you have done for your setup? Can you please explain your workflow (maybe even some photos)?
  8. J

    Time to upgrade - please help

    I am currently running 9 cameras - some sub stream but others are 24/7 main stream. I’ve recently added HA all on the same box. Currently running i3-9100f, 16gb ram, 1650Super. I am starting to hit CPU limits. thoughts were to upgrade to a newer Ryzen CPU and maybe 32gb ram? What CPU / board...
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    New Reolink Wired POE Doorbell Cam ?

    7:31pm (nearly dark)....
  10. J

    New Reolink Wired POE Doorbell Cam ?

    Here is a picture from 8:45pm at night (IR OFF)... i'll get some more later when I get a chance when the front lights turn on when someone walks up....
  11. J

    New Reolink Wired POE Doorbell Cam ?

    Has anyone worked out how to get notifications when the doorbell is pressed? I would have thought it would have a similar function to the ring doorbell or EZVIZ DB1 where when the button is pressed, it would popup allowing you to answer the door?
  12. J

    New Reolink Wired POE Doorbell Cam ?

    I hope so.... it seems like such an important function as faces are soo dark due to the brighter background.
  13. J

    New Reolink Wired POE Doorbell Cam ?

    Got my new reolink setup today... very happy.. massive upgrade from my Ezviz DB1.... EXCEPT for ONE massive thing.... this is lack of WDR..... it's actually quite disappointing.
  14. J

    New RCA HSDB2A 3MP Doorbell IP Camera

    Yes tried that. Tried switching to no chime, reboot it and then tried to enable mechanical again… nothing.
  15. J

    New RCA HSDB2A 3MP Doorbell IP Camera

    The app was updated automatically from App Store and I did the firmware update of the doorbell to see if it fixed the issue with the chime (now running 5.2.4 230404).
  16. J

    New RCA HSDB2A 3MP Doorbell IP Camera

    So frustrating… I had my db1 working fine for ages with blueiris and my mechanical chime. I had it disconnected for a few months while I tried out a ring doorbell. I’ve since decided to go back to my db1 but for the life of me I can’t get the chime working. If I short the doorbell wires on the...
  17. J

    New Reolink Wired POE Doorbell Cam ?

    Ordered my wifi version via Amazon should be arriving soon.
  18. J

    I get poor quality exports when exporting via the timeline

    Sure. I hear you… but I would think it would give you an option to “export full resolution” at least. Sometimes peoooe may only get one shot at it… then it’s too late. For example, an incident occurs and police attend and ask for footage, you export it and quickly check it works (which ok face...
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    I get poor quality exports when exporting via the timeline

    Has anyone contacted support about that issue?
  20. J

    Possible ideas for hiding cameras such as LPRs?

    Thought i'd bump this thread and see what new and creative ideas people have come up with.
  21. J

    Blue Iris Clips and Files - Disk Usage Utility

    I've changed my recording path to the following, which makes it easier to manage for me, especially long term recording. Is it possible to adjust the script for this format? &CAM.\%d-%m-%y.\&CAM.%Y%m%d_%H%M%S Which ends up looking like this: D:\Blueiris\video\frontdoor\18-10-23\...
  22. J

    CPU bug?

    Hmmm... when I go into task manager and blueiris status.. none of the cameras are running on the GPU.. only codeproject AI .... any ideas?
  23. J

    CPU bug?

    Hello, I am running but I do not know if this is limited to this version or not.. but there appears to be an inconsistency between what BI CPU is being reported to compared to what task manager reports? Is anyone else havin this issue?
  24. J

    Break time settings?

    Bump :)
  25. J

    Pushover question

    Keep us updated on the script :) I think some of us (me included) would be interested...
  26. J

    Blueiris on a mini PC? Check out these specs!

    Would love your feedback on running Blueiris on a mini PC vs full size PC with codeproject AI. To give some background.. I am currently running BI on a full size case, Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-9100F, 16GB ram, 256GB OS, 2x internal 3.5" 4TB Red Drives and Nvidia 1650 SUPER. It is not uncommon for...
  27. J

    Blue Iris Tools - Weather Overlay, Watchdog & more!

    Is there any reason why this app would be using soo much CPU?
  28. J

    5.8.0 - September 27, 2023

    For some reason I can't get the new functionality working. My understanding is once I enable the min/max time since last alert on a group it should not send any alert actions (but will still show the alert in the list). Note the below screenshots where I set both backyard cameras to...
  29. J

    h264 or h265

    Hey all, I noticed I get a bit of mixed feedback as to whether or not to run H265 or H264... What do you run? and why? It seems more practical to run 4MP @ 15FPS / 6144 CBR on 265?
  30. J

    FPS - in reality...

    Hey all, I understand the general recommendation has been 15FPS is good for CCTV... My thought was the higher FPS the better, as you'll end up with more potential frames to get an ID of a person... is that a fair assumption? What do YOU run your FPS as and why?