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  1. Darkflame808

    Review-I'll be the guinea pig for the new SD59225U-HNI PTZ.

    Go into edge settings. You can go into compatibility and enable internet explorer mode on the url. Just enable it for your url http://192…. Whatever it is. just note you gotta re-enable this every 30 days as part of some security crap. if you have excel you can make a macro to open internet...
  2. Darkflame808

    Review-I'll be the guinea pig for the new SD59225U-HNI PTZ.

    Been playing off and on with it. No issues so far! One positive is that it plays well with my ipad pro now. Using the center button on the ptz controls I can just tap tap tap and the camera readjusts to center where I am tapping. I haven't found out how to draw a rectangle using my ipad pro yet...
  3. Darkflame808

    Review-I'll be the guinea pig for the new SD59225U-HNI PTZ.

    I have gone ahead and updated. Sure enough, chrome with no ie plugins immediately threw up a preview. I was able to view live feed and navigate through settings without problems. I did not do a factory reset. First boot was a little long (upgrading I presume). Started to get nervous thought my...
  4. Darkflame808

    Review-I'll be the guinea pig for the new SD59225U-HNI PTZ.

    Awesome Andy!!!! As always you are always there to keep us up to date. Best after sales service I've ever seen. Especially for a product I've owned for years! Thank you sir!
  5. Darkflame808

    NACL Plugin Alternative.

    Sure. I'm running Chrome Version 81.0.4044.122 (Official Build) (64-bit) It's an older version because it's all I have that works with my 1password plugin (1pass is trying to get force me to upgrade to their monthly plan which I refuse after having paid 50$ for their desktop version) I...
  6. Darkflame808

    NACL Plugin Alternative.

    Good afternoon, just thought I would throw this out there. If you are looking for an alternative to NACL for chrome, IE Tab works great! You can set up the plugin to automatically create a internet explorer tab within chrome anytime you browse to your camera. Then you don't have to login...
  7. Darkflame808


    Hi I had the same problem as you. You can try the NACL plugin but it's kind of irritating. What I ended using what the IE tab plugin. You can go into settings and set your ip of your camera, every time you try to login it makes a Internet Explorer Tab (within chrome) that works perfectly for me...
  8. Darkflame808

    Best dahua PTZ for covered porch + positioning advice needed

    Hey, I saw your post, if you are interested, I did the same thing you were thinking. Here's a video that shows how I accomplished the task. If you want I can post another video showing you how it works. I hope this helps.
  9. Darkflame808

    Dahua day/night switch utility - DahuaSunriseSunset

    If the service is started you can close the app, it continues to run in the background.
  10. Darkflame808

    Review-I'll be the guinea pig for the new SD59225U-HNI PTZ.

    Ah right on. I was hoping that there was a *remove ir blocking filter but still leave color on* function. I know the colors would be wonky but it would still give some type of hues to the scene. Thank you for clarifying.
  11. Darkflame808

    Review-I'll be the guinea pig for the new SD59225U-HNI PTZ.

    @looney2ns have you tried zooming to the area where you feel the ir is creating a Hotspot then turning down sensitivity in settings? My camera tried to burn a hole in my car till I turned it down to like 5 then it would kick in for darker areas. @Frank van der Heide if you turn in color does...
  12. Darkflame808

    Review-I'll be the guinea pig for the new SD59225U-HNI PTZ.

    Well I just wanted to share some insight about the new firmware. 1. Upon first login, you are presented with a basic software licensing terms and conditions page that you have to agree to first before you can login. It makes a few disclaimers about the camera being able to phone home to check...
  13. Darkflame808

    The pre-recording does not work properly.

    Under Settings->Record Control do you see 5 seconds for pre-record listed? Try changing it to 10, saving, then changing it back to 5 and saving again. Maybe the settings is corrupt and it doesn't see a value there. If not, try the usual reset to defaults and give that a go. Wish you the best...
  14. Darkflame808

    "Log in return time is up"

    The usual suspects apply..... Reboot Camera Reset Defaults Disconnect from internet and run cameras using only an internal private network. If 1 and 2 don't fix it. Try 3. If that works out, make sure ports to camera are not forwarded outside of the private network. If you have trip wires or...
  15. Darkflame808

    Web Service 3.0 - Problem with Windows 10 Pro -

    If you are using internet explorer, try internet options, advanced, reset. This will reset I.E for you. I only use IE to log into camera, I don't bother using it for anything else since it's a security black hole. Pale moon as posted above is a great alternative, I just tried it yesterday, I am...
  16. Darkflame808

    Firmware downgrades via RS232?

    Thank you! I'm glad to see a confirmed answer. I read the post a while back but I didn't recall seeing if it bypassed the check. Glad to see your response!
  17. Darkflame808

    Why does buying Dahua seem so sketchy?

    I had my reservations but after reading the countless rave reviews from here, I thought to myself ah what the hell take a chance. I don't regret it. Andy shipped to me and I live in Hawaii, I got my camera from him in less than a week. Had I gone elsewhere, I would have paid more and waited 3-5...
  18. Darkflame808

    Firmware downgrades via RS232?

    I just wanted to run this by you guys, do you know if the RS232 will allow a downgrade of firmwares and bypass that downgrade restriction? I am asking because I see that many dahua cameras have had new features introduced that worked beautifully, and as of the later firmwares, it seems there's...
  19. Darkflame808

    No IR PTZ12240-LR8-N

    Have you tried reset to defaults? I'm not familiar with the interface on your camera. Best bet is reset to defaults and the defaults and see if that returns your night vision.
  20. Darkflame808

    How Loud Are Your PTZ Cameras

    I have the SD59225U-HNI and we'll you can hear it moving even from about 20 feet away. It's not loud but you can hear the stepper motor doing its thing. When I walk to my door and the autotracking kicks in it sounds like the scene where neo takes the red pill and unplugs from the matrix. Lol it...
  21. Darkflame808

    Review-I'll be the guinea pig for the new SD59225U-HNI PTZ.

    Yes, please post if you can. I'd love to have another firmware to compare against.
  22. Darkflame808

    Need Help With Image Freezing During "Auto Track"

    Here's a few suggestions some you may not like.... I had this issue when I first set everything up for the first time....I can't isolate what fixed it but these are steps I took. Reset camera to factory defaults reset camera to defaults (there's two default options, I did both) Login with...
  23. Darkflame808

    Dahua 2MP 25x Starlight IR PTZ Network Camera (SD49225T-HN)

    The camera is a server essentially. It will only use the bandwidth that you deem is necessary for you to accomplish what you want to do. It's not going to broadcast video like a rf transmitter would. It'll just sit there in its corner until you log in and say show me something. If you are doing...
  24. Darkflame808

    Review-I'll be the guinea pig for the new SD59225U-HNI PTZ.

    Yes. The latest firmware actually seems like it made it worse. Prior to my update the issue I had was the camera would stop recording to the SD card sometimes. It would also lock on to its tail and spin itself into a frenzy. After the update I have not had those problems but now the camera has...
  25. Darkflame808

    Review-I'll be the guinea pig for the new SD59225U-HNI PTZ.

    I will test it tonight. Not to be a lame duck but can you give me a specific item you want me to check for? I've read about so many bugs that I can't pinpoint the exact bug regarding IR. Unless you mean that it turns off after 7x zoom or something like that?...I'll test for that and anything...
  26. Darkflame808

    Blue Iris Support Email

    Sorry if this is so late I just saw this during a search and I too had the same problem.. The message email was delivered but not saved is due to you not initiating the support query from blue iris. You can't just email directly. You need to go I to blue iris and generate a support email...
  27. Darkflame808

    Usb charger spy cam

    Not trying to revive the dead but I have to say be very weary of the type of wifi cameras. The reason they don't play well with BI is because they all phone home to China and force you to use their proprietary cloud based apps. Problem is that your video is transmitted to a third party and...
  28. Darkflame808

    Dahua Camera DNS

    On a rt-ac68u see if you have parental controls. If you do add the camera to the list and have it set so that it's banned from the internet 24/7. The camera can still talk to the router and to your pc it just can't access the Wan. This means you can't access via the cloud based apps either. But...
  29. Darkflame808

    all about SD59230U-HNI

    Check with nayr. Search Google for poe mic splitter. I saw a few posts by him showing how it could be done. I don't know how to link the posts I'm not at home and my phone sucks.
  30. Darkflame808

    all about SD59230U-HNI

    SD59230U-HNI has 30x zoom. SD59225U-HNI has 25x zoom.