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    Climate Change narrative as a tool to affect radical far left agendas.

    Climate change is real. It's been changing since earth was a baby. If it wasn't for climate change, we wouldn't be here. Can we make it go away? No. In the grand scheme of things, human occupation of this planet is just a blip on the calendar.
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    Live Streaming a Church Service on Facebook

    OBS will do that with the addition of a free addon.
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    Chrome ending 3rd Party cookies

    Privacy Badger blocked 39 potential trackers on
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    recomondations for a trail cam?

    I'm a dealer for Tactacam. Home - Tactacam They have been a reliable game camera. Battery life is amazing and the monthly fee is $5.00 to view a thumbnail of motion generated images. The full size image remains on the camera SD card for later retrieval.
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    Chrome ending 3rd Party cookies

    I use a Chrome extension called Privacy Badger. Here is what they blocked on this page: Privacy Badger blocked 3 potential trackers on
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    Burying ethernet cable outdoors

    Burying the cable in a conduit of some sort is always the best choice. I have use PVC pipe, underground sprinkler line and even garden hose. Unless you have some local codes requiring a certain method for low voltage cabling, it's your choice.
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    Does anyone LiveStream their camera on youtube?

    When I put the bird feeder livestream on YouTube, raspberry pi SBC's were hard to find and expensive. All my other livestream cameras use a raspberry pi 3B or 3B+ running FFmpeg to do the RTSP to RTMP video conversion before the video is sent to YouTube. FFmpeg will handle everything you want...
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    Does anyone LiveStream their camera on youtube?

    I have one Dahua 4K camera that I use the built in RTMP YouTube encoder. It is still running.
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    Does anyone LiveStream their camera on youtube?

    One thing I noticed in the video, he said you need "P2P" enabled. You do not.
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    Does anyone LiveStream their camera on youtube?

    That is true. But. If the stream is off for 15 minutes or so, it will not come back. I'm not sure of the exact time limit. If your OBS is installed on a Linux machine and you are into command line operations, you can use a YouTube utility called "youtube-dl" to check the status of the stream...
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    IP Cam <-> Web server direct connection and integration

    I have 20+ cameras connected by cellular and for some of the live cameras I use the Inhand Networks IR302 modem. It has a built in utility for openVPN and a nice configuration utility with alarms and reporting.
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    OpenVPN on Android

    My wife has a Pixel 8 and OVPN is working fine. Also working on my Samsung S22 Ultra.
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    Does anyone LiveStream their camera on youtube?
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    Any interest in Python bindings for Dahua camera control?

    Works great. Thank you!
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    2nd Amendment thread

    Nothing yet. Thanks for the link.
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    2nd Amendment thread

    Ruger American Ranch Rifle in 5.56. Mostly because it uses AR magazines. Next will be a 1911 of some sort in 9mm. So many brands to chose from. May take awhile to make a decision.
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    How to: YouTube Livestream Using a Raspberry Pi

    This tutorial will explain how to set up a inexpensive Raspberry Pi to convert the RTSP stream from a common security camera to a RTMP stream required by YouTube. This will show the minimum required to make it happen. You will need a Raspberry Pi 3B or 3B+ with the Raspberry Pi Legacy OS...
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    Sunrise Time Lapse with Valley Fog

    Very nice! Some music in the background would really set it off.
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    YouTube streaming

    I have quite a few livestream cameras out there. The one that has been streaming the longest without interruption has been streaming since 5/12/2021. 984 days. The streaming encoder is a $35.00 raspberry pi.
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    Funny / Satire

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    Has the multiple locations for weather data option ever been updated? I see the "Multiple Locations" button but it is greyed out. What am I doing wrong?
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    YouTube streaming

    The YouTube static channel ID can be found by going to your main YouTube account page at Then click on "Settings" and then on "Advanced Settings". Your static "Channel ID" is listed there.
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    bidens incredible transition to electric cars

    "A building reportedly associated with this diesel plant is actually a storage facility and office for the Harris Ranch Express BBQ management team. There are no diesel plants or diesel generators on Harris Ranch property, “a point we fervently assert,” according to a statement issued by Harris...
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    bidens incredible transition to electric cars

    True, it was never connected to a diesel generator. It's connected to the majority fossil fuel powered grid like everything else.
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    YouTube streaming

    The only way I could get it to work is to send the RTSP stream to a Raspberry pi that transcodes the stream to RTMP and allows you to set the RTMP url and stream key. Here is the ffmpeg script I used: /usr/bin/ffmpeg -use_wallclock_as_timestamps 1 -f lavfi -i anullsrc -rtsp_transport tcp -i...
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    Blue Iris RTSP output

    There ya go. /index plays all cameras. Just what I was looking for. Thanks for your help!!!
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    Blue Iris RTSP output

    Yeah, that's the script I am using with VLC. (but with two forward slashes before user)
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    Blue Iris RTSP output

    Thanks.. I have this working fine with the camera-short-name. But, not with the group name. Any ideas?
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    Blue Iris RTSP output

    Thanks for the quick reply. The link in your post goes to the Blue Iris main sales page. But, think there is enough info in your post to get me going. Thank You
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    Blue Iris RTSP output

    Is there a way to connect to a RTSP stream output from Blue Iris showing all the cameras in one stream? I thought I read somewhere here that it is possible, but now cannot find the thread.