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    Using Proton Drive

    Has anyone used Proton Drive to provide automated file archiving? I was thinking about this potential to have files that are set to be deleted by age transferred to my Proton Drive.
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    Morning door checker.

    I wonder what Mr. Rogers would say about these "people in my neighborhood."
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    Just set off a bunch of fireworks in my neighborhood to signal those in the know.
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    Money & Economics

    Instead of the CD's right now look at "I series bonds" that are paying nearly 7% as they are to hedge against inflation. Thanks Brandon!
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    CMP Cable

    The TrueCable products and customer support are truly excellent and the prices are great.
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    That's the truth. By taking the screen of he's losing money and time.
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    Why we harp about NEVER using CCA ethernet cable.

    Aside from the positive experiences many of us share with TrueCable, I also had great success with this Southwire outdoor (Not burial rated) wire that I used for some exterior exposed runs. A wooden spool of 300ft of exterior Cat 5E for ~$36 with local stock for me was hard to beat for my small...
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    Why we harp about NEVER using CCA ethernet cable.

    I purchased some DripStone cable that said that it would be "Solid Cat 6" and it ended up being CCA. I tried to call them and start the return process but their phone number never is answered and the VM is full. I disputed it with my credit card using the fact that there is no such thing as...
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    2022 EmpireTech Chirstmas Sales

    I'll have to follow up with Andy.
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    2022 EmpireTech Chirstmas Sales

    Are we supposed to get a number(s) for our tickets?
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    Boobie Cam mounted vertically? (IPC-HDBW5441F-AS-E2 )

    Is it OK to mount IPC-HDBW5441F-AS-E2 vertically? I may try to mount this near the center of a hedge row on a 4x4 post about 3 feet from the ground. I'd like to keep it pretty flush with the post and mount it vertically on the side of the post, but I want to make sure that it will be ok with...
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    Drives for Blue Iris

    I purchased a WD Purple drive when I was initially building my system. I now see some deals on the WD Gold Drives that appear to have higher mean time failure lifes, are CMR drives and seem to be able to handle the annual write volume. Any reason to not look at WD Gold drives? Some of the...
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    Fight or Die

    Hey the only shooting up in here is with fentanyl.
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    2022 EmpireTech Chirstmas Sales

    They tried. I canceled. Not compelled to go back.
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    2022 EmpireTech Chirstmas Sales

    Any other methods of payment besides PayPal? Many people canceled PayPal based on their recent Terms of Service allowing them to fine users $2500 for "misinformation".
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    Funny / Satire

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    PSA: Beware of Auto Upgrade

    Am I wrong for not upgrading for months at a time?
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    My daily tree and bush trimming crew right on time

    If only the prill size was a bit smaller.
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    Neighbor has a recommendation

    They are naturalists.
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    Early Prime Sale - Tendelux Illuminators

    @mattp Wall wart in an acceptable area and extended 16 gauge wire to the desired location.
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    Early Prime Sale - Tendelux Illuminators

    It's a pretty typical wall wart device. You just need 2A @ 12V DC so you could use an alternative transformer for the larger unit.
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    Early Prime Sale - Tendelux Illuminators

    Tendelux New Style DI20 20W $36.78 Tendelux New Style DI10 10W $25.58 Others at Tendelux Store...
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    Kids door knocking

    I can't get mad at this.
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    Cancelled today during my lunch. It's insane that a company could destroy itself like this. These types of changes in terms are reviewed by teams of lawyers so there was no mistake in releasing this version of the terms. How could they be so dumb as to think this would not backfire?
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    Weird Trike

    It actually looks like the vehicle is a front wheel drive that pulls his wheelchair.
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    Funny / Satire

    She said she would do anything for $50. I said that would be perfect and I told her to run about 1000 ft of CAT 5E in my attic in August.