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    Set up alert/trigger to send command to Vera / Z-wave?

    This shows how to set up the HTTP commands How can I control VERA through the network using TCP/HTTP commands? you add the commands under the trigger commands in each camera I did this but added a virtual motion switch to vera to get better control of the lights. (when triggered light truns...
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    BI auto start after reboot

    Settings, update and Security-Windows update-advanced options-notify to scheduled results This will let you chose when to update. Will not re-boot. I use BI as a service with no problems, some on here have had issues that way if the computer re-boot BI will be running. From BI setting - Startup...
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    New 'Motion' camera with no signal since 4.3.6.x

    Did you ever get an answer to this mine does this also
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    Alert sent to pushover

    Dose anyone know how to set up BI so when triggered i can receive an alert via Pushover
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    Alert Sound Error

    I have BI set up for a sound alert on 2 cameras under certain triggers. The camera triggers sending a text message, but I get an error code of "Alert Sound Error -2147220906" In the sound alert settings when I test it it works. Any ideas?
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    After latest update blueiris "smearing" camera feeds

    This happened to me I rebooted the camera and it fixed it was not anything to do with BI
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    HIk cam poe voltage

    The POE standard is 48 volts, so 12 will not work.That injector should need 48 volts also.
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    Hik 2232 different resolution at night

    Just got it to work again just reset the camera and works great now
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    Hik 2232 different resolution at night

    I have a us version Hik 2232 with FW v-5.20 I have it set at 1920X1080 30 FPS and 8192 bitrate on the camera, running through Blue Iris. Everything is fine during the day but when the camera switches to night mode BI reports that the frames per second drop to about 16 and the bit rate drops down...