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  1. IAmATeaf

    Why is BI displaying a lower frame rate than the camera puts out?

    What cam is it? Maybe it can’t do 30fps at the resolution or other settings that you have set?
  2. IAmATeaf

    BlueIris decides to delete all of my videos (, PSA)?

    I used to be that guy that always updates but over the years had a few issues so now only update to whatever stable release I’m allowed to use. BI is great if you’re a tinkerer and accept the associated risks but I just stick with stable releases no matter how old as at the end of the day it is...
  3. IAmATeaf

    SOLD!!!! 3 x DAHUA IPC-HDW5442TM-AS 3.6mm $60 each

    How much would shipping be to the UK? [emoji3]
  4. IAmATeaf

    The amount of cameras mounted on a house in my neighborhood

    This, my wife would never ever on any month of Sunday including leap years allow any of that crap in what otherwise looks like a very nice house. Last summer I moved a cam 2 feet lower and the first thing she said was is the cable going to be showing? No dear, it’ll be in the wall inside some...
  5. IAmATeaf

    why u no port forwarding u stupid router...

    If your ISP uses CGNAT then you don’t get an IPv4 IP that you can use to port forward so you have 3 main options, first is to ask the ISP to move you, second is to use either Zerotier or Tailscale ( which is what I personally use, the last is to setup a VPN so that you can VPN into your home...
  6. IAmATeaf

    Wall of shame

    Which came first the cam or the exit sign? Is always something that I’ve pondered [emoji3]
  7. IAmATeaf

    Upgrading my machine - P cores and E cores?

    I too sort of hated substreams when they were first introduced, hated the blip you got when full screening a cam but BI and that blip has now been fine tuned to a point where I’ve either got used to it or it just not that noticeable now. Worst comes to worst you could try it on a few, it’s not...
  8. IAmATeaf

    The official "WTF" thread

    Unlike you I still have all of mine, somewhere [emoji3] I’ve still got my first cd burner, a 2x jobbie with a SCSI interface and an old ISA SCSI card, thing cost me back way back when something like £400 and because of that I refuse to throw it away [emoji3]
  9. IAmATeaf

    The official "WTF" thread

    Netware patches were a sight to behold, tiny executables that dynamically patched the exes, like an automated hex edit. I used look at MS service packs which came on billions of disks and then a Netware path which was like 10k [emoji3]
  10. IAmATeaf

    Hall of shame

    It nevertheless is a work of art, also look how level it is just hanging there [emoji3]
  11. IAmATeaf

    Chile Women's Swat Team Competes in UAE Competition

    If only they worn t-shirts then this might have ended up in the Where is Arjun thread [emoji3]
  12. IAmATeaf

    PoE Switch in Attic

    Not too sure of your attic temps but I’m in the UK and I have my main cam switch in my loft where in summer it can heat up like a greenhouse, never measured the temps but a few minutes up there is enough to come out in a sweat. I’ve always had my POE switch up there, had an 8+2 Trendnet and...
  13. IAmATeaf

    QUESTION: Who pays for shipping costs of Empiretech defective Product? you or customer?

    What the hell, a 16Gb SSD! How old must that thing be? In situations like this how do you prove to Amazon that that is what you received? Years ago I placed an order with a company here called ebuyers, ordered a few items and some SD cards, the order arrived minus the SD cards, thought nothing...
  14. IAmATeaf

    QUESTION: Who pays for shipping costs of Empiretech defective Product? you or customer?

    You can’t use Andy as a test service surely, the cam will effectively be second hand and he won’t then be able to sell it as new! What people here advise is to purchase a single zoom cam, you then use this cam in all your locations to set it up and work out your requirements. Then place an...
  15. IAmATeaf

    Blue Iris Updates - Official Thread

    When you click on it take me to the download page where I can download that version but if I click on .4 or .3 then it takes me to the same page where I seem to only be able to download this same version, so can't get to .4 or .3?
  16. IAmATeaf

    Blue Iris Updates - Official Thread

    Where the hell is the I Salute you guys emoji [emoji3]
  17. IAmATeaf

    Blue Iris Updates - Official Thread

    Oh my God, is this now working? People and minions of these forums, I say rejoice! [emoji3] Wow, a BIG THANKS to whoever was involved in getting this working [emoji3059]
  18. IAmATeaf

    Hall of shame

    Limpet cams, I like that [emoji3]
  19. IAmATeaf

    Blue Iris Updates - Official Thread

    It read everything but with the very latest update isn’t there an issue where some cams without audio have audio enabled and as the latest update now has a watchdog for audio thinks there is an issue? Fix is to check and disable audio in the cam?
  20. IAmATeaf

    My NVR is down to three cmeras

    If there is liquid spilling from the caps then you need to change out the caps and clean the board as it’s very corrosive and will eventually eat through the copper track if you just leave it. Those are through hole caps so should be relatively easy to change if you have some soldering...
  21. IAmATeaf

    I need some help using Zosi C611 cam without official app

    The fact that nobody has replied probably means that nobody here knows? Closed cloud or app based systems like this don’t like to give password out else it wouldn’t be closed?
  22. IAmATeaf

    How’s the trial version lately?

    In settings click the storage tab and within there configure New and/or Storage as suits.
  23. IAmATeaf

    How’s the trial version lately?

    It gets updated with each release according to the changes being made so unless somebody regularly updates it it would quickly get out of date although the bulk of the info would be useful.
  24. IAmATeaf

    Alabama executes a man with nitrogen gas, the first time the new method has been used

    I’m not a fan of executions but only one mention of the person he killed, all about him and his struggle with the system!
  25. IAmATeaf

    How’s the trial version lately?

    I thought it stopped working after 15 days otherwise it would be permanent trial wouldn’t it?
  26. IAmATeaf

    Blue Iris Updates - Official Thread

    I suspect that after the backend server meltdown the method used to determine and also access the updates has most likely been closed? The bot was a God send as the actual BI updates web page most times always seems to be out of sync when compare to the latest actual update available via the BI...
  27. IAmATeaf

    Follow Home Armed Home Invader Defeated By A Split Second! : doorbell camera catches action

    What do you do if like me you don’t have a linked garage and live in the UK?
  28. IAmATeaf

    FIXED: After new build moved to site 12core-CPU pegs 100% with no cams connected

    Agree that 100% usage is a bit extreme but if all the cams are enabled then maybe it’s using resources to try and establish contact. Try disabling all the cams and see if it behaves any differently.
  29. IAmATeaf

    I need some help using Zosi C611 cam without official app

    If you get something like Putty and open a connection to the cam using port 23 check if you get promoted to login within Putty?
  30. IAmATeaf

    Lost a BI hard drive

    Was there a page file configured on the drive? I keep my page file only on the main boot HDD.