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  1. SamM

    Home Security Systems

    Try the lightsys plus or Prosys Plus. I have had great success with it.
  2. SamM

    Hik-Connect remote playback issue

    Use a memory card in the slot provided on the camera, record duration is dependant on the size of the card. It records locally instead of a NVR.
  3. SamM

    HikVision IVMS - 4200 live view issue - remote locations only

    try this previous thread
  4. SamM

    HikVision IVMS - 4200 live view issue - remote locations only

    Hi, try logging into the ivms4200 using the hik connect user details. This will not require port forwarding on the router for remote connections. local machines can be setup with lan ip.
  5. SamM

    Reset Hikvision DS-9016HQHI-SH DVR?

    Try using the conventional vulnerability, this machine should be pre 2017, version 3 interface
  6. SamM

    DS-K1T343MWX - Face terminal

    Hi there Has anyone had experience integrating into this HikVision device? I see that it has an RS485 connection and was hoping to pass authenticated users to a CAN device or possibly switch on a machine. I prefer not to use the relays that would defeat the authentication requirement. Thanks...
  7. SamM

    Web server not working

    check the gateway on the ip settings of the camera, all devices should have the router IP as gateway
  8. SamM

    Streaming Recorded video

    So I have a conundrum, and I apologize in advance if I am wasting time. I have 12 hours of recorded video (Dahua IPC) and it was not set up for motion detection. Is there a way to stream this so that the NVR can then pick up the movement and provide me markers of it? It will of course save me...
  9. SamM

    Alternative way of recovering HikVision NVR password

    Try the code qrqq9Qy9zQ using the following date that you provided for serial number R505456052 year 2012 month 01 day 17
  10. SamM

    Alternative way of recovering HikVision NVR password

    Have you tried the conventional recovery?
  11. SamM

    Hikvision DVR Offline (0x1007) Error

    Restore the machine to factory default. the program the network port with a static IP from your range of the plan. Next, from within the plan, ping the local address. lastly, ensure that the DNS and gateway is correct on the machine
  12. SamM

    Hikvision DVR Offline (0x1007) Error

    Seems that you have a local internet breakout problem. Try inserting the DNS in the network settings of the NVR. then goto Platform access to check if the status shows "online". This should solve your problem.
  13. SamM

    NVR + PoE switch + 2 cameras, both cameras gets the same IP adress?

    An easier solution is to modify the IP directly from the SADP. this should solve the IP conflict as the NVR will see the different IP. I have not encountered this problem with this model so perhaps the NVR or camera firmware is corrupt. Maybe flash the firmware (this could be a result of the...
  14. SamM

    Get still image through URL from Hikvision NVR [SOLVED]

    I think that you are a bit late on the reply, about 7 years....
  15. SamM

    Hikvision streaming

    Hikconnect allows you to stream using sub stream whilst recording at mainstream
  16. SamM

    Hikvision unable to keep stream running with Alexa Show 8

    @Gary Blenkhorn Please post how you setup your firestick. Thanks
  17. SamM

    Hikvision I/O Interface DS-2FM2466

    Hi There Will this product not suit your requirements? I assume that you will connect some sort of alarm devices that would send notifications via a self monitoring app as well as record the incidents.
  18. SamM

    Hikvision camera admin password reset tool
  19. SamM

    Hikvision camera admin password reset tool

    Hi there After you extract the xml file, you need to keep the system on until you receive the response from Hikvision as the new xml file will be time based linked to your original file. If you turn off the system before you receive the new file, it won't work. What firmware version are you...
  20. SamM

    Crypto private offerings

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    Alternative way of recovering HikVision NVR password

    Config 1: admin Dy3zzpsw18 Config 2: admin Install1 Config 3: admin abcde12345
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    Unlucky or foolish.....
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    Hi there

    Welkom Mnr Miller. Ek is seker jy sal goeie raad hier kry. Die mense hier het baie ondervinding en gee onbevooroordeelde menings.
  24. SamM

    Hikvision NVR (DS-7700) and cameras (DS-2VD2032) setup

    I am a bit confused but will give it a stab: I assume that you don't have a monitor connected to the NVR and trying to view the images on a PC using windows. Remember that Flash / Active X is longer supported so you will need a plugin on Chrome (I use NACL extension) Yes you can You can...
  25. SamM

    Hik-Connect remote playback issue

    Hello Daniel Playback via any software will only bring back the recording in its native form (how it was setup to record). You cannot playback via the main/sub stream as this is only available via the liew view
  26. SamM

    Anyone familiar with this dome camera?

    Post a screenshot of the camera landing page. Did the SADP tool pick up the camera?
  27. SamM

    Anyone familiar with this dome camera?

    Nvr looks like an XMeye type device. Suggest you bin it for a more secure device. From the configuration the camera could be any brand as the protocol is generic (rtsp) with the common web ports. Try logging into the camera. It should give you more detail on what firmware its running. Whats...
  28. SamM

    Anyone familiar with this dome camera?

    This looks like a HIKVISION DS-2CD2722FWD-IZS(2.8-12mm)
  29. SamM

    Ex Disney Store

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  30. SamM

    Anyone install their PoE switch outdoors?

    If you only have 1 x conduit, install the POE power supply indoors, then run a 2 core cable from the POE switch power supply to the outdoor unit, that way it will be dc power running with the network and you won't get any interference. Apart from that, the operating temps could be your problem...