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  1. fenderman

    BI ignoring video length / size settings.

    post a screenshot of your settings
  2. fenderman

    Dell Optiplex 3050 i5-7500T 8GB Ram - no HDD - $65 + shipping

    USB solution is a poor choice for NVR use...
  3. fenderman

    Dell Optiplex 3050 i5-7500T 8GB Ram - no HDD - $65 + shipping

    Your best bet is to try to unload it on eBay.... These things are not suitable for an NVR because there's no room for a 3.5 drive in addition to a SSD for the OS.... Moreover they will not support Windows 11..
  4. fenderman

    T5442T-ZE varifocal mainstream substream question

    Are you using a smart codec? post the camera settings
  5. fenderman

    Dahua Audio Issue

    Does your camera have a built in mic?
  6. fenderman

    2 AM House Light Show

    The spam bots have now gotten smart enough to apologize for resurrecting old threads.... Let's see what website they come back in link to.
  7. fenderman

    Gigabyte Motherboards Were Sold With a Firmware Backdoor

    I'm surprised they have not addressed it on their website.
  8. fenderman

    Gigabyte Motherboards Were Sold With a Firmware Backdoor

    I dont think you have to really worry. As I understand it from the article the attacker would have to apply some sort of man in the middle attack by way of access to your network or somehow gaining control of gigabytes servers when you machine is checking for updates....its just a general...
  9. fenderman

    Gigabyte Motherboards Were Sold With a Firmware Backdoor

    There would be no way to know though unless you were specifically looking for it.....
  10. fenderman

    How could I send an output signal when a camera detects a noise that exceeds a certain threshold?

    The server runs on a windows pc..the smartphone is just a client app. As noted you would get tons of false alarms because it cannot distinguish a car horn from other loud noises. There are already devices on the market that detect car horns to open non-security gates - search google for them.
  11. fenderman

    Is there a Blue Iris equivalent for Linux?

    There are plenty of VMS that will run on Linux including NX witness and exacq among others....
  12. fenderman

    Blue Iris App

    Yes you would receive alerts when closed. However, if you are using vpn and not currently connected then you will not see the images as the app must connect back to the server to get the alert image. You can use pushover to avoid this, or leave the vpn connected.
  13. fenderman

    Blue Iris App

    Its not about the fields. Its not just a matter of logging in. Wireguard requires a client to run on the remote device. You are asking an app developer to integrate a wireguard client. Even if their client is open source it would require a great deal of work. What about those who use openvpn...
  14. fenderman

    In search of a Wi-Fi camera

    you can make any camera wifi with a cheap wifi bridge.
  15. fenderman

    Blue Iris App

    How do you expect the BI app to run wireguard? You can leave wireguard on all the time if you wish. The bi app will receive notifications in the background.
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    New not getting moved to stored

    also no need to move your alerts around...its only for high res images if you are saving those...
  17. fenderman

    New not getting moved to stored

    you should
  18. fenderman

    New not getting moved to stored

    I think your problem is caused by moving from new to your disktation then back to your pc stored folder...makes no sense.
  19. fenderman

    New not getting moved to stored

    Something is wrong if its extremely slow. Yes its faster with an ssd but it should not be slow with an hdd.
  20. fenderman

    New not getting moved to stored

    Are BI and windows on the same SSD? How much free space is there on the ssd before BI files?
  21. fenderman

    New not getting moved to stored

    Do you actually have 400gb of free space on the SSD before the video files are added to it?
  22. fenderman

    Legit app in Google Play turns malicious and sends mic recordings every 15 minutes
  23. fenderman

    Again on Hikvision DS-7104NI lost password

    Is hik charging you 30 or a third party? Did you try the reset tool on this forum? As far as it being your own device, that is true, but hik does not have to waste time and money giving you support because you failed to write your password and save it. Just email it to yourself.
  24. fenderman

    General advice on my setup

    also lower make time and change the algorithm to simple...this will generate more triggers but avoid a missed event..let ai sort the falses.
  25. fenderman

    General advice on my setup

    Go with at least an eighth generation i5 which is a bit more powerful than the 7th gen i7 and will allow you upgrade to Windows 11... The information you're looking at is outdated... These can be purchased for $150... If you want more headroom the 10th generation desktops have a large jump and...
  26. fenderman

    Desktop Drive for BI Stored Folder?

    It will be just fine. Its anyone's guess. I have many drives that shipped with HP or Dell pc's that have been recording video for 8+ years.
  27. fenderman

    Blue Iris Installers UK

    Blue iris is not something most commercial installers are familiar with. Contact NX witness and find a certified partner. Build Better Video Services with Network Optix Understand that this is not cheap and in addition to the per camera license you will pay a hefty fee for the setup and service...
  28. fenderman

    Is it possible to have a second BI application that is just view only and reads from the network drive that houses the archive files?

    See this Blue Iris UI3 and also select a non vbr option on the right side. Understand that when BI is setup properly it will not display the main stream in the matrix view - this is to conserve cpu. You might want to bump up the resolution of the substream.
  29. fenderman

    Blue Iris Installers UK

    You have a hardware issue so switching vms will not help. What makes you think you will be able to use another vms without issue? If you answer the other questions I posed I can direct you. NX witness is about 80-90 per camera and a good commercial vms.
  30. fenderman

    Yellow-Triangle-Warning icon even with the correct settings !?

    Disable auto update. See thread on latest update.