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    Is there going to be an updated "How to" on implementing DeepStack with BI?

    Much thanks to GentlePumpkin on breaking ground on AI. I have had a problem from the start of implementing BI where I either get unundated with false alarms or don't get notifications from my driveway camera. I have a Ring Floodlight Camera there that seems to work 100% and there are plenty...
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    Do I need to "activate" DeepStack?

    Hello All, I feel like I am jumping in on bleeding edge of this cool new AI feature but I'd really like to up my game since the Ring camera is so much better than my BI (surely my settings to try to weed out false positives). Thank you GentlePumpkin for your work on this. So I installed...
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    Need to replace an dead NVR ... Can somebody help me with suggestions

    You are right. I was ignorantly using dvr nvr interchangably. It has BNC connectors on it.
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    Need to replace an dead NVR ... Can somebody help me with suggestions

    A client has QSee HD 8 Channel QT718 NVR that does not work. She's asked me to replace it. Reviews all seem to suggest that Qsee is junk. Maybe somebody could offer a suggestion for replacement that would work with existing cameras? Thanks,
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    Can no longer see camera on other side of LTS NVR

    Hi Alastair, Thanks for the response. Nothing changed. No new provider. No new router. It worked for years. I just assumed the NVR had some routing that it was doing to allow traffic to flow through it's Lan connection to the cameras downstream. It's an LTS if anyone knows anything about...
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    Can no longer see camera on other side of LTS NVR

    Hi all, I've been using BlueIris to monitor cameras that are setup on a LTS Video Recorder. I'm not sure what happened recently but I lost all the cameras. I could not see them on the DVR or on the BlueIRIS computer. If I set a static IP on a computer to (that's the range that...
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    Missing Alerts on BI

    I'm missing occasional alerts that my Ring Floodlight is picking up. I'm wondering if there is a log or something I can refer to in order to troubleshoot if maybe my system saw it and ignored it or did not see it? I'd like to feel secure that I'm not missing stuff. TIA,
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    What Setting for Loryta?

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    What Setting for Loryta?

    Purchased Loryta IPC-T2431T-AS 4MP WDR IR Eyeball Network Camera 2.8mm It sensed as ONVIF but want to know if I should be using another setting? I don't see Loryta in the drop down list.
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    How would I setup 24/7 Recording but still have triggers and alerts?

    I love the "see all motion activity" that alerts are giving me but sometimes want to know what was happening immediately before or after a triggered alert. I'm thinking that I could maybe add 24/7 recording to what I'm doing to see what it adds. How would I do that? I saw a post that said...
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    Tweaking My Sensitivity Settings

    I guess I'm more of a Noob than I realized. I'm having problems tweaking senstivity on one of my cameras. See attached picture. It is still detecting motion even though I have reduced the contrast and size settings (pictured) On a previous similar post somebody mentioned putting it in test...
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    Can anyone tell me what causes this?

    Happens enough times to be an issue. Seems to come and go on its own.
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    Can I have NVR and BlueIris PC at the same time?

    Can I have NVR and BlueIris PC at the same time? If so is it best practice to record the full time video on NVR? Is there any benefit to putting the full time recordings on the BI machine too? I ask because I feel I'm pushing the limits of the i7 cpu on that machine. Getting ton's of...
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    Missing Alerts

    Thanks for the response. Perhaps you could elaborate. I've taken the defaults in most cases so not sure what could be wrong. I've attached what I believe might be the relevant screens for motion. Any thoughts?
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    Missing Alerts

    I know that I'm missing events. For example I have a camera in the garage and one outside in the driveway. Sometime, but not everytime, I will get one video alert for the person leaving the garage but will not see any activity on the driveway camer. There is a Ring Floodlight Camera in the...
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    No activity lines in playback mode for IP camera

    I have a DS-2CD2342WD-I with Event - Motion Detection enabled but am not getting activity lines on timeline when I look at playback. How do I enable this? I am recording to LTS LTN8816-P16 NVR if this helps
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    What determines whether you get motion lines in playback?

    I absolutely can drag to the red marks...if they are there. They are not there on all of my camera. Trying to figure out why.
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    What determines whether you get motion lines in playback?

    Hello All, So happy I found this site. There is a ton of information here. I've read the cliff notes and learned a whole bunch. I'm looking for advice on how to get motion lines working on playback for one of my cameras. If you look at this picture you can see hashmarks on the timeline to...
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    Zmodo / Funlux suck how they manipulate the game.

    Yikes! I'm no electrician but all that sounds bad.
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    Zmodo / Funlux suck how they manipulate the game.

    Maybe time to put some PVC pipe out to that camera. Just one in the garage had the problem. They ate clear through the cable.
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    Front Door

    Maybe there is a wider view camera?
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    Zmodo / Funlux suck how they manipulate the game.

    So here's a fun fact I learned about my Zmodo system. That camera in the Garage was fine after all. Mickey and his friends made a snack of the wire that was run there. Since a few of the other cameras had already failed (i'd brought them to the NVR to test them) I just assumed... The...
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    Zmodo / Funlux suck how they manipulate the game.

    "deceptive marketing", inferior hardware, weak support after the sale. All the hallmarks of Zmodo and why I would never buy anything with their name on it again. Call it whatever we want it's still junk and wasted money IMHO. Sure wish I'd known about this site before...
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    Zmodo / Funlux suck how they manipulate the game.

    I was a sucker who bought Zmodo. It is what got me into the premise of home monitoring and it served the purpose of giving my wife some comfort at a time when some criminals were working our town and clogging sinks to flood house as a calling card. When I replaced Zmodo with LTS NVR I found...
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    Is there an "Activating Cameras for Dummies"?

    Hello All, I'm a newbie here and hoping somebody can help point me in the right direction. I found a thread about activating cameras using the IP tool. I tried this and it did not work. I have Hikvision camera which is POE but I cannot power from the LTS NVR. It works fine fine using an...