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    Need Recommendation for 8 Camera Package

    You are going to struggle to get everything you want in a packaged system. Dome cameras have documented issues when used outside. You are in the US. You would be better off piecing it together as noted, however, if that is not going to work, consider the 6 camera Lorex system at Costco as a...
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    Hello People! Need help deciding on surveillance system

    To add to the questions, what is your current system? It may help to figure out if it all needs replacing or if some components can be repurposed.
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    Hello Everyone. Here's what I'm after

    Welcome Nick. I would say you need more than the four cameras. You have a huge blind spot on the right side of the house with the chain link (ladder) fence to the back door. The front likely would not effectively be covered with one wide angle camera for actual identification purpose. It would...
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    Dahua NVR5216-4KS2 / NVR5216-16P-4KS2

    Motion detection by system.
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    Dahua Camera Initial setup

    This might help. NVR - Dahua Wiki My suggestion; only connect one camera at a time, do any needed password / adjustments, then move to the next camera.
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    The name is Bob

    At some point you are going to actually want to see what was recorded I'd guess.... You do not need a monitor if you connect the NVR to a television via hdmi. If they do not have a TV, then yes, a monitor IS needed.
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    hi, new member trying to learn

    Yup... lots of reading. Welcome. Look for stickies at the top of different sections. They may also aid the process.
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    New Member going insane

    Some IP cameras have a direct login via the local network address with additional settings that are not viewable from an app or other recording device. Likely most here will not know much about a ZXtech camera. If this is your camera, perhaps the linked manual will provide answers for you if...
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    Had a theft, going hog on cameras. Need your advice.

    IP Camera section -Hikvision subsection
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    NEWB here - need suggestions

    Lorex is the STRIPPED DOWN and rebranded version of Dahua. Dahua and Hikvision would be the comparables. Lorex would be like a scooter. Hikvision would be like a luxury motorcycle when it comes to feature sets. Both Dahua and Hikvision white box cameras that are sub-sold by other branding...
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    Hikvision vs Dahua devices

    If buying from a reputable seller you will get genuine hardware however it could be a fact of receiving the device without manufacturer branding? IF you buy it from a reputable seller, yes. It will be the same but unbranded. Hikvisions since they no longer sell to end users can have issues...
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    Dahua CCTV Help

    For viewing/reviewing on a Mac, try SmartPSS. It is available in the Dahua support/software section.
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    Critique my design

    C3 at 2.8mm will be good for wide-angle/close identification. Other than that, it is only going to give you an "overview" shot. If that is all you are looking for, an overview and not identification, leave it but do realize the limitation. I recommended spinning C4 because that is going to be...
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    How to bring all the wires down to the NVR?

    The cameras are mini computers. PC/BI or NVR, either will require VPN access for internet connectivity. That is one more step or process, if you want to add it. It is not so much that someone would want to access their feeds to see the front porch, but rather, to access the "computer" on the...
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    Critique my design

    Turn c4 toward the street/kerb edge. Add a cam between c1 and c2 pointing at the garage from the porch area..
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    My POE Switch is going bad need replacement.

    I have a BV Tech switch. Only a couple months old so I cannot provide longevity response, but no issues at connection or so far...
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    How to bring all the wires down to the NVR?

    Any electrical cable is pushed through a hole between wall studs or through the top/bottom plates. It’s not wierd at all.... Redundancy is great for multiple wire pulls. If this was your place and you were going to be constantly tinkering and adding cameras or ir illuminators, it makes total...
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    How to bring all the wires down to the NVR?

    I used a leviton structured media panel. I put four holes through the double top plate. Only ended up using two for about 10 Ethernet lines. Using a fan less POE switch. Have yet to find it more than warm to the touch. Cut a hole in the Sheetrock along the center of the wall studs above the...
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    How to bring all the wires down to the NVR?

    Let me ask... who is going to use the system; them, or you remotely? Is there ever going to be internet connectivity or is it going to be a stand alone/sandboxed system?
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    First cam up HDBW4321FP-AS 2.8mm

    A+ to you both!!
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    How to bring all the wires down to the NVR?

    If possible, don’t run all of the wires to an interior wall and through a hole. Run everything to a poe switch somewhere and connect it to your router. Then you only need to run one wire to the NVR or PC depending on which route you choose. Or, pick the cams up from the network. Pulling 12 wires...
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    Hikvision - Surge damaged POE Repair

    That was great! This is why IPCT is an awesome resource site.
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    Dahua wall-mount bracket vs. junction box

    Yes, the junction box has space for the connection between the wall and the camera.
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    See any problem with my anticipated placement?

    Not sure why you would want it there? The header is gonna be more difficult to deal with wire routing. The positioning will block left side viewing angles if you ever want to swing it that way. There may also be ir light bounce back potentials from the side trim. Consider surface mounting it...
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    Dahua-based initial camera installation suggestions wanted!

    LPR cameras have very specific use and generally a choked down view. You might be better off with a general purpose camera, if all you really want is an overall view around the property. PTZ cameras work well for someone monitoring them constantly and moving as needed. If you are not going to...
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    Everything is new for me here!

    Most everything you are asking about is covered by Nest/Amazon/Ring systems, not ip camera systems. A laptop is not going to run BI. If you want to use a laptop, you are back to cloud based systems like those noted. A switch is not a poe switch. You could use the switch with you have but you...
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    Newbie - advice please

    +1 to what @looney2ns said. NonPOE NVR with a POE switch. If you decide down the road to migrate to BI, the infrastructure is already set up. Direct access to cameras for non-NVR settings IS much easier!
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    Dahua NVR people counting and heat map

    Only specific cameras have the added ability for people counting and heat mapping. The features cannot be activated or used with any camera. It is a setting in the NVR for those capable cams.
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    First time installer in soffit

    What is the WDR setting at?
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    Router password

    Call the service provider, explain you want to use your own router due to VPN needs and only want to use the supplied device for “modem” access only. Ask for password. Often installers also write passwords on customer installation forms. Check the papers given at the time of install.