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    DMSS App update in the last week or so...

    I think playback is finally fixed after 2.5 years of waiting.
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    gdmss plus IVS push notification not working

    In another thread @catcamstar opened up tcp 8888 instead of 2195 and got push notifications working. I’ll try it this weekend when I have some time.
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    iDMSS Plus 4.91.000

    No need to register - have you tried restarting the NVR and your phone? I always find that usually resets it when it get's messed up.
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    Notifications stopped working in DMSS and iDMSS Plus

    Got one at 5:54 AM EST today on DMSS. My iDMSS is old so it doesn’t trigger.
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    iDMSS Plus 4.91.000

    4.92.000 iDMSS just got pushed out. I thought it was dead and they were only updating DMSS. I wonder if playback is fixed for IVS events. If anyone grabs this please report your findings. Like I said in past posts I’m still on version 4.31.002 from what I believe is March 2019.
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    iDMSS Plus 4.91.000

    4.91.005 was released. Not sure what they claim to have “fixed”. Hopefully the playback of IVS events.
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    Video appears on gDMSS, but not on SmartPSS

    You probably are already doing it but I’ll ask it... are you dragging each camera into its own box one at a time?
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    Motion detected footage to play as Sub Steam

    Try clicking the blue you see on my pic and switch to the other side. But there’s also a new app DMSS without the “i” that’s recently been released and may work better.
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    New iDMSS Version 4.90.000

    For the thumbnails try clicking the “all” button on the attached picture and see if they now show up. The thumbnails on my pic are the ones show for cameras not attached to the NVR (for me since I only have 8 cams all thumbnails for 9-16 look like that. As for the “live” button after that you...
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    New iDMSS Version 4.90.000

    The thumbnails are interesting and I wish they would list vertically rather than horizontally since I only have 1 NVR and even though I only have 8 cameras there are 16 thumbnails. If there was a way to add favorites to the thumbnail area to avoid having to click favorites first it would be...
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    New iDMSS Version 4.90.000

    I believe playback issue is now fixed on DMSS with today’s update.
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    How can I install gdmss plus app on my PC?

    Have you looked into SmartPSS? That’s the free program many use on a PC.
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    Thank you for your detailed responses. I haven’t upgraded firmware from v3 and was contemplating it but this reminds me to leave well enough alone. The only issue I have with v3 is Gmail TLS won’t send an email so I use a different email address instead for all IVS alerts. I’ll take this versus...
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    New iDMSS Version 4.90.000

    My push notifications are working for the new DMSS app (light blue icon) on iOS. My older iDMSS (still installed using version 4.31.002) is not working because I’m using an older version before the playback issue of IVS events began. Also my NVR is on older firmware (version 3 not the newer...
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    gdmss plus IVS push notification not working

    Noticed the same playback issue. You can FF it and watch. It's a glitch. We've been talking about it here: New iDMSS Version 4.90.000
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    Setting up email notification and ivs

    What firmware are you on? There was an issue with Gmail SSL and Dahua that has been resolved with a firmware update.
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    New iDMSS Version 4.90.000

    Really? On my end it seems okay and faster for live view - on the other version I would get stuck frequently as the percentage increased and I've noticed that again (unfortunately) it is still using only half of the screen in a vertical position) - And yes of course the playback of motion...
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    How to or can you even set IVS rules eg Tripwire in SMART PPS?

    Your signature shows you are using a Dahua NVR. I've always found using SmartPSS is only best for viewing events (in fact only recently as the older version had an issue that wouldn't show the entire day). Nontheless I would suggest using the WebGui for making these changes and I'd use Pale...
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    New iDMSS Version 4.90.000

    Just as a follow up I saw in a different thread a new Dahua app called DMSS (no "i") which is an update to iDMSS as iDMSS is being phased out - not sure if you all were aware @catcamstar @TechBill @Bramboo @Shockwave199 @mando209 @usaf_pride @Wildcat_1 @JordanZ I just downloaded it - it seems...
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    gdmss plus IVS push notification not working

    Did you try to resubscribe to the alerts again?
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    Wall mount with conduit?

    Just for reference you can run conduit right out of that mount to another location. I have two wires running into the mount. One for the lower camera and the second wire goes out the side and up the conduit into the soffit and then down into the camera.
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    IDMSS and adding none Dahau cameras ?

    Maybe FLIR Cloud ? I’m not sure if it will do what you want but it’s an alternative to iDMSS.
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    Dahua IVS and or Motion Detection?

    Is it possible the truck was too big and not enough of it was in the box? I recall reading somewhere that 50% or more of the target must cross the tripwire or enter the intrusion box.
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    Dahua settings for better face picture

    Looks great to me.
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    Help with IVS

    I haven't updated my NVR / Cameras yet b/c if they're not broken, why fix them BUT from what I've read I believe the safest bet in your situation using that NVR might be to put the firmware on a usb stick and use a USB mouse and then use the NVR connected via hdmi to a screen (tv or monitor)...
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    iDMSS 4.91.004 - new update - anything fixed yet?

    Actually a strange thing I noticed on playback of motion detection only. It will play events twice before moving on to the next event. It’s strange because the font of the camera name changes also. I don’t think it’s playing both the main stream and the sub stream in row but maybe it is?
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    iDMSS 4.91.004 - new update - anything fixed yet?

    Thanks I just verified on the FLIR cloud app that that playback for motion detection works as is supposed to! That’s a huge help for playing back events. Now if only there was a way to receive push notifications for IVS events on this app too there would be no need for iDMSS at all. I see push...
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    iDMSS 4.91.004 - new update - anything fixed yet?

    Just wondering if anybody has tested this yet. Specifically wondering about notifications of subscribed events as well as playback of motion detection (fast forward continuously through only orange parts). I’m asking because I’m still on 4.31.002 from last March of 2019 and I’d like to get my...
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    Adding Cameras

    Thanks for that info. I’m at 8 now so it’s good to know but now it makes me think I should get some more and that’s not good for my pocket!
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    Adding Cameras

    Wow I hope you’re right about that. I thought only the green ones were PoE and the grey ones were not.