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  1. kklee

    Have you switched from DeepStack to CodeProject.AI? Poll

    I switched over from DS to CodeProject a few months ago because people were reporting faster detection times. The switchover was straight forward, minor tweaking was required in BI for the different custom model names. CodeProject reduced my detection times by 50% and seems to be more...
  2. kklee

    Any good solutions for push notifications outside of BI android app?

    Another +1 for Pushover. I like that it retains a history of the sent images for quick review.
  3. kklee

    5.5.8 - June 13, 2022 - Code Project’s SenseAI Version 1 - See V2 here

    According to the console, it's using custom object detection and not Python, which I guess is the default since the only configuration change I made was to disable face and scene detection. I'm still learning the ins and outs of SenseAI and fine tuning it for my needs.
  4. kklee

    5.5.8 - June 13, 2022 - Code Project’s SenseAI Version 1 - See V2 here

    I'm running a P400 and switched from DS a couple of weeks ago. It seems to be working fine and the analysis times seem to be around 25% faster (using IPCam-General and IPCam-Combined). I've also disabled the face and scene modules.
  5. kklee continual restart

    As others have mentioned, do not enable Auto Update if you want stability (mine is disabled). I manually updated as I was chasing an issue with CodeProject.AI. I just switched from Deepstack and wanted to see if the latest version solved my problem, turned out to be a RFTM issue on my part ;)
  6. kklee continual restart

    Make sure you report it to Blue Iris support, the more info we supply, the quicker it can be fixed.
  7. kklee continual restart

    A bit of a PSA for you. I don't know if anybody's run into this. Updated to this morning and it continually restarts. It's working fine with after rollback. I've reported it to support.
  8. kklee

    IP Cam Talk Custom Community DeepStack Model

    The new models are working great for me, better accuracy and DS has stopped detecting the covered gas grill on my deck as a person.
  9. kklee

    IP Cam Talk Custom Community DeepStack Model

    I've found that Windows 10 licensing is inconsistent with hardware changes. I've upgraded systems with newer generation Intel CPU's/motherboards and sometimes it'll boot up as if nothing changed and other times I've had to reinstall Windows.
  10. kklee

    Unifi G3 Instant Set Up

    Mike A.: FWIW, with Unifi Protect, you need to have the string following the IP. It's how Protect distinguishes between multiple cameras. BI populates the main on its own. The latest release of Unifi Protect has major changes that messed up RTSP streaming, lots of complaints in the release...
  11. kklee

    Ubiquiti UDM and UDM Pro users... Teleport VPN is near!

    I've been using the new Teleport VPN since it was introduced into the beta stream on my UDM Pro. I was previously using OpenVPN on a Synology NAS because of the L2TP limitation. Other than some teething pains at the very beginning, it's been working nicely with the recent release. It's been...
  12. kklee

    Need help setting up BI5 text alerts.

    I've been using Pushover with great success. Pushover retains alerts image history, which you don't get with the BI mobile app, which is why I use it. It's easy to configure, just follow the instructions in the linked thread.
  13. kklee

    2 Cameras at night with unusual abberations

    Yes, it's a little packet of moisture absorbent material. Desiccant - Wikipedia
  14. kklee

    2 Cameras at night with unusual abberations

    I've had something like that happen to a camera due to condensation inside the camera. It only fogged up at night. I brought the camera inside the house, opened it up to let it dry out, and replaced the desiccant pack with a new one. Problem fixed.
  15. kklee

    G4 Doorbell Pro. Anyone gonna test it?

    I've also got a UDM Pro and I have the G4 Doorbell working with BI. Looking forward to the Pro when it's released. The multiple RTSP streams works great for main and sub streams in BI. I had used the RCA and Ezviz doorbells previously, but I found that they weren't very reliable, losing wifi...
  16. kklee

    Deepstack GPU for Windows problems (Cuda version 11 and Cudnn install).

    Lol, had the same problem when I first set it up :banghead:
  17. kklee

    Deepstack GPU for Windows problems (Cuda version 11 and Cudnn install).

    Yes, it works, that's how I have my BI configured.
  18. kklee

    UI3 Question

    I think what you're looking for is under the UI3 settings menu under Clips/Alerts, Use Hi-res JPEG for alert mouseover.
  19. kklee

    dahua outdoor WiFi IP camera

    Another alternative is to use power line network adapters. Much more stable than a wifi bridge and plenty of bandwidth for an IP camera. I used a set of these to extend my network out to my garage to run an 8MP camera in the garage: Powerline 2000 Extender
  20. kklee

    Ui3 error lost connection to server, server unavaialable

    So that should eliminate that as being a cause... Does this happen while using the console on the BI system?
  21. kklee

    Ui3 error lost connection to server, server unavaialable

    You may want to check the system with something like HWINFO. My throttling problem did not not show up as high core temps, but was something else related to CPU, I don't recall the name of the sensor that was flagged by HWINFO, but it helped to track down the problem.
  22. kklee

    Ui3 error lost connection to server, server unavaialable

    I had this happen when my BI system was having CPU issues, it was bogging down a lot and causing network dropouts. It turned out to be CPU throttling due caused by overheating. As BI generated more CPU usage, it got worse.
  23. kklee

    Hell Yeah! Direct Deepstack Integration - 5.4.0 - March 31, 2021

    Visual Studio is a software development tool, not needed for BI/DS deployment. I should have left that part out, the text was a cut and paste I grabbed from somewhere.
  24. kklee

    Hell Yeah! Direct Deepstack Integration - 5.4.0 - March 31, 2021

    I had made a note of these instruction from somewhere (can't recall where, maybe from another post here). Deepstack GPU Installation You must install. Nvidia driver of your video card. The CUDA Toolkit 10.1 The CUDA Toolkit 10.1 update 1 The CUDA Toolkit 10.1 update 2 Extract the cuDNN NVIDIA...
  25. kklee

    Blue Iris Back up

    It should default to the program directory where BI is installed, ie, C:\Program Files\Blue Iris 5 From the BI Help File: BAC K U P S Software Settings Options to Export and Import software settings may be found on the About page in Settings. The complete software settings reside within a .REG...
  26. kklee

    Blue Iris UI3

    Just tested this with Microsoft Edge and it's working great: I'm running BI with Stunnel using a ZeroSSL certificate.
  27. kklee

    Blue Iris Updates - Official Thread

    Looks like it's been fixed with, my clones show up properly in status page.
  28. kklee

    Blue Iris Updates - Official Thread

    Same as @ARAMP1 Everything seems to be working with for me, UI3, console, and Android app all show alerts correctly.
  29. kklee

    all of a sudden BI is using too much cpu and it says too much power

    I had a similar issue recently where the CPU was thermally throttling, causing BI to totally bog down, which also caused camera and network dropouts. It took a while to diagnose it, I found it by using HWInfo to check CPU and motherboard health. It showed temps were getting high enough to...