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    changing PCNVR software purchase help please

    No sir.. no demo it runs at about 50% cpu...everything works..when playing back and recording it will go higher..and couple times no longer shuts down..server slightly lower cpu than new computer... lowest cpu ever runs is around 34 i have 2 sets of 3 cameras triggering at one in a...
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    changing PCNVR software purchase help please

    Did all the essential kinda dismayed that the new computer is not as good as the old server xeon... still touches 100 but better than before... my cameras for whatever reason always go off half hour or hour and the great blue iris was accurate but missing now with...
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    changing PCNVR software purchase help please

    Btw what am i losing going direct to disk? why wouldn’t the software default there? This software blows away hikvision pcmvr thank you
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    changing PCNVR software purchase help please

    Too late.. thanks for link will check it out..i do have up to 3 cameras linked to trigger it goes to 100 and while im reviewing a day at high speed all the cameras...which is badass slows fyi wife in Detroit coming home with this 399 special...
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    changing PCNVR software purchase help please

    Fyi bought the blue iris from forum store computer not enough..but runs with a few shut downs if i push it..50-60 cpu use..100 when multiple recordings... very good software imo not stuck with hik cams now... still run ivms4500 vpn still mobile for now
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    changing PCNVR software purchase help please

    hi, i have had it with PCNVR 4200 hikvision..i guess its not supported anymore (and couldnt find where to download) ..and all the cameras i have are Hik..(7 2-4MP). was working ok with ivms4500 mobile and using OpenVpn..but can only replay if camera has a card (about half do). would Blue Iris...
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    Mail Thief

    Clean the handle...make cops take fingerprints after an incident
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    Why use SD card in an outdoor camera?

    This thread also reminded me to upgrade my memory..128gb u3..pretty cheap Samsung EVO Select U3 microSD Cards: 64GB $16 or 128GB $29
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    Why use SD card in an outdoor camera?

    Guess im not doing something right. When i use ivms4500 from remote device and vpn into home, i cannot see recordings without sd card as one does not have a place for one. Its like ivms4500 only see cameras not my ivms4200 nvr on computer. And yes i always use sd u3 cards when i can for reasons...
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    Man Sleeping In Truck Overnight In Front Of My House

    Nice camera, i may get off my hik camera software and try the @fenderman software and try a few dahua cams mainly that ptz from empire candy. Its not the money, just i know the hik cams and software that works good for me, just not sure if blueiris better? Or what i would lose from the hik 4200 4500
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    Man Sleeping In Truck Overnight In Front Of My House

    Fk the cops..what is that piss and crap staining curb? Want your kids riding bike or walking in around that?
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    Where (not) to buy a Hikvision IP cam?

    Seems like a fair price locally. I have 2.8 and 4.0 hik domes for a few years in 4 seasons and no issues at all with condensation or ir issues. Also have some bullets. I prefer the domes as i care about guessing where they are pointed. Local is good especially a warranty. I use hik software too...
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    how to make good cat6 cables all the time

    I have that checker tool as well works good. I think this process is a pita no matter getting wires lined up. I used the ideal ones and now use the pass through which is in fact easier and allows a lot of insulation crimp every time Klein Tools 6 in. Pass Thru Modular Crimper-VDV226-110 - The...
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    Recommendations of a POE switch(4+ port) for home use

    This thing imust installed has poe plus if needed on all ports.. obviously limited to max watts but eliminates extra injectors if poe plus needed with lower user like non ptz. Ordered midnight and had it at door at 2 pm lol. Just put it in shed after running power and cat6 underground for cams...
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    Watch multiple cams from recliner.

    Doing exactly that from ipad hik ivms4500 app.. All wired and seperate computer running ivms4200 pcnvr to record as needed and micro sd in all for backup
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    Where do you generally purchase your cameras? (USA)

    Nellys security has always helped me and answered my questions. Support no matter what you buy. I bought hik
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    IP cameras to record barking dogs 24/7?

    I own a dog and do not let mine bark for extended periods like others. It is extremely agrivating and selfish. I will be looking for any good replies to gain evidence if i need to go to the next step
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    Issues running ethernet cable next to furnace vent/stack

    I would say technically no.. the exhaust is double piped, and there is still clearance needed for safety on the outside pipe. find an interior wall near cold air return and use that to return to basement.
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    2MP & 4MP System Giveaway!

    I only have facebook to track my kids and these great offers!! Thanks
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    My Imporx(Huisun) V2 10X Update - cold weather

    Sweet..unplugged for while 30 min..back up and running!
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    My Imporx(Huisun) V2 10X Update - cold weather

    Uhoh..whats ping mean.. i tried direct ip address nothing..tried the 0 in address nothing..cold for sure but noted issue when i had to power down for new breaker..unplug plug back in irs work does full motion and returns to previous set..agree i bought full well toy cam, but not ready for ptz...
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    My Imporx(Huisun) V2 10X Update - cold weather

    Heh jack, any thoughts on finding my mini ptz? Lost camera when reser power for curcuit. The 2 other hiks work fine running hik 4200 and 4500 mobile. Unplug from poe plus and cam goes through motions and resets to correct position just cannot get cam recognized on computer 4200 etc. sadp does...
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    My Imporx(Huisun) V2 10X Update - cold weather

    Hmm had to reset breaker and power for routers and poe+ injector..ptz huisan resets does its spin ir's on..but cannot connect lan or hik 4200 or 4500.. thoughts? Been perfect even at 0..still seems to work except cannot see it Breaker reset for other 2 hiks still perfect
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    POE splitter to repair Mini PTZ 10x

    Knock n wood..poe+ here v2..solid performance thus far..i also noted 18 watts
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    Guy checking for unlocked cars

    I would force cops to get print off handle...they will do it but have to be firm..its bs to think not worth trouble..same thing my neighbor hood..some stolen some got into garage one stolen..not minor stuff.. Yup mine hik dome 4mp..2.8..yes better pic with 4 mm or higher..but first cam so it...
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    Good source to buy IP items at

    time for more cams. please catalog sent?
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    iVMS-4200 new version

    just downloaded it on computer (not the NVR computer) and works great! love the new format.. will have to upgrade my host computer.. win 10 here..beat using explorer old version and ip address when not on main computer
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    Hikvision 1 imporx x10 0 break in

    hi, imporx set to lowest like the hik.. it does motion detect about the same.. both pointing to center from each end so plenty ir especially the imporx like the chimney mentioned....just weird it missed from the left (pic is right and yes I just screen captured quickly he did look up.. yes I...
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    Hikvision 1 imporx x10 0 break in

    Have 2 cams one imporx 10x and angled to driveway. Hikvision got video and close up when looking at cams..imporx missed it motion. It does capture but missed this one. i...