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  1. NickTheGreat

    US Elections (& Politics) :)

    As an Iowan I was happy to hear this at first, but I also worry about the repercussions down the road. I do think it'll get some kids out of bad schools and into better ones, but I also worry about what you said.
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    US Elections (& Politics) :)

    Yeah I'm not watching either of the videos. The thumbnails were enough :puke:
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    New RCA HSDB2A 3MP Doorbell IP Camera

    I think my Laview may have finally bit the wiener. Usually I can just cut the power for a few days and re-add to the app and I'm good for a few months. Tried it the other night and the app won't find it. I only had about 10 minutes to put towards it, so I need to try it again, for real...
  4. NickTheGreat

    US Elections (& Politics) :)

    Here in Iowa we had a red sweep. Likely all 4 house seats will now be red, and Governor and Senator stayed Red. Plus flipped some long time Blue guys in Treasurer, AG, and others. My county attorney is a new blue person, and she sounds nuttier than squirrel poop. But all in all, a good...
  5. NickTheGreat

    Progressive Liberal Hypocrisy

    I assume Politico has been banned from Youtube and elsewhere? We can't have election deniers out there
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    Dahua Dash Camera

    Geesh, what a tease! :D
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    2nd Amendment thread

    My dad sometimes carries a musical instrument in a rifle case. He had my mom embroider musical notes on the side, so as not to arise suspicion. He does get fewer weird looks when carrying a gun case to a church or nursing home!
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    Progressive Liberal Hypocrisy

    That's the most disgusting thing I've ever read on the internet. Shame on Chik-fil-a!
  9. NickTheGreat

    Progressive Liberal Hypocrisy

    How DARE you!
  10. NickTheGreat

    How much did your system cost you?

    Well, on my current system, I bought a really nice PC for about $825. It pulls double duty as a Plex Server and other storage. ~$150 for an additional HDD ~$200 each on average for 6 cameras. ~$100 for the rack off craigslist ~$100 for rack accessories ~$200 for a Rackmount UPS ~$200 for a...
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    BI, VPN and Unifi USG

    Yeah I had that too, but now with my new phone it just simply doesn't allow that type of connection.
  12. NickTheGreat

    BI, VPN and Unifi USG

    Any wisdom here? Any Unifi and Android dudes out there?
  13. NickTheGreat

    Are you ready for a EMP attack?

    I do worry about EMP but I'm pretty sure that stupid little thing isn't going to help at all.
  14. NickTheGreat

    BI, VPN and Unifi USG

    So I posted in another thread here about it, but i updated my phone a month or so ago and found out that Android no longer supports the type of VPN that Unifi uses, L2TP. Sounds like this change happened a while ago, but things were grandfathered in. I can't believe Unifi/Blue Iris would no...
  15. NickTheGreat

    Unifi VPN setup

    I'll post in one of the other threads too, but i updated my phone a month or so ago and found out that Android no longer supports the type of VPN that Unifi uses, L2TP. Sounds like this change happened a while ago, but things were grandfathered in. I can't believe Unifi/Blue Iris would no...
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    What's wrong with Newegg? I've been a customer of theirs for nearly 20 years now. I don't like all the third party stuff they've got going on, but they've been solid for me on direct purchases.
  17. NickTheGreat

    Progressive Liberal Hypocrisy

    Thank you for posting this. I wouldn't have know about this historic event otherwise. I now have filled this gaping hole in my life and will sleep much easier tonight.
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    My work machine is an MSI laptop. Some sort of gaming rig. It's okay, and I think most of my issues are software/driver related, due to an IT dept. My personal laptop is a Surface Laptop. (My wife uses a regular surface). I really like it, since it's small and light. And goes for ages on...
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    Dahua Dash Camera

    I'm in the Midwest, but my last dashcam died on me after a week on a really hot job site last summer. Poor little thing just started beeping for help and died.
  20. NickTheGreat

    Mutant rats from outer space

    Yeah foxes don't really look all that much like the Disney movies.
  21. NickTheGreat

    Neighbors out for justice!

    This is a comforting video :oops:
  22. NickTheGreat

    camera wall mount adapter for grooved walls?

    I know I've seen trim pieces that will match profile of metal sheeting. It's helpful if you know the manufacturer and the profile ordered. Which is much easier said than done sometimes. But I like the idea of going on the high rib as well. Let any water just drain behind it. aluminum bar...
  23. NickTheGreat

    2nd Amendment thread

    When I was in Australia last (2013) I had no less than 5 different people warn me not to follow in the footsteps of them. Usually referring to guns. But politically in general. This was largely unprovoked, usually after just finding out I was from the States. Just sitting there on a...
  24. NickTheGreat

    An idea, adding a drone into our security system

    We all joke about this, but it'll probably be a legit thing in 5 to 10 years
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    Funny / Satire

    It took me a second to realize she was wearing something under the trenchcoat . . .
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    2nd Amendment thread

    I was at a parade this weekend full of Army National Guard and Police and such. Then towards the end was a anti-gun crowd, walking in the parade. Some pink-haired ladies and kids holding signs saying "Don't get me killed." Most everybody kinda ignored them, except a few mom's on that stood up...
  27. NickTheGreat

    Progressive Liberal Hypocrisy

    That's a local high school in the metro and I haven't heard anyhting on the news about it!
  28. NickTheGreat

    School Thread: Lets stay educated and aware!

    This isn't school related, but the other day my kids were watching Disney and a song came on about microaggressions. I think they've just seen it the one time now, but I think the Disney conversation will have to happen in our house. Which is too bad, because we are/used to be big Disney fans.
  29. NickTheGreat

    What UPS? Rack mount vs tower?

    I put this one in my rack in 2017, Amazon says It's also gone up $100 since then! I figured the whole point to having a rack was to rack mount things. I feel like it gives me some street cred, in a...
  30. NickTheGreat

    Need help choosing the right switch

    I've got one in 16 port flavor. The only problem is that it only has 16 ports. They go fast!