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  1. TVille

    I need the Bud Light of cameras

    What @wittaj said is pretty much it. From the 3rd story I would probably go with the 3.6mm version of the camera, to get a little closer, but it depends on what you want to do. The reviews on Amazon say "Great night vision!" It is, compared to your eyes, but it absolutely sucks compared to other...
  2. TVille

    Reboot schedule or not?

    It depends on the system, software, and OS. When I started with USB cameras and prior to using BI, I was on a Win98 machine. It would lock up every few days, and this was a remote location, so we installed a hard timer on the system to shut it down and restart it. I now have a Windows 8.1 system...
  3. TVille

    Data Bottleneck question

    Depends on your equipment. The piece you linked to says 300 Mbps, figure it really can handle 80% of that or 240 Mbps, max. As @wittaj said, use 10 Mbps per camera. But, I wouldn't bet the pieces you linked to will actually do that. But, the should easily handle 2-3, probably 10. Heck, I have a...
  4. TVille

    Banned IP Addresses

    I just installed the Android client, easier than port forwarding. Export from pfSense, use that for the client. Now I can get to ANY thing inside my network, including pfSense, wherever I am. Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk
  5. TVille

    Banned IP Addresses

    How are you trying to connect using OpenVPN? OpenVPN basically dumps your connection into your LAN side of your router. So if on your phone, it is like it is on the LAN, even when not. For things on the LAN, OpenVPN has nothing to do with it. The BI LAN connection is the same as to connect from...
  6. TVille

    Banned IP Addresses

    I just got an SG-1100 running last week and OpenVPN on Android. Works fine. Did you use the export add on for pfSense? Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk
  7. TVille

    U.S. Truckers Convoy

    Jon Cooper - worked for Obama, Biden. Not surprising the politicians that "support" blue collar workers wouldn't support truckers protesting big government and limiting freedoms.
  8. TVille

    Network/Design Question

    Conduit is run for several reasons. First to provide physical protection. From mowers, weed eaters, rats, etc. Second is to allow you to pull in a new wire when that one fails. If you don't need it to be protected, and the install is not that difficult, I would just run the cable. I have...
  9. TVille

    Network/Design Question

    Single run of CAT5 will be fine. However, as others have said, run at least two, if not three cables, and make SURE they are waterproof if underground. Conduits ALWAYS get filled with water. I don't know if they leak, condensation, or the water fairy, but they always get filled up. My cameras...
  10. TVille

    Multiple Public IP addresses

    You need to provide more information, in an organized fashion. 1. You say you have a DSL. I assume a modem and then the RT-AC88U. 2. I assume the AC88U is the ONLY router, and the previous one is disabled/removed. 3. What are the "WAN IPs"? Actual numbers. if you are paranoid, just put in x...
  11. TVille

    [ Value of UPS ] Power outage - now lost BI link to recordings

    Set the computer to start up on power restore. Most can be set to do that in the BIOS. Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk
  12. TVille

    Bear Spray 1 - Trespasser 0

    When drugs are involved, not much makes sense. I have a drug/flop house down the road from me, and it is amazing what the people coming and going from there do, when they are not obviously stoned. They seem to forget stuff and go right back in, then right back out, can't walk on the 8'...
  13. TVille

    New to BI- Windows install questions

    I don't think you should have any except for free MS programs like Edge, XBox Game Bar, Your Phone, etc. Not sure, but I don't have any of what you mention. Because I had NO data on my HDD, I told it not to keep anything, and wipe it clean. I forget the details. I had moved everything to keep to...
  14. TVille

    New to BI- Windows install questions

    This. Last year I bought an eBay special Win 10 Pro with a HDD. The HDD made it slow as molasses compared to an SSD. I used the media creation tool twice, once onto the HDD, then once onto the SSD, both times worked fine, Win 10 Pro was installed and booted fine.
  15. TVille

    Zero Tier remote access to Blue Iris

    TeamViewer allows you to get to the desktop of the connected computer. So you are running applications on the desktop. ZT allows you to connect to the computer, as if you were in the next room, allowing you to use a browser and the UI3 interface, or the BI phone app. Generally the ZT method is...
  16. TVille

    who breaks into cars with an axe?

    What @TonyR didn't mention was his night vision scope... ;)
  17. TVille

    who breaks into cars with an axe?

    Yes! I wasn't in the same business, but its obvious this is the case. My neighbor recently installed motion lights "for safety". "For safety" is a euphemism for "I don't have a clue about personal security and it makes me feel better." I'm gong to save this video to send to folks who say that!!
  18. TVille

    Adding Cameras: rtsp vs http vs https

    I've never tried anything besides the standard http. Its on a private, firewalled network, the chance of an attack or snooping on my private network is very low. I always used that because that was the default and I always let BI find/inspect the camera.
  19. TVille

    Raspberry Pi for UI3?

    I have several older monitors laying around that I would like to put to use. I am thinking of using a Raspberry Pi to load up UI3 on. I know its not the latest tech, but the price is right given I have the displays. What hardware would be recommended for this endeavor? Pi 4 B? 3 B? How much...
  20. TVille

    Zero Tier remote access to Blue Iris

    I run Zerotier because my Google Home Router/Wifi makes VPNs very challenging. ZT just works, punches right though the Google firewall and allows me to get to the BI machine reliably. I can run both the BI App or UI3.
  21. TVille

    1/2 plate steel on walls of equipment room

    You would be shocked how many times I have heard that and some significant piece is missing! :facepalm: But, this one does seem to be bulletproof, or damn near!
  22. TVille

    1/2 plate steel on walls of equipment room

    Is that room properly ventilated? Looks like a monster tool box!
  23. TVille

    Help with WiFi point to point

    :goodpost: This. Conflicting IPs is a mess, and don't count on an IP search tool like Fing to identify them. It might, but probably no.
  24. TVille

    Home internet speed effects

    You've been watching to many Comcast/ISP commercials. My cable is rated at 300/10, and they claim this is good for like 4 computers. The reality is that most wifi systems top out at less than 300 Kbps. I don't care what they say on the box, they take two different frequencies and add the...
  25. TVille

    Can BNC cables be converted, somehow, to connect to POE cameras

    This. While they are a bit expensive for using on every camera, they work well. I had an application for a long range camera (5241-Z12E, looking 400 feet from the house) from my attic, and had coax going to the attic from my first floor office. I put a pair of these in, and run the camera from...
  26. TVille

    IPC-HDW5442T-ZE vs IPC-T5442T-ZE Firmware

    I'll ask another question: Why change the firmware? Will you be gaining anything? Losing anything? Possibly bricking the camera? Although it will vary by camera, typically "Andy's" firmware is better than any official Dahua, or at least the same.
  27. TVille

    Upgrading PC- thoughts?

    My "new" machine, an i7-6700, came with 8 GB. Running 14 or so cameras, DeepStack and ALPR, it used about 75% of memory. I upgraded to 16 GB because it was cheap. Right now, Task manager is reporting 48% memory usage on my 16 GB. So more than 16 GB is probably a waste.
  28. TVille

    Upgrading PC- thoughts?

    :goodpost: Yep, this!!
  29. TVille

    Not eligible for Winn 11 Upgrade?!

    I bought a similar i7-6700 PC last year. It replaced my dying third gen BI server. I'll keep running Win 10 on it until BI forces me to upgrade, or it does. I don't use the Windows "features", I use Windows to run BI. My other BI server is a nine year old, bought used, AMD processor running...
  30. TVille

    UI3 causing 100% cpu since 5.5.5 version

    When I said the screen is up I was talking about the all camera screen. Although I see no difference with one camera or all of them. Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk