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    Blue Iris iphone app how to view additional Dahua camera added to server ?

    Hello everyone On my iPhoneX I have blue Iris app,,,,so far I can view 4 Hikvision cameras How can I view the additional new dahua camera that was added to a blue Iris server V5 (windows 10 Pro) I couldn't find an option for adding on the BI app menu or settings Thx
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    Dahua captures footage when detects motions ?

    Dear folk I am using Windows 10 Prof with Blue Iris v5 I have added a new Dahua model DH-IPC-HFW4631F-ZSA to my existing 3 set of Hikvision Issue I have been struggling to make it works to capture a short footage when it detects motion Thanks
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    Dahua ip camera added to my Hikvision set recommended configuration ?

    Dear folk I have 4 Hikvison ip camera at home recently I added new Dahua model DH-IPC-HFW4631F-ZSA I need to configure what would be the recommendation settings ? Should I match it with Kikvision ? I know I haven't done the proper configuration yet but when I checked the live view it is...
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    Cameras views stuck on time and it won't get updated

    Dear folks I have got 3 Hivisons security cameras connected to the version of Blue Iris on my desktop windows 10 They were working fine till few days back when I realized all 3 cameras views stuck on certain day and times , I am not sure what has been accidentally clicked on the software to...
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    Mobile app is not connecting to Blue Iris after upgrading from v4 to v5

    Dear Experts I updated BI from V4 to V5 day before yesterday but my iphone app stopped accessing blue iris when I am out while no issue when i am at home (connected to my LAN network) what I did I deleted the info from my phone's app and re-entered still no joy Am I missing something ? Thx
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    Blue Iris motion detections clips not getting captured

    Dear folk I have 3 HiVisionn cameras (DS-2CD2032-I) connected through LAN cables and I am using Blue Iris software and windows 7 I realized two out of 3 HikVision cameras motion detection's clips not getting captured I tried to compare settings of the one that is working properly to the other...
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    Recommend Outdoor security camera with long range and better resultions

    Dear Experts I am using Blue Iris software that is installed on desktop with windows 7 and 3 Hikvision outdoors cameras (DS-2CD2032),,4 years old Looking to buy another 2 outdoors type PoE but longer range [10 m/33 feet and above] and better resolution and they would be used in a poor...
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    BlueIris clips won't get updated the last one sixth of Feburary 2019!!!

    Dear folks Blue Iris used to show daily clips but all of a sudden the clips won't get updated. The last one in screenshot below dated sixth of February 2019 !!!!I don't why Thanks
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    Hikvision DS-2CD2142FWD-I PoE issue with TP

    Dear Experts I have got TP-Link TL-SG2210P PoE switch and I have 3 HiVisionn cameras (DS-2CD2032-I) connected through LAN cables. I realized one HikVision camera not working When I checked I realized it is not getting power from the TP-Link switch!!! ,,,,changed Ethernet cable for the camera...
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    Blue Iris Errro : 8000007a no signal

    Dear Expert I have 3 Hikvision Cameras installed at my home and I am using BlueIris one of cameras started showing Error below : I can ping the ip address for a camera. I can view web interface for the camera means camera is reachable. I restarted BlueIris...
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    Blue Iris v4.0.6.x change date format and other issues

    Dear Experts Using blue iris 4.0.6.x on desktop windows 7 desktop I am facing couple of issues with blue iris : Video for one camera out of three is color while other two are black and white ? please see snapshot attached How can I change date format to be day/month/year ? please see...
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    Blue Iris video recording for one month

    Dear folks I am not expert in using Blue Iris V4.0.6 and it seems to me I am not using the right phrase via my google search so I couldn't locate the answer. I am using Blue Iris for home 3 home ip cameras Thinking to save video for every day and for one month as my hard drive I TB. How can...
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    DS-2CD2032-I upgeading firmware stuck at Min-System

    [Tutorial] How to update the firmware on a Hikvision camera. Hi All I tried to upgrade one ( I have 3) of my DS-2CD2032-I ( in the snapshot attached : I used below URL to download the firmware (And I followed the Firmware instruction Scenario one as origin firmware was 5.2.0...
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    Can't access web interface of IP camera ?

    Dear folks Hikvision DS-2CD2032 IP camera detail as per below : Can't access the web interface of the ip camera please check snapshot for the error message : camera sometime is reachable via ping and sometimes is not, don't why!!!!,,,, snapshot in the link below...
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    Hikvision cameras with Firefox browser no plug in

    Dear folks Tried to follow instructions in the link below to rectify an issue "No plug-in detected" while I was using Firefox v57.0.3 How to access the Hikvision cameras with Firefox browser? | Technology News But tweak didn't solve the problem Any advice ? Thanks