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    Blue iris and ps3 eye usb camera

    Anyone successfully get the PS3 eye usb cam to work in blue iris? Camera works with standalone app. There is no list in the drop down for usb video option.
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    Blue Iris Android app crash

    Anyone else experiencing the android app crashing when selecting the audio headphone icon? After the audio headphone icon is selected and the app crashes the it'll crash everytime you select to view camera. I've Uninstalled and reinstalled the mobile app and all that does to help is the app...
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    Verizon MMS - resolved

    Resolved.....Verizon issue
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    Camera loses connection - Hikvision Turret

    I have a less than 1 yr old hikvision turret DS-2CD2332 that has recently started to have a connection issue. Camera loses connection in the afternoon and then will start working again in the evening (after sun goes down). Anyone else experience similar issues? It's not summer yet here but...
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    SMS messages - not consistent

    Anyone having inconsistent SMS text message alerts under BI v4.3.4.0 ? BI alerts are occurring but the phone isn't receiving the texts. Is the BI phone app to receive push notification more reliable? Never had an issue until recently.
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    Anyone try one of these: Looking for a bullet camera and ran across this camera. Any other opinions or suggestions for a bullet camera?
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    Network Layout Advice

    I have a pc with BI installed and it's recording 5 cameras 24/7 (No remote live viewing enabled) Based on internet speed tests ( I've noticed the BI machine suffers significantly (expected throughput ~50Mbps, actual 15Mbps). My network topology is: Internet ->Router ->POE...
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    FPS vs BitRate / Camera settings vs Blue IRIS settings

    I Was trying to optimize the image quality on my 5 hikvision DS-2CD2032-I camera's and I've come up with a few questions. 1. Why does BI not keep up with the requested fps? For example if I set BI to 20fps and monitor it through the status window it shows those cameras that I have change to...
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