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  1. keeperofthecode

    What varifocal zoom will get me to 300-400'

    I'm wanting to get a general view of this area just to see what is going on, not ID someone. To get to that area they will pass several other cameras close up for ID purposes. That area starts at 300' away from where camera will be mounted. I know a 12mm zoom will not do, so I was thinking 32mm...
  2. keeperofthecode

    Stolen Dahua NVR now online

    Is there a way to figure out the IP address of a stolen Dahua NVR? A customer of mine had a break in a while back where they also took the camera system. Camera system was hidden so we have always assumed it was an ex employee that knew where it was. Fast forward a few months and the customer...
  3. keeperofthecode

    New cameras for new building

    I've just purchased a new building for my IT business and want to install new cameras in my offices. The offices are roughly all 10x10 so not too big. What camera would you use in this situation? the plan is just one camera per office so I know there will be a blind spot in whatever corner the...
  4. keeperofthecode

    No video on NVR for new camera just black screen

    My Dahua NVR is only showing a black video feed when I add camera to NVR. Is this a common problem you can point me in the right direction? These are new cameras I just ordered from Andy being added to a existing system. Search only yielded one similar problem I could find but no solution was...
  5. keeperofthecode

    Need a varifocal lens for viewing gate 250ft away

    I've appreciated everyone's advice on here and made my first order from Andy yesterday. I'm looking for a camera for viewing a gate 250ft away in a well lit parking lot. I was hoping for Dahua 8MP varifocal but not required if there is a better fit camera for the job. The gate has tracking...
  6. keeperofthecode

    Is BI mobile as simple to setup as Dahua?

    Trying to talk myself into trying Blue Iris. One of the reasons I started using Dahua NVR is because the remote viewing is so simple to setup. No port forwarding or any of those headaches. Just plug in the serial number and login credentials and it just works. Is the Blue Iris mobile app similar...
  7. keeperofthecode

    Dahua 4K for low light night vision

    Recently installed some IPC-HDW2831T-AS-S2 and wasn't real impressed with the nighttime picture quality. I think my old 4MP dahua cameras were better. Any advice for which dahua 8MP camera looks best at night. This is viewing a lighted parking lot so not total darkness.
  8. keeperofthecode

    Stolen NVR

    How do you guys protect yourself from stolen NVRs? Recently dealing with a break in where they found the hidden Dahua NVR and took it as well. In this instance we believe it was an inside job as it seems they new exactly where NVR was hidden. Can Dahua backup to an external drive placed in a...