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    New build rack setup: Run two switches?

    I have a new house prewired for a rack setup. Let me describe my plan and tell me if this will work or if their is a better way. All ethernet & cameras wire to rack. I estimate 24 ports necessary for current a future general networking (modem, access points, tv's, pc's, etc.) and 12+ for...
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    Help with viewing on multiple TVs

    I am gathering pieces for a new Blue Iris install at the office. I would like to set up viewing on two different TVs (lobby & back office) with the traditional grid layout of cameras. This is twofold, to prove to clients in an out the door that we have cameras, and also to allow the back...
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    New Home Wiring: Cat6 or Cat5 premade cables

    I'm fixing to help a friend wire his new home build. He has a combination of ~20 locations to wire. Roughly 10 are pc/tv/wireless AP drops and the other 10 are for IP cameras. I've had good luck with buying premade cables on Amazon in standard 25/50/75/100ft lengths and this is our plan. Are...
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    POE Switch - Which of these is best for my setup?

    I am putting together a 5 camera system at home. Current network is a pfSense firewal > 8 port VLAN capable switch > wifi AP for wireless I plan to use an HP Elitedesk with Blue Iris and am looking to get an 8 port POE switch. I will run a cable from my current VLAN switch to the new POE...
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    Looking for wireless indoor camera for baby monitor

    I am looking for a wireless ip camera to use as a baby monitor. We did this many years ago using an app on our phones and I am hoping things are more improved this time around. I have a couple of details. 1. Strongly, strongly prefer a local LAN only model. I do NOT need it to phone out to...