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    How best to clean inside dome and lens

    I didn't really know which forum this should go in, but here is my question. What is the best way to clean the lens and inside of a dome? I have an older HIK Vision that was fogging up at night so I opened it up, replaced the desiccant bad and wiped down the dome. But now while it isn't...
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    Comcast blocking OpenVPN at least with Apple devices

    I know this has been discussed here before but wondering if there might be a new solution. I have Open VPN and BI running on a Windows server at home with Xfinity service and Linksys router. I really need to access my VPN from a friend's house, also with Xfinity service. They also have a...
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    Upgrading from 4, Can't get BI 5 to run at all

    Long time BI user from back in the 1.0 and 2.0 days... Currently running BI 4 as a service. Firstly, I am logged into Windows 10 as admin, the sole account on this machine. Not a local account but also signed into Microsoft. I have backed up my BI 4 settings and so far, have not uninstalled...
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    More dash cam action - likely distracted driver... or asleep at the wheel?

    This just happened about an hour ago. I was merging on Rte 15 south from Rte 26 in Frederick MD and this Acura SUV just lost control, went off the road, took out a road sign and then nosed into the guardrail in the median. Totally on his own, unencumbered and unmolested by traffic. Pretty...
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    Lorex NVR or similar with Hughsnet

    We have a remote property that I need to set up a small NVR system for. I have tried a few stand alone ip cams and while they will send alerts they can not be viewed live or accessed remotely for admin on Hughes. Which makes it a royal pain to dial in motion detection. Thinking about a small...
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    Near head on collision

    Finishing a 1000 mile road trip on a country road about 10 miles from home... this distracted clown was pretty much fully in my lane at one point having his right side tires on the centerline. I almost had to bail into the farm field on the right. This is why we have dash cams.
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    BlueIris iPhone app not connecting via VPN

    This is really not a BlueIris issue, probably more of an iPhone issue and/or VPN issue, but I am wondering if anyone here might have gone through this and have an easy solution. I have OpenVPN set up on my router and have been remotely accessing BlueIris via my laptop and iPhone for a long...
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    No pre- and post- event pictures?

    I have had a few interesting alerts lately on my 5442 ZE. I have it set up for human detection and to send a photo via e-mail. A couple times the photo had no evidence of a human or anything else out of the usual. Being curious I reviewed the video only to see they were NOT false alerts, just...
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    best way to get important notifications

    So I am really liking the Dahua AI human detection enough that I want to make it the primary alert. I have the SMTP set up and that works fine, but I have my iPhone on do not disturb at night. The iPhone allows one to whitelist callers to let VIP calls bypass the do not disturb but...
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    another Dahua AI question

    I am really liking the AI human detect performance on the rear deck Dahua so far... so I was wondering how it would perform in totally opposite type of scene that I have up front. Situation is a townhouse with the cam mounted in the upper corner of the garage opening facing a street... not a...
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    Dahua IVS working great so far

    First day and night with the IVS engaged on the IPC-T5442T-ZE on my lower rear deck and it is impressive. I have it set for human detection and made a couple tripwires. During the day it had 2 detects of "humans"... one being a large dog... outside the tripwires (I need to revisit all my...
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    Webserver not working on rebuild

    I am deploying a new router (TP-Link A20 tri-band) and rebuilding my BI setup (still on v.4) and everything is back, except the webserver just doesn't work. The main BI server that I have running as a service works fine... the native BI software on the host PC works fine... UI3 in a browser on...
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    Trouble setting up Dahua smtp server

    Just making some tripwires and wanting e-mail alerts but the Dahua e-mail setup will not accept either my gmail nor xfinity settings... says "sender format error"?? Same exact information I use everywhere else, including in the Blue Iris e-mail server. What am I missing?
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    Getting a 5442

    I ordered one of these from Empire, coming today. I probably won't have time to set it up right away, but may connect it up tabeltop next week for testing and a look at basic configuration first. I am not like you guys, this isn't my primary... or even secondary... hobby so I don't want to...
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    Hummingbird action

    I shot this video a couple years ago, just put an extra Foscam I have laying around out next to the feeder. I need to do this again with one of my newer cams when the hummers arrive in the next couple of weeks. HummingBird - YouTube
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    Anyone here have the Amcrest floodlight cam?

    I am thinking of adding one of these, not as a main cam but it is right next to my most vulnerable point of entry door where it could be useful as cam and as a deterrent. How does it work for you? One curious thing in the product info says that the wifi camera needs to be connected to power to...
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    Local criminal action

    Used to be all we ever saw back here was raccoons, cats and squirrels, now this. Some sort of B&E crew working our neighborhood looking for open back doors. Pretty scary considering most folks were home so any B&E would turn into a home invasion. Police report filed. Unfortunately I had my...
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    Outdoor POE cam for satellite internet service

    We have a remote property that has satellite ISP. I installed a couple of typical generic network cams once upon a time, Foscam and an AcTi and they worked to send alerts and such but I could not reach them to view them live or to administer them via the satellite. I currently have a Reolink...
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    Best way to upgrade

    I am a long time BI user at least since v2 and want to upgrade my current v4 install to v5. I don't mess with this very often so don't recall the best way to do an upgrade whilst retaining settings and profiles. I will make sure to make a backup of the config file, of course. But then is it a...
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    Schedule and profile configuration

    I am trying to set up schedules and/or profiles to manage my simple setup to work with the geofence. Basically I have 2 groups of cams, Interior and Exterior. I want the all the Interior cams to stream 24/7 but I want the motion triggers to be inactive when any mobile device is "inside" the...
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    Need help with error message

    I am reconstructing my entire BI setup after a HDD crash and it is mostly back to normal, but I am seeing some sort of disk error... this appears on the mobile app and the admin console. Basically I have BI set up to record my cams continuously to the 6 TB drive E: drive, on the same PC...
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    What is BI configuration backup file named?

    I am rebuilding my BI4 setup after a HDD failure and before I manually add all the cameras I want to check to see if I have a backup file... I believe I made on once upon a time but it would have been a long time ago and I am less than organized. I would like to do a search on my PCs and...
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    HD crashed, after re-install BI4 will not start

    As subject says.... I just replaced my OS and program HDD and did a clean Win 10 Pro install. I re-installed BI from the website's "Legacy BI4" link and it won't even start up. I expected to have the usual hassle of setting all my cams up again but did not expect this. Can anyone help?
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    Need cam recommendation for a home with Hughesnet service

    I just tried to set up an old Foscam in the basement of friend's farm house to monitor for flooding and other issues. They have Hughes sat service just using the modem to feed a Netgear wifi router. I did the usual port forward an such and it seemed to work until we left the property then...
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    PITA wifi issues

    My main outdoor cams are POE but I have a couple of wifi cams indoors, specifically a pair of Amcrest IP2m841's. But these cameras have problematic wifi and will not connect to my network (Linksys 1900ACM) unless I run wifi encryprtion in WPA2/WPA mixed mode. Unfortunately that is not...
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    High disk usage

    Not really troubleshooting, just a PC tech question. I have 6 cams recording to a WD Purple 24/7, CPU typically sits at 25% but disk sits at 85%. I am not planning to add more cams soon but if I did I might be maxing out the disc data path. Besides reducing resolution and frame rates is there...
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    Lovin' UI3

    Just had to say it. :-)
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    I keep getting "geofence failed to update" on my iPhone app

    I think this is just a quirk of the app since the Blue Iris event log updates and shows whether the phone is "inside" or "outside" and the profile changes correctly. But every time I leave or return I get the same error via BI app notification. Is this fixable?
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    Little help with vacation settings

    I don't have a very complicated setup with Home and Away global profiles for 4 indoor cams and 2 exterior cams running individual schedules to override the global schedule with Day and Night settings tied to sunrise/sunset. My question is what is the easiest way to have the indoor cams stay in...
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    I have 2 outdoor cams that require different motion detect setups for night and day, lets say Day profile and Night profile. I see how to set each of these cams to override the global schedule and set the endpoints of the profiles to be relative to sunrise sunset. My question is do I need to...