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  1. HMC8403

    Suggestions for Overview Camera

    A couple years ago, with help from this forum, I installed several perimeter cameras around the house. The cameras on both sides of the front door are IPC-T5442T-ZE, they are zoomed in at least half way for better images of people walking up to the front door. One negative of being zoomed in...
  2. HMC8403

    Thinking of converting, where do I start?

    Before I shipped out I purchased my nephew the pc he wanted as a graduation gift; my sister just told me that he later changed his mind and went the Apple route. Past the Costco return window, I now have a decent PC waiting for me when I get home; as I am also an Apple user, considering...
  3. HMC8403

    Hikvision Cam on Dahua NVR

    Trying to help my brother-in-law while I'm in town. He had a Hikvision 4 port NVR and needed more cameras so I got him a NVR5216-16P-4KS2E from Andy. I'm having issues moving the Hikvision cameras onto the Dahua NVR. We don't know the username/password for the camera so I held down the reset...
  4. HMC8403

    Shitty End to a Great Weekend.

    I had 4 days liberty so flew home for an extended weekend. As I’m not one to sit around I decided to do some landscaping (trim bushes, spread mulch, and even cleaned the gutters). It being 6pm, having to flying out tomorrow at 8am, and as I was done with everything on my honey-do list, I decided...
  5. HMC8403

    Please help, SD49425XB-HNR for Church streaming.

    Everyone has been of great help in the past and would like to pick your brain a little more. I’m back in town for a little while and trying to improve the system. In April of this year I installed a SD49425XB-HNR to stream my church’s services on YouTube. Originally I was using RTMP to stream...
  6. HMC8403

    New Church Project - Need help with Hikvision NVRs

    My church was happy with the work i did setting up a streaming camera that they now asked my for help with their security cameras. Several years ago when the church was under different leadership, they had security cameras installed. Don't know what company installed them and no one knows how...
  7. HMC8403

    Live Streaming

    Sorry guys, I'm still overseas and don't have tons of time to research. My church back home has been Live Streaming services on Facebook and YouTube with an old Laptop and a WebCam. They are about to replace the Logitech webcam and I was thinking recommending the use of a POE PTZ cam like the...
  8. HMC8403

    Connecting laptop to NVRs POE port.

    I’m still deployed abroad and hoping to head home for Thanksgiving. Trying to plan ahead on some tweaks to my security system. As several of my cameras are connected to the POE via an extender and using port 3777 on the NVR, I can not connect to them directly. I have read several posts regarding...
  9. HMC8403

    Dahua NVR Recording Space

    Trying to maximize my storage length and was wondering. If the NVR is set up to record Constant, MD and IVS; does it record three separate streams or one main stream and bookmarks the events? If each is separate streams, can I setup the continuous to record off the main stream at 10fps and the...
  10. HMC8403

    Help with IP conflicts and POE networking

    New to IP systems and running into issues configuring my Dahua NVR and cameras. As I didn’t have enough runs, I purchased a couple POE Extenders (1 to 4). From what I experienced, the NVR assigns a specific address depending on the POE port that’s being used. As 4 cams are plugged into one...
  11. HMC8403

    Quick Question. Camera’s RJ45

    I’m trying to install an indoor camera and wondering can I cut off the RJ-45 Female from the camera and then crimp on a new one? Trying to pass the cable through wood trim molding.
  12. HMC8403

    Flex Seal to Weatherproof

    I'm installing several outdoor cameras today and want to make sure the connectors are watertight as possible with the supplies I have. Has anyone used Flex-Seal on the RJ45 or DC pigtail? Then wondering should I first use the waterproof coupler first, should I use electrical tape and then...
  13. HMC8403

    Camera Configuration 90deg Flip

    Sorry for being one of those annoying guys but I have until August 6th to finish setting up a system I just received from Andy. I am a complete newbie at this and some things I just cut figure out in time. Is it bad to wish for the CoronaVirus to delay my deployment :oops: I got the...
  14. HMC8403

    Decode model numbers.

    Is there a Thread, Wiki, Sticky that decodes Dahua's model numbers? I figured out the starting B&T refers to Bullet o Turret; I think ZE at the end is zoom? Would be nice to know what TS, TAS, ASE mean; along the number combinations. Anything to help us beginners. Thanks
  15. HMC8403

    UPDATED: Exterior Camera Placement

    Hey all. As I mentioned in my intro post; ordered Lorex, customer support pissed me off, found this site, and placed an order with Andy. As I am shipping out in a few weeks, I'm trying to do as much as possible before Andy's order arrives. My old CCTV system that hasn't worked for a while...
  16. HMC8403

    Glad I found you!!!

    Greeting everyone. New member but off running full speed. Being In the service and not always home, I worry about the safety of my family. I used to have a coax HD system that broke down years ago and recently been using Wyze cams pointing out various windows. After the recent riots, I decided...
  17. HMC8403

    Noob Question

    Sorry if this was previously discussed, not a lot of time to research. I’m currently serving and home for a short time. With all the recent riots I decided to put up a camera system to watch over my family when deployed. Ordered and received a Lorex 8k system; after installing two cameras and...