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  1. Gigapalooza

    DMSS w/Dahua DVR Video Clips - are thumbs an option?

    Dahua DVR has thumbnail images of triggering event, which is useful and exactly what I would expect. However neither DMSS nor iDMSS Plus apps (iPhone) show thumbs, only a default placeholder image. Has anyone found a mobile app that can/does show the thumbnails or even managed to get to them...
  2. Gigapalooza

    Dahau video clip 'placeholder' thumbnails

    NVR5216-16P-4KS2E Using DMSS HD app on iPhone and iPad. The playback interface implies that representative thumbnails can populate the events, vs. default thumbnail. I've never found a way to accomplish this. Anyone found a way to accomplish it or is it even a feature? As I see representative...
  3. Gigapalooza

    DMSS mobile app thumbnail images - supported?

    Running Dahua NVR5216-4KS2 with mostly IPC-HDW5442T-ZE cameras. In the DMSS and DMSSHD apps, it seems there are placeholder images where snapshots should be showing up - representing events as viewable on the NVR. Is there a way to get these populated with actual snapshot images?
  4. Gigapalooza

    Are Dahua NVR event 'thumbnail images' visible on any mobile apps?

    The DMSS app uses placeholder thumbnail images for event snapshots. This leads me to believe actual snapshots could / should be available. I've set all events to record snapshots as well as record. One can see in the NVR interface - there are lovely cropped images. This would be an ideal way...
  5. Gigapalooza

    Good choice for a porch view?

    I’m currently running several IPC-HDW5442T-ZE cameras and are connected to a NVR5216-4KS2. One old Foscam is integrated into the mix at the front door. (Pictured below) Now that I realize the importance/usefulness of SMD vs. basic motion detection - I want to upgrade. However, I think a...
  6. Gigapalooza

    Ready to commit - point me in the right direction please

    Please bear with my ramblings and advise... These are all statements I'm hoping to get confirmation on how accurate my perceptions are - I've read & re-read forums and the wiki here for months, if not years. Like many, I'm overwhelmed with the options, and fear overlooking more recent...