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    IMOU was working now shows all cameras offline.

    I have 8 Dahua cameras that have been working fine with IMOU app and now the app shows all cameras offline. I'm pretty sure it is password related, but short of resetting all the cameras to factory settings, I was wondering if anyone might have an idea for getting the cameras back online without...
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    Setup 2 way audio for DH-SD29204T-GN(-W) and DH-SD29204T-GN

    I would like to get the 2 way audio functioning but not sure how to do this. They both have the mic and speaker built-in and the Dahua NVR has a RCA jack for a mic and speaker. I looked at the cliff notes but didn't see anything that talked about wiring needed for audio or how to configure it...
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    Cameras for a vacant school

    A friend has asked to look at installing cameras in a vacant elementary school. It was vandalized recently so he is looking for something that would capture the vandals. The building has power but no internet or internal network. My initial thought was something like the Ring motion light with...
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    Camera placements

    Just placed my order with Andy @EMPIRETECANDY and have a question on how far back or forward the camera should be mounted on the soffit? The cameras I ordered are the IPC-HDW4231EM-AS and was wondering if it matters at all.
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    Backstreet Surveillance

    Does anyone have any knowledge experience with Backstreet Surveillance?
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    Hello and thanks for the add.

    Of course I am new to security cameras and did some research prior to finding this forum. Now after reading a whole bunch of threads I realize I know less now than I did. I would like to install 3 outdoor cameras. Trying to decide which ones seems like a large task to get it right. Outside of...