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  1. sydnew

    Intel Pentium G6400 for Blue Iris?

    Hi All! I ve been using Blue Iris for 4 years with my old (7yrs) i3-4130 based desktop. I m using 16 IP camera (4 4mp + 12 2mp) which give me at least 20-25% load. Also I m using this pc for browsing and other light activities. This pc now gives me at least once a week random shutdown and its...
  2. sydnew

    Preferred Password not working in IPC-HDB4100EN-AS-0360B

    I m curious why I cant use my IP Camera preferred Password in my Hikvision OEM NVR even though it perfectly worked in IP camera browser and Blue Iris?. I m having a hard time trying to view my Dahua IP camera in NVR using my preferred password then I try admin/admin as username/password and it...
  3. sydnew

    iVMS, Guarding Expert App, Hik Connect are exclusive for Hik Product?

    Hi All, Is iVMS-xxxx, Guarding Expert App. Hik-Connect can only use by Hikvision/Hik OEM IP camera? they look like they have the same GUI. I m going to buy a cheap 1mp branded IP cam to replace my old TOP-201 Cam and it happen that there is a sale in nearby Store that mostly sell OEM Hik...
  4. sydnew

    iVMS-xxxx, Guarding Expert App. Hik-Connect for OEM IP CAM?

    Hi All, Is iVMS-xxxx, Guarding Expert App. Hik-Connect can only use by Hikvision/Hik OEM IP camera? they look like they have the same GUI and my NVR can connect to these APPs eventhough it is under Different Brand name.
  5. sydnew

    Blue Iris + NVR

    Hi All. I m currently Using Blue Iris for Recording 16 cameras and 4ch 960H DVR for remote viewing using Cloud P2P because all ISP here are cgnat based. Since ISP here blocked the port for remote viewing I m planning to buy a 16ch NVR with Cloud P2P to view all my camera. My question is can I...
  6. sydnew

    About lens

    Can I use the lens of my 3.6mm analog camera for my IP board camera with 2.8mm? I still have it under the roof, too lazy to remove it. tnx
  7. sydnew

    Recommended camera for Well lit front house

    I read a lot about suggesting IPC HDW5231R-Z in their front house because of its excellent low light capabilities but my place is well lit by a streetlight in the middle of my house. Is IPC-HDW4431C-A good enough or is there any better non starlight out there. Also does a 4 mp camera will...
  8. sydnew

    Audio for Dahua-SD22204T-GN

    I just recently bought this camera in Ebay and aware that it doesnt have built in Mic but after seeing image of this in google I notice that it only has a ethernet IN and 12v IN. Is it possible to install Extermal Mic to this camera?btw, I m going to use BI as recorder,tnx.
  9. sydnew

    CPU usage from my Old Geovision Card

    Does Blue Iris hardware accelerator supports decrease CPU usage for RTSP stream coming from my GEovision PCI DVR? I already enable the Intel HD hardware Acceleration (yes H.264) and the H.264 decode (yes+VPP) in Cameras' Video tab and the CPU usage is still high. I just want to use my Sony...