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  1. grendel54

    Cat6 outdoor shielded cable

    Outdoor shielded Cat6 cable with as much flexibility as possible...what are people using?
  2. grendel54

    Data Bottleneck question

    I have a question about bottlenecking. Lets say I have 3 cameras that are 200 meters away from my NVR and another that is 300 meters. We'll say im using IPC-T5442T-ZE for example and instead of running 4 separate CAT6 lines I just run one with a POE extender for each camera ( ). Is...
  3. grendel54

    Argus PT wireless camera with Dahua NVR

    Has anyone successfully used Argus PT wireless camera with Dahua or similar NVR? I have a client that wants to use Reolink PTZ wireless cameras. Am I able to integrate this camera into a Dahua (off-brand similar to) NVR and use the online Reolink App as well?
  4. grendel54

    New NVR to replace old one

    I got a new NVR to replace the existing old NVR. It uses a separate POE switch. The old one had a output for the POE switch and an output for outside LAN(router) line. The new one only has one. I tried configuring all the same settings on the new NVR but I can't seem to see any of the...
  5. grendel54

    How much Hard drive do you think I will need

    I ordered a new NVR from Andy. I am trying to calculate how much hard drive space I will need to keep 30 days worth of recordings. Currently cameras are in a parking garage recording a 30 second clip from 13 1080p camera's motion. It is not a high traffic parking garage but there is a bank...
  6. grendel54

    HELP! How do I get into this camera system

    The person that installed theses cameras is MIA. They have asked me to take over but I can't get into the NVR. What do I use to get in without having to reset the whole system?
  7. grendel54

    Cloudy/Weathered Dome covers

    I have some cameras installed in a parking garage. The ones outside the garage take a lot of direct sunlight all day as well as get hit by all the elements. The domes have clouded up pretty bad. Does anyone know of a cleaner I should use to clean these up? Has anyone had good luck with...
  8. grendel54

    Best way to join 2 Cat6 cables

    Trying to find out what the best way (least amount of loss without running one long cable) is combining two Cat6 cables. So far my choices seem to be... 1. Put a connector on both ends and use a coupler. 2. Put a connector on one end and a module connector on the other...
  9. grendel54

    Anyone familiar with this dome camera?

    I was asked to look at the camera system in a client's garage. # of the 13 cameras have gone out. They are all POE running 1080p. I have not tested the lines yet, but I am guessing the problems lies in the cameras themselves. I tried resetting, but no luck. Is anyone familiar with the...
  10. grendel54

    Liability Waiver

    Does anyone make their clients sign any kind of liability waiver? Does anyone have a generic one they can pass my way? Thanks
  11. grendel54

    NVR Remote access question

    I have a client that owns a restaurant and would like to log in remotely to watch the cameras. The NVR is a 24Ch POE similar to the Dahua but doesn't have the Dahua name on it that Andy sold me. My question is... Is TeamViewer the best option for logging in to the computer in the office then...
  12. grendel54

    Cat6 shielded UTX 23AWG cable termination

    What is everyone using to terminate these cables? with grounding
  13. grendel54

    Mini Dome on the side of stucco

    I have to mount 5MP mini dome to the side of very course stucco. Any suggestions?
  14. grendel54

    NVR Starts up then shuts down and beeps

    I got my NVR today, installed a HDD, and powered it up. IT starts on the bootup screen (says NVR), but will not take me through the initial setup process, then the monitor shows nothing like it has been disconnected and it starts to beep 4 times. It beeps 4 times about every 20 seconds or so...
  15. grendel54

    Looking for an NVR

    Im looking for an NVR that will handle... 12- 4MP Starlight Turret IP camera 7- 8MP IR Fixed Dome Network Camera 4- 4MP IR Wedge Camera Does such a beast exist?
  16. grendel54

    Office 10x12' best camera option?

    What is my best camera option for identifying. The room is 10x12 with regular height ceiling. The room is well it with florescent lighting. I am looking to use the starlight varifocal for the rest of the restaurant but will need something different for this room i believe.
  17. grendel54

    New bid - restaurant

    I do a lot of low voltage installs, but this will be my first indoor restaurant. I have read most of the literature on here but would like a little help. Although Blue Iris sounds absolutely phenomenal, I am looking to install a regular DVR. Once the system is installed it will be controlled...
  18. grendel54

    Ring Alarm Keypad power

    I plan on hard wiring in wall a ring keypad. The input is a 5V Micro USB that plugs in to the back of the keypad. The standard adapter that comes with the keypad is plug in type. I don't want the eyesore of a cable hanging down and plugging in somewhere, so I plan on running the power up to...
  19. grendel54

    Hooking up a transformer

    I am using a transformer from 120V to 60VA 30a. The load side I would assume is considered class 2. Would I be able to run CAT5 cable on the load side? I am running it in the walls from the Plenum where the transformer will be installed.
  20. grendel54

    Remote programming charge

    I know this is off topic from the usual IPCAM talk (Id just like to mention that this is the best site for security cam info), but I know there are a lot of low voltage installers scrolling these forums, not just camera guys. Ok, so I've spent the last couple days programming some Procontrol.r...
  21. grendel54

    ANy suggestions for wireless cameras?

    I live in a small apartment and want and easy mountable wireless camera for outside my door. Any suggestions?
  22. grendel54

    Reolink install

    So I have done the research, asked around and put together a suggestion for someone that wants to add cameras to their house. I suggested Dahua starlight cameras and a 8 Ch poe NVR, however she is looking to install this system instead...
  23. grendel54

    IP Camera System

    What is the best IP Camera system you would recommend? or is there another option? If you were to put up a security systems around a house using 8 cameras, what system would you recommend?
  24. grendel54


    I am looking for an HD-SDI Dvr that takes HD-SDI cameras via BNC. Any recommendations? I will buy new or used (as long as its working). I am looking to spend under $200
  25. grendel54

    Swann Cameras with HIKVision DVR

    Ok, So I had a Swann SWHDK-882004 system with 6 cameras (BNC). It came with a HDR8-8200 DVR but after awhile the DVR just stopped working. Nothing would come on the screen. The DVR would power up, harddrives would spin but nothing would ouput to monitor. I finally gave in an d bought a new...