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  1. pinko

    Vehicle-mounted remote for thermal monocular on the cheap.

    Experimenting with a remote-controlled 2-axis gimbal, fitted with a thermal monocular, for hunting purposes. I like to use a remote-mounted thermal monocular for scanning, whilst hunting. The monocular streams live to a display in the vehicle. Ordinarily, I have manually maneuver the monocualar...
  2. pinko

    Hunting & Hikmicro - thermal scopes (Hikvision)

    Hikvision have started to make entry level thermal scopes for firearms under the brand name Hikmicro. I am considering the clip-on version. They are a little expensive here in Australia at around 2.5-3K, given the specs. I'd sure love to try one if the price is right..... Has anyone come...
  3. pinko

    BI Remote Connection Status - unable to close console session

    I have a PC running BI locally. Have been trying to connect to another PC running BI ( at a different location). I have updated the remote PC's IP address, however, when i try to connect it gives a status message "unable to close console session". The BI app works to view both local and remote...
  4. pinko

    Concealed spy camera found at Sydney beach

    How have Aussies reacted to this? Read the YT comments. :p
  5. pinko

    EmpireTech's got Hikvision Cameras?! (IPC-T2347G-LU)

    First I thought I was going mad. Spotted a few Hikvision Cameras on Andy's Aliexpress store. Empiretech only sells Dahua Cams right? ...... I shot Andy off a message to find out what was going on. He showed me some color low light footage of this new IPC-T2347G-LU . Mind blown! Ordered one on...
  6. pinko

    Discussion continues here.....

    New thread to continue discussion from this post. @Monique Review-Dahua IPC-HFW7842HP-Z AI, ANPR Ultra 8MP Varifocal Starlight Cam Video's posted in reviews are posted mostly by enthusiasts. They are raw video in real world conditions.They are not going to be super slick marketing videos...
  7. pinko

    Camera Choice - Price vs Expectations - Winners Losers and Whingers!

    Choosing the right camera for the right task/position is hard work.Time, patience and research is needed to help you pick out a decent camera. I try and keep it real, pegging my expectations in line with price/specs and choosing very carefully, after weighing up all considerations. Is there any...
  8. pinko

    HDW2431T-ZS-S2 - 4MP Varifocal

    Just noticed this new "Lite Series" cam on Dahua website. @EMPIRETECANDY Are these available yet?
  9. pinko

    Andy got Dahua Server Racks?

    @EMPIRETECANDY have you ever sold any of these? Just stumbled across the Dahua Server racks, whilst looking for Dahua fan unit PFC620-D1. I noticed the Dahua9U Server rack seemed to be identical to my Wideband 9U racks. The accessories for the rack are also identical. If you were able to...
  10. pinko

    Stop turning my Smart light's off - Shelly solution

    Seems almost everyone who is starting out with home automation, go and purchases a few smart lights. Most people, self included, go and buy some Philips Hue / Lifx smart lights or whatever. These light all work great, but there one really annoying thing with theses types of lights. If they are...
  11. pinko

    IPCT Decals

    The IPCT decals have been used a lot in various threads to give an indication of scale. (ok, mostly used by @looney2ns , but its a great idea) I've been looking at the stickers in the store, I place them in my cart,but I don't order them as store cannot calculate shipping to Orrrstraaaayya...
  12. pinko

    Unifi Controller Device Images for everything...but not for Cams.

    Been busy re-configuring home network setup. I noticed UniFi controller automatically allocating images for devices. This is awesome sauce! Pretty little pictures makes life so much easier for management. Only issue is camera images are Dahua/ Hikvsion. I'd like to add own...
  13. pinko

    OpenALPR cloud API (free calls reduced to 1000/pm)

    For those who are using this I just noticed that as of 1st July 2019. The number of API calls on the free plan has been reduced, from 2000 calls to 1000 calls.
  14. pinko

    Big Man Tyrone Shout out to Andy!

    So I came across this deal too good to pass up. Quick paypal transaction and here we are. Thanks Andy! hehehehe
  15. pinko

    Dahua Camera & PTZ Reviews

    I have compiled a list of Network Camera & PTZ Camera Reviews from IPcamTalk. If your new to IPCAMTALK would strongly suggest reading theCliff Notes It's the easiest way to help you make informed decisions on design and purchase. The reviews linked in the thread are arranged by Dahua series...
  16. pinko

    Using IVS rules in BI for PTZ Camera

    Hey Guys Looking for advice to see if this is the best approach for my situation. I have a Dahua PTZ that I use to patrol several areas that have little to no coverage. The distances the presets cover are varied from ~5m to around 200m. I'm using Blue Iris for everything, Its quite simply...
  17. pinko

    So I just installed OpenALPR and noticed this.......

    Take a good look tell me when you see it too.....
  18. pinko

    Dahua Starlight 40x PTZ - SD6AE240V-HNI

    A thread for discussion on the Dahua Starlight 40x PTZ - SD6AE240V-HNI. I've got one of these bad boys coming my way thanks to Andy @ Empire Technology. I'm interested in Installation tips, Reviews, Sample Video/Images, Optimum settings & technical advice. Looking forward to seeing how we can...
  19. pinko

    *Check please* Errors on Network Diagram

    After ton of reading and research for the past week, I am getting closer to a plan for my install. Orders have been placed and I need some guidance to see if there are any issue with this plan (Network Diagram) Anything in RED on the diagram I am not sure about the placement and /or issues I...
  20. pinko

    Aliexpress Sales, Promos, Deals, Discounts, Coupons & Cash Backs

    Thought I 'd start a dedicated thread for all the Bargain Hunters out there looking to purchase from AliExpress. I managed to save over 15% (over $200) on my order from Aliexpress, but was wondering could I have done better. If you have used or know of any methods to get a bargain please let...
  21. pinko

    Dahua Mobile Solution - for Counting Passengers?

    Does anyone have any expertise in this area? Looking to implement a solution using IP cameras & MNVR to count the number of passengers getting on/off a bus. I found a few press releases from Dahua, but they seem light in detail. Passenger data would only need to collected every 3 month or...
  22. pinko

    G'day mate. Lets chuck another noob on the Barbie.

    Hi all, Firstly, thanks to all the contributors to this forum. I've been reading the forums non-stop for a few weeks. I've spent most of the time hanging out, okay lurking, in the Dahua Hardware section. I will be building my first system using Dahua cams. I'm looking for advice and opinions...