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  1. IAmATeaf

    CodeProject AI Server running on separate computer

    CP:AI does now support some GPUs, have a look in the main thread, lots of useful info there.
  2. IAmATeaf

    Multiple storage devices

    What I do is keep drives as separate drives so no spamming or other software based disk management. Then as @wittaj has pointed out logically split the drives across the drives, so I have exactly as described in the previous post so if one drive dies then I’ll still have one cam view at the...
  3. IAmATeaf

    I'm ready to give CodeProject.AI a try... Install instructions?

    There’s a massive thread on this in which I think you’ve actually posted, is a bit of a read but lots of useful info in there.
  4. IAmATeaf

    5.5.8 - June 13, 2022 - Code Project’s SenseAI,

    I just today installed Docker Desktop for Windows, made sure WSL2 was limited to only use 2GB of RAM (for now), pulled the latest version of CodeProject:AI Server and ran it on port 32168. All seems to be working, only performed a few benchmark tests and detection tests to see what the response...
  5. IAmATeaf

    Skyhawk AI won't work with windows?

    Assuming that you’ve either tried a mobo firmware update or have no update then it’s more and more sounding like a faulty drive. Might have missed it but what system or mobo do you have?
  6. IAmATeaf

    Where is the cheapest place to order dahua cameras internationally?

    ^ This Make sure you are also comparing like for like in terms of the model numbers and just just one 8Mp against a random other.
  7. IAmATeaf

    POE problems and camera reboots (specially at night)

    Good spot, had to scan that page for the cable quite a few times to eventually find 32 gauge wire [emoji15]
  8. IAmATeaf

    Skyhawk AI won't work with windows?

    I’d try different SATA cables and if possible try the drive in another machine. Can you run a scan on the drive with sea tools?
  9. IAmATeaf

    Thrill of a Lifetime or Trap?

    If it is in India then the people who lived will be told they are lucky and that that is their compensation. I’ve been to carnival rides in India and there is little to no health or safety checks, then when there’s an accident all sorts of things will be said but the day after things will...
  10. IAmATeaf

    Skyhawk AI won't work with windows?

    What motherboard do you have? The drives need to be formatted as GPT drives within Windows. You might need a BIOS upgrade if the BIOS is really old.
  11. IAmATeaf

    Pringles Guy

    Presumably they’ve had previous thefts of mail?
  12. IAmATeaf

    The Typical picture of a Perp on Nextdoor-type Apps with Consumer Grade Cameras like Ring, Nest, Arlo, Canary, Wyze, etc.

    So which is the thief? The guy with the rucksack or the guy with what looks like a strimmer?
  13. IAmATeaf

    Just Saw A Mountain Lion

    Love the way it just walks through the gate without so much as a thought.
  14. IAmATeaf

    Fire engulfs highrise in China

    What you mean is the driver is an idiot! I’ve seen all sort of Tesla video where the driver is way to trusting and basically idiotic when using this technology.
  15. IAmATeaf

    IPC-T5442T-ZE substream not working blue iris

    Have you performed a find/inspect on the cam?
  16. IAmATeaf

    Improving 5442T-ZE Images, primarily at night

    This, I must have spent 2 hours plus setting up a 5442 3.6mm and then when I applied the same settings to a 5442-ze the results weren’t what I thought I’d get. I then spent even more time setting up the ze which if I’m honest I’m not entirely happy with so will at some stage spend more time at...
  17. IAmATeaf

    Improving 5442T-ZE Images, primarily at night

    In order to be able to use 8.3 at night you’ll need a lot of ambient light? I think I have mine set to 16 which is really the lowest I can getaway with. The rest is just playing around with the settings at night and walking around like a madman to see how the settings faired.
  18. IAmATeaf

    IPC-T5442T-ZE IPC-T5442TM-AS IPC-T5842T-ZE SMD 3.0 Smart IR Latest New Firmware From EmpireTech

    Isn’t that NTP Server option in your screenshot one to enable that device to become a time server so that other devices can sync their time with it? It’s probably the set time automatically that’s reaching out and setting the correct time based upon your time zone and in turn taking care of...
  19. IAmATeaf

    IPC-T5442T-ZE IPC-T5442TM-AS IPC-T5842T-ZE SMD 3.0 Smart IR Latest New Firmware From EmpireTech

    I suppose it does depend on the device and how it might make use of any region settings that have been set but a time server offers the time based on UTC, it’s then up to set the correct time zone and then DST. Without DST being set wouldn’t the time be correct for part of the year?
  20. IAmATeaf

    Accused shoplifter sucker-punches 69-year-old Queens bodega worker: video

    Looks like the shoplifter maybe has some sort of mental issue?
  21. IAmATeaf

    Video Capture: Teen purposely runs over handicapped man

    I really have no words, what a truly shocking video!
  22. IAmATeaf

    Dahua - corrupted image.

    Does the corruption stay in the same location if you change the resolution for example.
  23. IAmATeaf

    Transferring BI HDDs and install to another computer

    If you are going to import your BI settings then it should be as simple as installing the drives in the new machine and ensuring that they mount up with the same drive letter as they had in the old machine. This can be tricky and it’s easy enough to get this mixed up so before you shut the old...
  24. IAmATeaf

    Huge increase in network traffic after FW update (Dahua IPC-HFW1320S)

    As pointed out above, some firmware updates might enable settings that were previously disabled so would be worth going through each and every setting to make sure it’s set exactly as you wanted.
  25. IAmATeaf

    Blue Iris in a VM? Yup no problem!

    Have you tried increasing RAM from 8 to 12Gb? With my dedicated BI PC I used to run 8 but found at times that the PC was sluggish, upped it to 12Gb and the sluggishness disappeared. I do now have 16Gb installed but I found 12Gb more than adequate and only upped it to 16 as I has spare RAM in a...
  26. IAmATeaf

    5.5.8 - June 13, 2022 - Code Project’s SenseAI,

    Tighter integration is coming from what I’ve read just not there at the mo. localhost is the same as but as @MikeLud1 has pointed out you need the port number in order to both access and connect.
  27. IAmATeaf

    Any ideas what causes this sort of ghosting/pixelisation?

    When I had something similar it was associated with the video drivers for the onboard graphics. This happened to me quite a while back but Windows update had updated the graphics drivers so since then I’ve disabled device driver updates and now manually updates these drivers. I had to download...
  28. IAmATeaf

    Patch panel vs continuous runs?

    To quieten my HP 2530 I just added a 28ohm 1watt resistor in series with the 12v red wire that powers the fans. As the fans are 4 wire what I’ve done is not ideal but it has taken away the top end whine of the fan which travels through walls. Since doing the mod I can no longer hear the switch...
  29. IAmATeaf

    Odd behaviour with bi

    Reconfigure BI and set the database back to the local c drive then perform a rebuild.