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  1. fenderman

    Stop recording on a schedule

    Blue iris has a very powerful schedule feature set. Not only can you schedule it you can have the schedule adjust relative to sunrise sunset. See schedule and profiles in the help file. For a single camera is easiest to override the global schedule in that particular cameras schedule tab.
  2. fenderman

    Blue Iris Configuration changing spontaneously

    An issue with the latest update which includes a features to follow the cameras IP. Disable auto update and only update when there is a known stable version released. There are several threads on this.
  3. fenderman

    Clips Error

    If you have an age limit it will be either or, but why delete footage that you have room to store? Allocate less space and you will have a larger buffer. 1tb is more than enough unless you are creating many huge files that total more than 1tb while they are open. My earlier post was a copy past...
  4. fenderman

    "Live" feed 4 minutes behind

    Most of the time when this is occurring there is some sort of network issue. The most common of which is that the data from the cameras is being passed through the router which cannot handle the load even though you might think it could. The blue iris PC should be connected to the same switch as...
  5. fenderman

    Clips Error

    You should never be using days as a measure of storage. I don't know what the error means because you still have free space on the nas however it appears to be almost completely full. Try leaving a bit more free space on your nas and your PC drive
  6. fenderman

    Remote Login to BI

    You definitely should leave Blue Iris and get ring. The reason I say this is because you can't understand basic concepts like the fact that you would need the VPN if you had any other system vms or nvr and you wanted to secure it properly. The issue you are currently having has nothing to do...
  7. fenderman

    Blue Iris screen freeze

    It requires a long press - but that may not be the case in earlier versions. As an aside I looked into the Synology RT6600 and it appears to be a great home/small office option particularly for the vlan functionality. At 300 its a bit more than some of the alternatives but it does have some...
  8. fenderman

    New NVR or should I go Blue Iris?

    You can still record the main stream while using substream for display and MD. With most newer cameras you can also have a substream that is 1 or two Megapixels which would allow to have decent constant recording and allow you to keep recordings longer. You can set the MD to be very sensitive...
  9. fenderman

    New NVR or should I go Blue Iris?

    Remember that the number of cameras is irrelevant. It is the total Megapixels per second that has the most impact on load. For example I have one particular system that runs on an i5-8500 with 13 cameras at 120 MP/s and the load is 10 percent as well with a processor that is 1/4 as powerful as...
  10. fenderman

    Blue Iris screen freeze

    Check the pause button on the top right of the live display. Didnt even realize synology was in the router space. Checking it out now.
  11. fenderman

    Best way to get instant notifications?

    It would however you will not get an alert image unless you port forward (unsafe) or keep your vpn/zerotier connection on the entire time. A better solution is this by jaydeel. Pushover is only 5 bux for life. Send Pushover notifications with pictures and hyperlinks You can even set it to keep...
  12. fenderman

    Hanwha Wave Wisenet VMS

    You certainly did not properly setup blue iris which is unfortunate. If you did you would not have any lag - there are literally thousands of BI users here who do just that myself included. Again my hikvision camera is exactly as secure as your hanwha because it is now allowed access to the...
  13. fenderman

    Ip Camera Mibao G1 no onvif no web interface

    And the result will be the same.
  14. fenderman

    clips vs alerts, and fine tuning motion sensing

    Alerts are not recordings. They are pointers to locations inside clips where an event was detected. On the baby cam change the algorithim from edge vector to simple. Also you must disable all smart codecs or + codecs in the camera settings and match the iframe interval to the fps or at most...
  15. fenderman

    Hanwha Wave Wisenet VMS

    Hanwha is a solid brand with a good product, but there are a couple of misrepresentations and misconceptions in your post. First and foremost - Your cameras are not government approved and they are not inspected for backdoors. Ndaa simply bans certain components from select manufactures. You...
  16. fenderman

    Surveillance system design for a camper

    Both dahua and hik make modular cameras I dont believe they make them with more than one camera per box though.
  17. fenderman

    Need a cover for a IPC-HDW4433C-A

    I would remove it so that you dont get accused of anything.
  18. fenderman

    Multiple storage devices

    split the cameras to various drives.
  19. fenderman

    Internet speed: I finally have something to brag about!

    I pay comcast business 250 a month for 75/15 and one phone line used for fax. I know the pain. A few towns over where there is fios competition I can get that for 60 bux from optimum. The truth is unless you have many people streaming simultaneously 25/10 is more than sufficient.
  20. fenderman

    Internet speed: I finally have something to brag about!

    Hang in there. T-mobile and verizon 5g internet service are branching out. They are going to give comcast a run for their money.
  21. fenderman

    BI changed camera IP addresses

    You will need to revert back until there is an option to disable the new feature that attempts to follow the cameras ip after its changed. It uses the mac address. There is another thread with this issue relating to a camera over a repeater or bridge.
  22. fenderman

    Security camera upgrade ??

    The brand of the camera is irrelevant for good night vision. Amcrest cameras are made by dahua and both have cams that are good at night and many that are terrible - even worse than your reolinks. So as others mentions you need to focus on the specs. Every brand has cams that will perform well...
  23. fenderman

    Hurricane Ian

    I guess noah was using lots of fossil fuels. As others have stated there have been stronger storms for thousands of years. Global warming is a financial scam - hence carbon credits and trillion dollar renewable market that destroys low income families. Their own poor models show that there is...
  24. fenderman

    Will Verkada ......

    I think @john-ipvm should take your advice. A "blog" post about your behavior here would certainly be appropriate.
  25. fenderman

    Will Verkada ......

    This loser tried to change his email address he used for Saved and screenshotted baby.
  26. fenderman

    Will Verkada ......

    Being that @md98 cannot stop deleting his own post I will now ban that sack of shit. Both of his accounts.
  27. fenderman

    Will Verkada ......

    Says a verkada employee. You are a lying sack of shit for fraudulently omitting that FACT from your post and if you represent verkada - then they are in deep trouble. I dont trust a WORD that comes out of your mouth. Your nasty attitude after being caught makes it even works. Hope you are fired.
  28. fenderman

    Will Verkada ......

    We are not done with you or verkada. Making positive company statements when you work for them false and misleading. We call that fraud by omission. On this forum we make scammers like you pay for such offenses. You will pay dearly. Go run with your tail between your legs. Trying to delete your...
  29. fenderman

    Will Verkada ......

    I will make certain to post EVERY negative story on verkada on this forum - game on. I would not buy a flyswatter from anyone who employs you.
  30. fenderman

    Will Verkada ......

    You are a verkada employee, You are a scammer and a liar. I will be forwarding this to verkada. I deleted the post only because the OP was also lying and scamming - not because I have any opinion on the veracity of the claims. Bottom line is that you are a fraudster who works for VERKADA and...