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  1. fenderman

    5.6.2 - September 23, 2022

    5.6.2 - September 23, 2022 The Camera Discovery window now finds MAC addresses along with IP addresses. You also have the option of using the previous ONVIF discovery, or the new full LAN IP and port scan. With this, it should no longer be necessary to use the external website service Advanced...
  2. fenderman

    5.6.1 - September 16, 2022

    5.6.1 - September 16, 2022 A search-in-clips feature has been added to the clip Viewer window with a new magnifying glass icon at the top of the window. You may use this to discover motion and alerts “after the fact” and add them to either the Clipboard or directly to the Alerts list.
  3. fenderman

    5.6.0 - August 16, 2022

    5.6.0 - August 16, 2022 Algorithms for AI “static object detection” have been rewritten to prevent fewer false static inferences when a new object is actually in motion. Static objects are now saved to the .DAT files for comparative analysis. Additionally, images which were captured but not...
  4. fenderman

    5.5.9 - June 28, 2022 - “direct to wire"

    5.5.9 - June 28, 2022 A new option for stream encoding, “direct to wire,” may be found on Settings/Web Server/ Advanced/Streaming configuration. Video may now be passed directly from a camera’s direct-to-disc frame buffer to the browser UI3 and other clients. A new option for the upload alert...
  5. fenderman

    5.5.8 - June 13, 2022 - Code Project’s SenseAI,

    More formal support for Code Project’s SenseAI, now our preferred no-extra-cost AI provider over DeepStack. SenseAI is better supported by its developers and has been found to be more stable overall. At this point, if you are relying heavily upon custom AI models, you may need to stick with...
  6. fenderman

    5.5.7 - May 12, 2022 Gmail’s OAuth2 authentication

    5.5.7 - May 12, 2022 Support for Gmail’s OAuth2 authentication. Gmail will be discontinuing the support for “app passwords” and “less secure apps” at the end of this month. Visit the Settings/Email page to complete OAuth2 authentication if you are using Gmail for alerts. A new screen capture...
  7. fenderman

    PSA: Replace vulnerable D-Link routers as soon as possible, says CISA
  8. fenderman

    1/2022 Deepstack release "no object detected" issue acknowledged by the developers. They are working on a fix. They are looking folks to help test.

    There have been several posts indicating that some users have issues with the 1/2022 deepstack release. Most of these are related to specific newer video cards. Some users are having problems with the CPU version as well. The developers including @OlafenwaMoses (who are fantastic and doing this...
  9. fenderman

    Wyze Cam Vulnerability - They knew and did nothing.
  10. fenderman

    5.5.6 - March 12, 2022 - Major UI3 browser client release, timeline playback is now available!

    5.5.6 - March 12, 2022 Part of a major UI3 browser client release, timeline playback is now available! It’s now possible to cancel alerts when the camera is focused on specific PTZ presets. Updated Apple push notification service which will expire March 25, 2022; use or newer for...
  11. fenderman

    5.5.5 - February 2, 2022

    5.5.5 - February 2, 2022 Remote Management has received some long-awaited updates. Use of Remote Management is no longer mutually exclusive with use of the local console. It’s also no longer necessary to run as a service, and multiple remote consoles may be connected simultaneously. The new...
  12. fenderman

    5.5.4 - December 8, 2021

    5.5.4 - December 8, 2021 .DAT files created by DeepStack analysis are now formally managed in the Alerts folder. They are now represented in the Alert folder size calculations. If you use these files, you may want to run a Database/Regenerate so that their sizes are loaded into the database and...
  13. fenderman

    5.5.3 - November 16, 2021

    5.5.3 - November 16, 2021 A Copy button has been added to the camera settings page to facilitate the quick replication of settings between profiles and cameras. Right-click menu shortcuts added to several of the command buttons at the top-left of the main window.
  14. fenderman

    5.5.2 - November 3, 2021

    5.5.2 - November 3, 2021 Export camera status in CSV format. Status Alerts now offer the ability to fire on both a timed basis and more quickly for important status updates. TLS/SSL is now supported for MQTT connections, with the requirement that valid certificates are provided in PEM format...
  15. fenderman

    5.5.1 - September 23, 2021

    The DeepStack AI feature to detect/ignore static objects has been improved by implementing some hysteresis—it now takes time (up to 2 minutes) to consider an object “gone” from the scene. This prevents false alerts caused by static objects that only temporarily disappear from detection. Also...
  16. fenderman

    5.5.0 - September 13, 2021

    Groups are now created and deleted explicitly. Previously, the only way to delete a group was to remove each camera individually. In addition, the role of a group has also been expanded to include layout. A group’s layout now consists of a set of cameras in a particular order. Each camera may...
  17. fenderman

    Specify a maximum trigger time []. Playback offsets for new alerts [] will begin at the motion-leading position rather than the beginning of the entire pre-trigger buffer. Hold Control as you double-click to open an alert in order to position directly and then pause at the...
  18. fenderman

    Specify zones used for DeepStack []

    Specify zones used for DeepStack [] Specify known plates for Plate Recognizer for alert rules; “myplates” and “notmyplates” objects may be applied to individual alert actions []
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    Netgear Authentication Bypass Allows Router Takeover
  20. fenderman

    Police ticket driver for sticking Starlink terminal on car’s hood
  21. fenderman

    5.4.9 - June 25, 2021

    5.4.9 - June 25, 2021 Enhanced synchronization between alert images and alert processing. Alert images are not created until timer conditions are met on the Alert tab in camera settings. Processing of “re- triggers” is improved following a cancelled alert. Improved handing of DeepStack static...
  22. fenderman

    RTMPS is now supported for Flash live video streams to Facebook, etc.
  23. fenderman

    5.4.8 - June 16, 2021 - A DeepStack status page has been added

    5.4.8 - June 16, 2021 A DeepStack status page has been added. This allows you to inspect DeepStack results and performance following an alert confirmation or when using the testing & tuning options in the clip viewer. You may now specify 2 objects together with “and” logic on the “to confirm”...
  24. fenderman

    Deepstack for sign language.

    From the twitter feed of one of the founders of Deepstack Moses Olafenwa
  25. fenderman

    Dahua makes a wifi router

    lol - they apparently have nothing better to do...
  26. fenderman

    5.4.7 - May 25, 2021 - Support for DeepStack custom model files

    5.4.7 - May 25, 2021 Support for DeepStack custom model files; specify the path on Settings/AI. Use a custom folder name, not sharedfiles as this will conflict with DeepStack’s own models. Support for Plate Recognizer’s Make/Model/Color analysis for cars. A new option to only use Plate...
  27. fenderman

    5.4.6 - May 17, 2021

    5.4.6 - May 17, 2021 As requested by several customers, a continuous + triggered recording mode is now offered separately from the continuous + alerts mode. This mode ensures that the main stream is also recorded for cancelled alerts as well as confirmed alerts. Replacing the Analyze image with...
  28. fenderman

    Hikvision/Dahua Third Stream with Blue Iris Substream option

    Many users have taken advantage of the new BI substream option which allows BI to utilize the subtream for decoding, matrix view and now recording continuously until a triggered event, then going to full stream. This saves a ton of cpu. The downside is that in matrix view on a large screen the...
  29. fenderman

    DeepStack ExDark - Detect objects in dark/night images and videos
  30. fenderman

    5.4.5 - May 10, 2021

    5.4.5 - May 10, 2021 When recording continuously (including the new continuous + alerts mode), physical recording is delayed by the duration of the pre-trigger buffer. This allows the opportunity to record the main stream frames in the pre-trigger buffer as required. In addition, this means that...