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    Need a cover for a IPC-HDW4433C-A

    I’m looking for some ideas on how to cover the front of a IPC-HDW4433C-A. We will be renting our home in Reno, and this camera is inside and want to cover it out of privacy for the tenant.

    Forum going down and up…Withdrawal

    So, for the last few days this site has been going down, then up, then down…you get the picture. I started to go into withdrawal. My wife staged an intervention. ;) Turns out it was Reolinks! :D

    Hurricane Ian

    To everyone in Ian’s possible path we pray for you to not suffer any damage. We have a home in PSL but aren’t there right now; we’re in Reno. However, we are staying glued to the Weather Channel. As an aside, I wonder how many Teslas are parked on the side of the freeway/turnpike because they...

    Help with DS and a PTZ

    I have an older PTZ that has auto-tracking but no AI. I’m running DS and would like the PTZ to return to preset 1 if DS doesn’t find what I’m looking for. In other words, if no person then return to priest 1. Is this possible with BI?

    Can BI have two web server IP’s?

    We will be moving to another home and keeping our current home as a rental. I would like to know if BI can have two IP’s.

    Clips disappearing periodically

    For some reason, my clips disappear periodically. The database is 1.2 Gb but even when I repair it previous clips are gone. I would appreciate any help to correct this.

    Family guests in a Democrat household

    My wife and I are visiting my parents. We had a very lively, bordering on all on argument, discussion about Jan 6 (protest vs incursion) and other liberal beliefs. My parents live in Oceanside. The San Diego Tribune is owned by the L.A. Times. The ”trash” on the L.A. rail yards was brought up...

    Our migration to freedom.

    We currently live in Nevada which used to be a law and order state and in which I was a LEO. We had very low crime; a murder in the north, meaning Reno/Sparks was a once in a great while. Now? Too many to count. When we finished our Great Adventure of traveling and exploring our great United...

    Tunnel 2 Towers

    We donate to this organization that builds mortgage free homes for disabled veterans and families whose veteran died.

    Difficult few days...

    Our A/C quit and we can’t get anyone out until Thursday which is when they will probably tell me it needs replacing. Worse, we took our cats to the Vet today for their shots and Leo, the oldest, had a siezure. A grand later we were told he was okay but that we would have to bring him back on...

    Amazon is too big and should be broken up!

    WTF? I was reading the bills that our Nevada Governor signed into law and saw the Amazon a. See below.

    Thank you for your sacrifices and service.

    As we close in on Memorial Day while our country seems at odds with itself (being kind), I want to say how thankful I am for those who have sacrificed themselves and those who have served so that I can live in a free country. Thank You! We have this hanging in our home...

    Help me understand profiles

    I would like to switch between day and night and have all cameras continue recording. While I have cameras set to continuous record in both profiles it seems that after a certain number of minutes recording stops. Should I set minutes for both profiles at 24x60 minutes and then just toggle...

    What size screw for PFB203W?

    So I found that is a M4. But, what length? Thanks

    Andy’s exceptional service.

    I ordered a camera from Andy‘s AliExpress store on 10/20/20 and received it this morning, 10/23/20. Wow!

    Would Andy’s New Model IPC-T5442T-ZE 4MP Starlight IR Vari-focal

    work as an LPR cam out to about 50’?

    VPN won’t connect...failed to renew!

    So I don’t leave the house very often and my wife was coming home and our home automation events weren’t firing. Checked the HA computer, VPN server, then thought, hmm, did I renew our domain name? Nope! Set to auto renew but as many of you are aware credit cards can get hacked and

    Caught this guy taking pictures...

    And confronted him with my Glock behind my back. Turned out he is inspecting for Progressive. He told me that it was the third time today that he had startled homeowners.

    Would like some help with JSON & vb script

    If someone could post a simple vb script or Vusual Basic showing how to make a BI JSON call and receive the response I would really appreciate it. Thanks

    Power is out at our home...

    But cameras and internet are up. Thanks for UPS’s.

    I messed up...

    I bought a WD Red, NAS, Drive for Blue Iris and to return it costs almost $13 on an original purchase price of just over $100. Can I use this for Blue Iris or suck it up and return it?
  22. JNDATHP - Sentry stopped working.

    Just an FYI. Reverted back to previous version.

    OMG - My credit card was charged 29.95 for extended support...

    And I couldn’t be happier. The support and continual updates are worth more than 29.95 in my opinion. I’ve been an extended support customer for some years now.

    Multiple BI phone clients and two BI locations

    I currently have BI5 at home and it works great with both of our iOS clients on the family share. At work, I would like to install another BI5 and ha e that feed available to my iOS and my coworker’s phones. Not worried about the 10 bucks per phone just wanting to know if I can ”add” the work...

    Have a relaxing day

    This little girl was putting sticky notes on car handles that read Have a relaxing day.

    Vehicle detection and

    When vehicle detection is enabled will be able to not send an alert to unless a vehicle was detected? And, send the frame that triggered the alert to

    Sentry charged my card for 3 years of service...

    and I’m still deciding if I want it. I purchased a year in March and now my rate is locked in for another 3 years? No email, nothing. Found it while reviewing my statement.

    IPC-HDW5231R-ZE video settings for Blue Iris

    I ordered some IPC-HDW5231R-ZE cams from Andy and expect to have them on Friday (ordered yesterday, Tuesday). I already have some older Dahua cams and they work with Blue Iris as Generic/Onvif but not with Dahua selected. For those that are using IPC-HDW5231R-ZE cams with Blue Iris, are you...

    Video not updating in console

    I use tightvnc to connect to my headless BI computer. I’ve noticed that video does not update in the cameras when logged in to the console. Anyone else?