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    Can anyone identify this Nvr?

    Does anyone know who the manufactures this nvr?
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    few pics at another scrap yard install.

    These pics are from a install I started yesterday. there are 5 cameras mounted 30 feet on a pole just for a overview of the property. I will be placing 20 + mounted much lower but we are waiting for the electrical to be ran to the location to power. I finished a large install at one of there...
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    Legal question

    Lat Saturday I installed a small 3 cameras system in a condo building. The cameras are all installed in a shared space. lower level garage and storage locker area. we were not there for 20 min before a mother and daughter came to the garage and started bitching about invasion of privacy. I...
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    58 cam install finally done.

    Everything is up and running! 58 8mp cameras and a few more will be added soon. also installed 64 zones Napco security system. the owner still needs to have the bank vault door installed in the room that holds the equipment. the exterior walls are covered with 1/2'' plate steel. air ducts were...
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    Scrap yard install

    Got a few things going at the scrap yard i am doing a large install at. Got the rack and some cameras fired up. The rack is not finished and yes the cables will all be cleaned up. Just getting things installed and tested at this point. Ill be here 3 more weeks and ill post some more pics if...
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    1/2 plate steel on walls of equipment room

    I started a large install yesterday and this company is not messing around. the attached picture is of the vault that will hold all of the security gear I am installing, Alarm panel, Nvr's and monitors. this building is 80,000 square feet and has been broken into a few times in the last year and...
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    anyone know about imac computers?

    I got my hands on a very nice Imac desk top from a business that is closing it's doors. I have no password to log in and no admin password. took it to a local computer shop and the tech said he should be able to change a chip and reprogram it and it will be reset to factory. does this sound...
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    need mic for ip camera

    I need audio for about 20 uniview cameras. they have audio inputs. which mics are you guys using? This will be installed indoor.I also want them powered off the poe
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    Ipad recessed wall mount

    I'm looking for a recessed wall mount for ipad with power. Everything I see on amazon looks pretty shitty. Need one a customers home so he can view cameras and control audio and home automation.
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    anyone else having issues with app not working?

    This started 2 days ago. i install mostly Uniview, and axis systems and I got calls from 4 customers and they all lost remote viewing! What the hell! I have Uniview on my house and it works fine. I guess they were doing upgrades on the app. now it looks like I have a bunch of unwanted service...
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    Interesting request from a customer.

    This week we installed a ip camera system at a home and after we finished the job the lady of the house decided she wanted to add a few more cameras. she wanted one added in her garage so she could see her Tesla and One in her bedroom so she could see who has been stealing her underwear. There...
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    I need a vandal proof Ip camera

    I have post pic of a few Ghetto apartments I installed cameras in. Just got a call from the manager and they want me to add 16 more cameras to the buildings stairwells. I will need a vandal proof cam for the area between the entry doors that will watch the mail boxes. the ceilings are very low...
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    This is what you get when customer wants to save a few bucks.

    In the beginning of the summer I was hired by a property manager to install systems in 4 of his newly acquired apartment complex in lovely east Cleveland Oh. After the 4 systems were installed he had 2 more apartments he wanted done. so I give him a quote and he wanted me to drop the price by...
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    Sound, electrical, cameras, install at speak easy

    Just wrapped this job up last week. Easy job. The live edge bar top turned out pretty cool. It was led lights underneath. I knocked out some of the knots and filled it with clear 2 part epoxy and smashed a vodka bottle and put the glass chips in the epoxy. Yes, we got to drink the vodka!
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    last week I started a camera install at a high rise condo complex consisting of 11 cameras. They had a small 4 camera system in place that i took out. 2 of the cameras were in a under ground parking garage that is probably 3ooo feet away from the NVR, all the cat 4 was strapped to water lines...
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    Mace Brand MVHD-NVR4POE , Anyone ever hear of this Brand?

    I just installed a new system at a high rise condo building and Pulled this nvr out which they told me to throw out. so i threw it in my truck! It still works but I have never even heard of this brand. anyone know anything about them?
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    HDMI over IP

    I am bidding a job at a condo complex. There is a guard shack about 600' away from the high rise building were the NVR will be place. There will be 2 cameras on the guard shack. I will use a radio to get the signal back to the NVR. They also want a monitor in the guard shack. There is no...
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    2 Days after install this happens!

    The customer sent me this clip after this clown broke out the window of her sporting goods store and stole 8 pairs of shoes valued at $18 per pair and a couple of shirts. There is a much better face shot of him from another camera which she did not send me.
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    They needed another doorbell!

    Called to install doorbell for a old customer. I was a bit confused when I approached the door. Yes, they all work! I added 1 more to add to the confusion.
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    When ya gotta go ya gotta go!

    I installed a system at a Business a few weeks ago and the lady that runs the place pulled this video up and sent it to me. So I am posting it for your enjoyment!
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    Verizon vs. Tmobile

    I have been with Verizon for years and I found a plan with T mobile that will safe me a lot of cash. anyhow, I switch over and on my wifes phone when she calls into her office to check messages the phone will only ring 1 time than line goes dead. I tried it on my phone and it does the same...
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    Rack installation for 16,000 sq. ft home

    I prewired this Home 4 years ago for security, which will have over 160 hardwired zones, 42 Ip cameras inside and out, 18 rooms of audio/video, 16 WAP's. also lutron lighting control system, dedicated home theater. another 2 months and this should be wrapped up. I'll be spending about a week or...
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    Service call at a church

    Yesterday I had service call at a church. I step outside and there are police everywhere. a guy was on his bike coming to the food bank that the church operates. he crossed the street and got hit by a charger going 35 MPH. he was in critical condition according to the officer that noticed the...
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    Need a 4 mp dome with a smoked dome

    I have a customer that wants a IP dome and wants a smoked dome so someone can't see which way the lens is pointing even though his entire lot is covered. And the cameras will be mounted about 18' off the ground! anyone know of a onvif dome with a smoked lens? price is not a option
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    I need of harsh weather enclosure

    I'm am quoting a job and one of the cameras will be mounted on the back of a boat house which is on lake erie. I will need a enclosure with a heater and wiper blade. not having much luck finding anything. for this customer price does not matter. any suggestions?
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    some footage from a ghetto apartment complex

    I converted the file to webm and now it should show. This Is a local crack head that comes into the apartment almost everyday. She is also the one responsible for using the washing machine for a toilet. very classy young lady!
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    Ghetto apartment install complete!

    Just finished another complex yesterday, total of 62 cameras. 4MP on the interior and 8 MP on exterior. I will be posting some video of the last apartment complex I did for the same property manager as soon as they guy is caught. a few days ago a guy breaks into a apartment and set in on fire...