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    Dahua T/B5442 stuck in black and white mode even when it is bright enough

    Does anyone else seen an issue where 5442 cameras get stuck in night mode even when it is pretty bright for them to go to color day mode. I do suspect it is some firmware/setting issue since i do have 2 same model (IPC-HFW5241E-Z12E) cams mounted 1 foot apart with almost identical settings but...
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    Any documentation on ITCPUSH used by DAHUA ALPR camera

    Hi guys trying to find any documentation oh how ITCPUSH works on ITC237-PW6M-IRLZF. Manual is not very helpful , just states that function pushes image and info to server and explains already self explanatory options, but what kind of server should be on receiving end is never mentioned...
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    Got 2 Hikvision AcuSense DS-2CD2346G1 one runs hotter compare to other

    Just Got 2 Hikvision AcuSense DS-2CD2346G1, one runs much hotter compare to other. One is manufactured in 2019 and i measured temperature of the case at 49C/119F with ambient air temperature around 28C/82F. Other manufactured in 2020 and runs considerably cooler, I did not take any...
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    Question about lens swapping on Dahua turrets

    Any experience on swapping lenses on Dahua turrets. Do they use M12 lens? Assuming it uses M12 what parameters should be considered. Some include Megapixel number but i don't think it is relevant as long as sensor size matches. Right? Now i know it is probably easier to just get the right lens...
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    New Dahua Flood light camera

    Dahua releasing pretty cool Flood Light Active deterrent camera combo 2000LM of light. But looks like it is WiFi only sooo no Poe powered Flood Light :( Maybe Andy will be able to get some