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    Lucky Girl and good passerby

    This happen on 19th.Jul in China, a 2 years girl fall from 6th Floor, lucky thing she survived(only some bruises ) and thanks to these 2 passerby.
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    EmpireTech Device Guide

    Hey guys In 2022, we will make more setting guide video for newbie, sometimes a small trick will make them big trouble to start the device. So we decide to make some basic setting videos for the newbies. Will add more later when we do more. We support @jmcu some fund and he made this great...
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    Dahua Visit

    Today go to dahua visit and make some talking with the product manager, also some plan for 2023. They have a new building will move in soon . Nice view from their new office on 20th Floor. Will have some new things out very soon. 1.4K Turret Full color 1/1.2cmos, Sample next week can...
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    Dahua Latest 60X PTZ and Water conservancy field Exclusive PTZ

    Hey Guys Dahua release a 60 PTZ again after 1 year of lack of chips. Attached file is the detials. They also release another Water conservancy field Exclusive PTZ .SD8A840XA-HNP-WP 1. Technical Specification: 2. Highlights: ü Water level detection & calibration – precisely reads...
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    2022 Amazon Prime Day

    Hey Guys The Amazon Prime Day is coming soon, we will arrange some sales this year too, everyone do sales there, we have to follow up too. ;) In 2022, the inflation rate is too high, we try to make all device we sell with stable price, and did 2 sales this year. We increased the NVR and PTZ...
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    Dahua Dash Camera

    Hey Guys We are so glad to release the new series of Dash Camera with high resolution that features easy installation and operation. The device can be communicated with its DH Dashcam app through built-in Wi-Fi. The built-in G-Sensor can automatically lock the currently recording video when it...
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    Dahua PTZ Auto tracking 3.0 Release

    Dear All, Auto tracking is a unique technology of the PTZ camera based on the PTZ system. When a target triggers the IVS rule, the camera uses its horizontal/vertical rotation and zoom features to lock the moving target in the center of the screen. Equipped with AI algorithm, the camera can...
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    Important! Gmail Fixing on EmpireTech Devices

    Hey guys, Some guys complaint the gmail not send email when IVS triggered. So here is the solutions: Background After May 30th, 2022, Google Mail Server will block access to applications with lower security. Solution According to the Google official Doc, users can enhance security by enabling...
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    Memorial Day 2022 Promotion

    Hey guys With continuing world inflation we are struggling, like other firms, in an effort to keep our prices stable. At this point, we have increased pricing on some of our limited models. However, we are trying our best to keep prices low on many models. Memorial Day Promotion 2022 will go...
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    2022 Latest New SD8C440FD-HNF 4MP 40X Startlight Polarlight PTZ

    Hey guys A new PTZ is out now, it's using the new dual light and Polar light new technology, attached PDF file is the details for checking. This model we will bring one for review and for fun.
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    2022 EmpireTech Spring Sales

    Hey guys, Was planned to make a Sales in March, but oil/gas price going out off control, right now things going better. So it's the time to make the spring sales all over the world from Apri.14th-April.18th. It's a good time to slect and install the systems at Spring and early Summer. Will...
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    Breaking News A China Eastern Airlines Boeing 737 has crashed with 132 people on board

    Just happen in China this afternoon, all people lost their life. So sad. MU5735 from Kunming to Guangzhou. There has 133 people total , there has a guy because of the covid19, he cancel the trip, so he is the lucky man. 132 people lost their lives...
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    Refubished List

    Hey guys, We will alawys have some refurbished cameras and NVRs, most of them return by customers buying wrong items, box open or box bad shape, device itself are in very good condition, no scratches. We sell cheaper here as a promotion for those who want to update their system with limited...
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    A 5mp xxxlink Camera System Fail to Send Notification Push

    This morning one of my clients send me this video, and urgently ask to update their system to industrial ones. For the business places i think better use some cams with build in alarms or siren ones, this can scare the bad people away.Also can get first time push when someone trying to break...
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    2022 New M20 Thermal Protable Camera

    Dahua will release this camera soon this month, looks like not very expensive. :)
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    A Beautiful Eagle by SD49225XA-HNR

    Woo, a cool video by SD49225XA-HNR, eating a Deer, this is Nature.
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    2022 Latest New Dual-Channel Camera

    Hey Guys The Latest new dual channel camera is out, will be another high-level camera for the Ultra AI model , attached file is the specification, we will bring some sample videos for watching soon. Sure will bring some new review soon in March. Here just some sample Videos. .
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    Damn Drug driver

    A crazy drug driver killed 2 innocent people in China, He is driving a fighter not a car!
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    Chinese New Year Leave

    Hey guys We are starting a 12 days off for Chinese new year holiday from Jan.26th-Feb.7th , during this time the aliexpress shop, IPCAMTALK Shop orders and direct orders will be delayed to be shipped on Feb.8th. Amazon orders keep processing without any delay. If need any urgent order, just...
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    A SD8A840-HNF-PA 4K 40X PTZ Demo

    Hey guys Get a good demo for this crazy PTZ, a latest new one. Video provided by @n0xlf Select 4K to watch. Nightvision Video
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    Yeman Houthis change the dahua PTZ as a

    Yeman Houthis change the PTZ SD8A840WA-HNF as a missile aiming camera, they use smart at wrong place, i think the ptz never can do as weapon. Looks like they stole it somewhere. @garycrist these guys waste of a good polar light ptz :D
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    2022 New Product Plan and Chinese New Year Plan

    Hey Guys We now release the plan for 2022 NEW product line update this week or next week and bring some latest new tech come here. PTZ 1.Hunter Series with Radar, 40x ZOOM. 2. Ultra smart Series 1/1.2cmos 45X zoom. 3, 8A PTZ add a new 45X 4. A indoor or outdoor MINI Dome PTZ 25X PTZ...
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    Explosion, what hell inside? Bomb???

    A bad accident happen at Jan.2nd, some crazy guy mail crazy bomb at logestic sorting center, and this poor guy badly injured. So sad.
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    Latest NEW Ultra low light 4K IPC-T5842T-ZE Firmware 20211213

    Hey guys This ultra low light starlight 4K series Firmware has been released. it works for the IPC-B5842E-ZE, the latest new one we will release this week. Support List IPC-T5842T-ZE Turret...
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    poor puppy, badly hurt

    The little puppy badly hurt by the smelly shoes, have to call 911 :rolleyes: WFK,RUN
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    Wrong Map Navigation

    A guy drive his big truck to this crazy place under the online map Navigation, but lucky he is alive.
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    Happy New Year

    Hey all guys I wish you a very happy new year from Asia nearby the pacific ocean, regards from Andy with the monster ocean cameras, lol. In 2022 we all healthy, wealthy and happy. Thanks to all!
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    Happy Holidays!

    Hey Guys When the world are celebrating the Christmas, we know the new year is coming very soon and Found time flies too fast. In the past year, the covid 19 effects most people's life. We met the chips supply crisis, shipping cost price going out off control, and the crazy inflation in US and...
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    Earthquake and the Goose

    Last night there had an earthquake in China, the IP camera catch the wonderful video about the goose fast act when the shaking occured.
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    Terrorist attack?

    This happened yesterday afternoon in China, crazy man.