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    Can You See Grid Connect Cams Across the Web?

    We have a very cheap 'Orion' IP cam that uses Grid Connect and our home Wifi Lan. Works fine. Good picture. sound a bit horrible though. But that's okay. The thing is we'd want to see it from outside the home. The instruction thing doesn't give this a mention. The box says 'See and speak...
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    These Bunnings Orion Things Alright?

    Are these things okay? What about the power? It seems to be saying it is supplied with power via a USB cable which can be plugged into any type A port. So that means it has to be powered from your computer? Or I have to find a power supply - a wallwart - that has a usb socket? That's not...
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    Can We Move Through Recorded Videos with One Keypress?

    The only way I can find to view my recorded videos (motion captured) is to close down the last one, click on the next one. I'd like to be able to use the left and right arrows keys, for instance, to run through the them and stop at one I want to see. Does it offer that functionality anywhere?
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    I Need Help With Ispy, Please. :)

    I have two Onvif Wifi Sricams. One of them is seen by my Ispy installation on one of my computers. The other one is seen by nothing and I am trying to set up Ispy on a second computer and use it to see it. But I got sidetracked by the advertising and installed this Agent thing instead and...
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    How to access remote Onvif camera with iSpy?

    What's the URL to access a remote Onvif camera from iSpy and how must the port be forwarded on the lan where the camera is?
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    How To Know IP of Cameras Installed on iSpy?

    iSpy doesn't display the IP information of the cameras installed on it. I look at the streamed image and right click for edit details but there's nowhere I can see what the config of that particular camera is: IP and port and whatever... but especially simply the IP. Is there some way to do...
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    Any Help/Manual/Replacement For My NVR?

    I have this anonymous NVR I got a couple or more years ago. I never learned how to use it really. It has been sitting there saving the output from a wired in Dahua. I could never get it to see my wifi Dahau, nor any of my other cameras. Seems to me it won't see anything except what is...
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    What Else Can See What Ispy Can See?

    I just got two wifi sricams up and running. Thanks to a lot of help. But now I can see both of them in iSpy. But I also have Contacam, Blue Iris, Sricam's own CMS and Onvif device manager - none of which can see the cameras. And iSpy doesn't help by not allowing us to see the configuration...
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    How Can I Make A Wi-Fi Cam Appear on Wifi When It Only Appears When Wired?

    I just finally successfully connected a Sricam via an emulator, their app, iSpy, the router and an ethernet cable. Just one thing wrong: when I disconnect the ethernet the camera disappears. Back in the days when I was setting up foscams I used to set their IP's and passwords via ethernet...
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    Can I get some help with Sricam SP007?

    I have two of these and I can't get them working. I've got one connected now. Ethernet connection to the Lan router. (home lan). The router doesn't see it. No software sees it: not sricam's, nor blue iris, nor contacam nor ispy. Any advice on what I can do to troubleshoot this problem?
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    How Do We Set The Time/Date?

    I can't find it. My camera has the wrong time on the datestamp I see there when I'm viewing it. Right date. Wrong time by two hours.
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    Web Service Not In Centre of Screen.

    This ought to be in 'camera software' I think but there's no category for it there so I'm putting it here. I have just been viewing my cameras from a browser using this 'web service' plugin for chrome. I can't get it central on the screen - it is all over on the right and a narrow strip of it...
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    Can't Run Smart PSS

    This smart PSS thing asks me to set a password 'on first installation' but doesn't allow me to input anything.. then if I try to click 'next' it complains the password field shouldn't be empty.... I'm stuck.. trying to use it and config tool to find my dahua cameras.
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    Does A Lit Up POE Switch Port Mean the Camera Is Okay?

    I've lost an IP camera off my lan. When I plug the ethernet cable into the POE switch the leds go on. Does that mean I can assume the camera is essentially okay? Powered up and such?
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    How's This NVR Thing Work?

    I mean does it work without a keyboard? I just got one. It is a 'mini 1U series'. Step 6 is 'local login' and it warns about too many failures. But how to attempt to log in? There's a usb mouse came with it. Are we to stick a usb keyboard in there instead, is that the idea? I tried to fire...
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    How To Know IP Of Camera I'm Lookin At ?

    with a screen full of cameras I keep trying to just click on one, or right click on it, or find it written somewhere, to see the IP of that camera. But I can't find it. Thought it'd at least be in 'camera properties' along with that wealth of other info.. but I don't think it is, is it? So...
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    How To Start New Recording?

    My blue iris software is working well on its inaugural day here. but i've having some trouble finding how to stop/start recordings. for instance it has recorded my dahau for the last three hours and I can and have looked over the clip. But now I'd like to stop that clip to limit it in size...
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    How To Log In To A Foscam 'Mode' ?

    I have a Foscam clone that Blue Iris can't connect to and I think it is probably because of the screen that the Foscam throws up after you log in where it asks which mode you want: for IE or for Firefox or for portable or something. How do I configure Blue Iris to enable it to handle that...
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    NVR the best way to go - small system?

    We need to record the video from our cameras, right? Or they're just kind of 'hollow threats'. Which is what my Foscams have always been. So I'm moving to Dahua type stuff. So to record. I think there's three ways: . Blue Iris or similar recording to pc disk. . An SD card in the camera...
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    No Web Software Working on 5431 from Andy.

    My 5431 suddenly came to life, I don't know why, after being a brick for a week. I had it plugged into a spare router because that router had lights on active ethernet ports - checking to see if it were alive. It apparently wasn't. No light. For the longest time. I eventually went away...
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    Just Got It. Plug it Into Ethernet?

    I just got my first W5431 and it's a lovely impressive, well made piece of gear. Seems to me. But neither the piece of paper it comes with nor the manual on the disk tell me in plain language how to start. Can I/should I just plug it into an ethernet line connecting it to my...
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    Start With A Dahua 4MP Starlight IPC-HFW4431M-I2 ?

    I am just about to buy my first 'real' ipcam (instead of the foscam clones I've always used) and I wonder if the Dahua 4mp starlight IPC-HFW4431M-I2 I've found on ebay is a good starting place? Because it is not unusual on eBay, of course, to find things being sold off because they've been...
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    What Instead of Foscam?

    I have used Foscam (clones) and they served a purpose - kept thieves away I think just because of their appearance. But I didn't have a computer running software to monitor them continually and keep the pictures. Nor were the pictures good enough for identification of miscreants beyond...
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    IP Camera Resolution

    My Foscam clone IP cameras have poor resolution. Is that because they are clones or would genuine Foscams be as bad? Are all IP cams just as bad? Is it preferable to get this other kind of camera, what is it, a wired digital tv thing or whatever? Are they much better? If they are better...