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  1. Dazcomputers

    Blue Iris Hardware advice

    I have a few BI systems that I've setup in the past so I'm very familiar with the software and getting pretty good configuring I got a new job and my boss wants me to setup a very nice system for security. I'd like some real high resolution cams(advice on what is actually the quality cutoff as...
  2. Dazcomputers

    H265-BI-Amcrest Cam

    Hi Guys. I'm having trouble figuring out how to get my camera to run with the H265 codec. Ive added screenshots of all the places I've have looked for information and info about my machine. Tried to be thorough. I read someplace that intel + VPP was the way to go if using newer I am using BI...
  3. Dazcomputers

    Dahua 5MP Panoramic Poe FishEye IP Security Camera IPC-EB5531

    Has any one used this camera if so what do you think of it?
  4. Dazcomputers

    180 degree camera recommendations

    I've decided to get a 180 degree camera to see how it performs in front of my house and I'm looking for recommendations. I'd like to stick with Dahua brand if possible.
  5. Dazcomputers

    Can't connect to UI3 locally through public IP

    I have a weird thing happening with logging into UI3 on site. It will not let me connect through the public ip address when I'm on location on the local wifi. Is there a setting or something I'm missing. right now I just made 2 shortcuts one local and one with the public address for when I'm...
  6. Dazcomputers

    Saving AVI file over 1GB

    Is there a way to save video footage from BI in AVI format over 1GB. I have to use MP4 format to get anything over a gig. Am I missing something or is there a reason for this. Im just trying to save it to the desktop to put on a usb stick for the police to view?
  7. Dazcomputers

    BI 5 PTZ Joystick

    I'm looking for recommendations for a nice Joystick to use in BI now that I've got the Dahua SD49225T-HN 25X zoom PTZ.
  8. Dazcomputers

    Axis 216 FD

    I just cam across an older Axis cam and was trying to set it up. I can log into it but can't get video. I can't seem to find anything talking about this. I have updated the firmware to 4_47_6 but still no live view. Any ideas please.
  9. Dazcomputers

    Outside light question

    I just got the SD49225T-HN 25x zoom Dahua cam and I love it. My question is about where I want to install it. It will be just under this light up about 20 feet. Do any of you think this will mess with the video at night or help it to look amazing?
  10. Dazcomputers

    First Purchase from Empire Andy

    I can't wait for it to get here. Thanks Looney2ns for all the information and help making my decision. Best camera to date for me. Dahua DH-SD49225T-HN IP Camera 2MP 25x Zoom Lens Starlight IR Network Camera Won't be here until Monday. LOL Christmas coming early this year.
  11. Dazcomputers

    Weird IP Address in Connections

    I saw this host name in my connections tab in BI4 at 6:35am today from this IP address screenshots included. I found some generic info also in screenshot and blocked the address temporarily. I"m going to keep looking for info on this. I use screenconnect on my network but was...
  12. Dazcomputers

    Just Bought Version 5

    I super pumped up about the new version. I downloaded installed and loaded up 3 test cams and everything worked perfectly. I like the new look too. I'm going to play with it all night. Can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday night.
  13. Dazcomputers

    0x000007b Application Error

    I got this error and installed the vcredist_64 file to fix it. I had to reinstall my operating system to do this though. Originally the first time I installed it I had to do the same thing power went out and when I booted the machine up I got the same error but reinstalling the vcredist_64 file...
  14. Dazcomputers

    Caught a purse thief

    Just wanted to share with you guys especially @fenderman @looney2ns @bp2008 for all the stuff I've learned and put into action from your help. We caught a purse thief tonight in the first bar I put cameras in. Thanks so much you guys. All the knowledge you guys have given me has paid off...
  15. Dazcomputers

    Just had a break though

    As i'm researching for this new system Build I plugged an external drive in and directed one of my cameras to it. It's that easy. I finally understand that. Now I'm like Duh man. Very cool none the less. So on another note I was looking at the review here Dahua 2MP 25x Starlight IR PTZ Network...
  16. Dazcomputers

    Starting 3rd system build and want to learn more

    Hello again everyone.. I'm starting my 3rd system build and am trying to understand more of the technical stuff to keep improving on my system designs. I have 11, QTN8037BC cameras. When I log into the camera itself under the video tab it shows main stream 2048x1536 3MP4:3 15FPS bitrate CBR...
  17. Dazcomputers

    Hardware accelerated axis m1124

    I have a couple cams that Im using and when I enable intel acceleration on some of them they become unavailable(no signal) but the other cams work with it enabled. Any ideas?
  18. Dazcomputers

    Udates not working

    Two of my machines give me the error that says trouble connecting and check your internet connection my other machine has it grayed out. The greyed out one says my support has expired but I don't think they would cut off updates with that or am I wrong? Anyone else having this issue?
  19. Dazcomputers

    UI3 Download Clip

    Just want to say GREAT JOB with this web interface. I use it 99% of the time. The only thing I can't seem to figure out is how to download a clip from it using the web interface. I must be missing something I use chrome and it always comes up Failed Server problems. Can someone please direct me...
  20. Dazcomputers

    Axis M1124 Can't connect

    Ok I added jpg's of all screens. This is my first Axis camera and I'm having trouble connecting it to Blue Iris. I have logged in using the axis IP utility and assigned an IP to the camera. I added a password to users and onvif in the axis web menus. I choose RTSP in the camera configuration...
  21. Dazcomputers

    Axis M1124 Excited

    Just purchased my first Axis camera to add to Blue Iris. $134 off Ebay. Not bad from the quick research I did on price. Just needed to get one in my arsenal so I know the Axis Menus. New toy to add to an already killer system designed and Maintained all from knowledge learned right here on this...
  22. Dazcomputers


    Geofence is working when I come home and leave but only if I open the app on my android phone each time. Is there a way to have it register the geofence automatically without having to open the app every time to get it to switch on and off. I feel like its a setting on my phone.
  23. Dazcomputers

    Ubiquiti USG Security Gate

    Thanks to all of you I have an opportunity to be a network administrator for a local company that saw what I was doing with Blue Iris Software and wanted one of my systems installed. I'm starting from the ground up and rebuilding their network and I would like to up my game a bit and bought a...
  24. Dazcomputers

    Doing some research on memory leaks to understand better

    I was wondering what a memory leak was so I started looking into it a bit and found this Memory leaks are a very specific kind of high RAM usage. Usually, when a program stops a certain task, it’ll keep some stuff in memory in case you re-launch that task later (which is good!). However, it’ll...
  25. Dazcomputers

    Help Please CPU climbs to 90% on new system

    Hi guys, I've been looking in the WIKI pages but I don't see my driver version listed for memory leak. I have 12 cameras 2MP each I7-6700 3.4GHz 16 GB of Ram windows 10. I have direct to disk on all cameras. Intel HD hardware acceleration Yes(H.2.64) Running as a service Have all cameras set to...
  26. Dazcomputers

    Hidden Cameras for a Bar/Tavern

    Looking for suggestions and Ideas for hidden cameras that can blend in at a bar that will work with Blue Iris. I was trying to find light strips like the kind that sometimes are over the bar top looking down with cameras built in. Let the ideas flow if you have them. Thanks
  27. Dazcomputers

    Best Picture Possible

    Hi everyone, now that Im feeling more comfortable with BI thanks to all of you I'm digging into my camera's web settings more and would like some info on the settings and how to get the best picture/video possible. Can someone please lead me in the right direction as far as what all the settings...
  28. Dazcomputers

    Can't find where to turn off this email alert

    I can't for the life of me find where to turn this email alert off. As far as I'm seeing I have all my alerts turned off. I believe it started when messing around with watchdog settings but(And I'm laughing at myself right now) I just can't seem to find what I'm missing. Help me out guys.
  29. Dazcomputers

    What does this error mean pleas

    Can someone Please tell me why I get this error Post save error 7,3
  30. Dazcomputers

    Great News Ready to Upgrade

    I have just installed 12 Cams on an I5 6400 12GB Ram 120 ssd and a couple of 5400 HDs. I optimized the CPU to be around 60% which is amazing. This system is in my friends bar. Bozs Sports Bar West Allis WI 53214 come check it out. I want to add 12 more and need the machine to do it. Im looking...