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    Order of cams?

    I can edit the BI screen to re-arrange the Cams. However, I have a Group called Group A let's say, and I view those Cams on an iPad via UI3. The cams on the iPad don't follow the order of cams on BI desktop computer. How can I re-arrange the cameras showing up on the iPad?
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    Limiting number of presets

    BI has up to 40 presets. I only need sat 5 for a camera, with autocycle. So I never want to go to preset 6, 7, etc. but no matter what I do I can’t get BI to stop calling all 40 presets. Help please?
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    Getting mic to work

    I have the camera below, and the camera settings (via IP address) clearly have audio on. I also have audio on checked for BI. But not getting any audio? Am I missing something obvious? THANKS!
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    Bird feeder

    What's a good camera option for a bird feeder (wifi or ethernet), but I would run a power source (no batteries) to place very near a bird feeder? THANKS!
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    Post to Instagram / Facebook

    I have a cam over my bird feeder... is it possible to post a picture to social media when triggered? Thanks.
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    Pan/Zoom TO the motion?

    Can Blue Iris, when motion is triggered, actually pan and zoom in on the primary area with motion? Thanks.
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    Why use a substream?

    Why would you use a substream? I'm just a homeowner and I like seeing my cams + recording when there's motion. Do I really need my IP cameras sending out a sub-stream?
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    External access to "webstream"

    Without using Webcam settings, since I have a permanent host name ("keep alive"), e.g., that maps to my Comcast IP address, how can I access the UI3 and/or a specific camera? Of course with a username + password as well. Not sure what the URL would be in that case. Thanks!!!
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    Profile #s showing up

    Hello - I have a few cameras that are similarly set up with respect to Profiles. But only one of them has the Profile # (3) show in the Camera Title bar. Not sure I know why. Thanks!
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    A few strange errors all at once

    All of a sudden: 1) I'm getting this error (see pic please) on my iPad which I use to access BI via ui3. I can access via PC, but both iPads I use all of a sudden get this error. 2) Cameras that I've hidden/disabled all of a sudden start showing up when I use ui3 (although I didn't change any...
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    Hello, I have a SmartThings hub (and of course BI). I've never gotten into customizing ST with coding, just use the iPhone app. Is there an EASY way to connect BI and ST? Ideally, I'd like BI, when it sense motion in the garage for example, to turn on a light switch through smart things. I'm a...
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    Record all but alert some

    Hi - is there a way in BI to record basically any motion but only send an alert when a MAJOR motion happens? I want to record when a car drives by my front door say, but I also want an alert if someone walks up to the front door. I guess one way would be to set up "two" feeds with different...
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    How do I change my username, which basically right now discloses my email address? Thanks!
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    Connect BI to Kasa light switch

    Hello - I have Kasa light switches that I can access via Kasa app or Alexa. Any way to trigger them when BI senses motion on a cam? Thanks.
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    UPNP keeps disappearing

    Hi - I've run the BI wizard a few times and I get it to work to access video while I'm not home. But it seems the router or windows or something keeps resetting my UPNP? Is there a way to force BI to periodically refresh the UPNP rule like it does in the wizard? Note: this is not a case of my...
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    Cam connects to app but drops BI connection

    Hello, I got a Wansview W4. I can connect via RTSP in Blue Iris and often if works fine. Sometimes thought (at least once a day), BI can't see the camera, but I can confirm it's still reachable from the Wansview app. By rebooting the camera, BI picks it up again. Suggestions to fix this please...