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  1. VorlonFrog

    First Amendment thread - the Great Awakening has them scared and shaking

    I started a new thread for this item, specifically because it is SO VERY IMPORTANT. THIS IS CRITICAL. Our First Amendment right to express our opinions is being characterized as "terrorist activity". February 14, 2022 Mis. Dis. and Mal. Dear Patriots, Mis. Dis. Mal. It may sound like...
  2. VorlonFrog

    I wonder if @Holbs has seen this little ESPHome project?

    I ordered the fingerprint reader and a few more ESP8266 mini boards this week...
  3. VorlonFrog

    v5 License key, paid support expired - shouldn't I still be able to download and update manually?

    Tried an update/download this evening, now see "Evaluation" on all my screens, and in the error log, "your license is not authorized to use this version". Did licensing change in the last year or so, or did I download a bad file, somehow?
  4. VorlonFrog

    Home Assistant? Dahua cameras? Wanna switch day/night profiles?

    Here's the thread at the Home Assistant community forum, in the 'Scripts' sub-forum: It's a BASH shell script that runs on the Home Assistant system. It uses a Wemos D1 Mini with a BH1750...
  5. VorlonFrog

    5442-TM-LED camera: Simple, quick, dumb question

    What settings are you using with this camera for your Day and Night profiles? Clearly, I do not want Auto for either Day or Night. If I set only shutter speed, things get wonky/sub-optimal. But is Shutter Priority a better choice than Gain Priority? Am I lazy? No. Just too darned busy with...
  6. VorlonFrog

    Blue Iris host system, brand new - $515 and Free shipping

    If you find this a good deal, PLEASE go over to Slick Deals and rep the original poster, Suryasis. It's got an I5-10400, 12GB RAM, 512GB SSD. Just pop in your big honking WD Purple hard drive(s) and load up Blue Iris...
  7. VorlonFrog

    Desktop DDR4-3200 RAM for Blue Iris machines - $100 at Newegg

    If you've been waiting for a deal, here it is...
  8. VorlonFrog

    HP EliteDesk 800 G2 - BIOS settings?

    I got one of these used desktop i7 systems a few weeks ago, and finally received the m.2 PCI card to install the SSD for the system disk. Got everything setup and running last night and this morning, UNTIL I told it to reboot/restart just now. Seems it's not restarting, probably because...
  9. VorlonFrog

    Western Digital Red SA500 M.2 2280 500GB SATA III 3D NAND Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) WDS500G1R0B $80 with $10 off w/ promo code AFMWDR5, limited offer (six more hours!)
  10. VorlonFrog

    Sad to say it, but the old Hikvision/Annke cubes are failing

    I seriously cannot complain about these little units. For $50 to $90 each, they were workhorses, especially when wired with PoE. Their wifi matrix antenna left a LOT to be desired, but the video quality was excellent, and the firmware was top-notch. My kitchen unit just failed, so I took one...
  11. VorlonFrog

    Sure wished I'd been home

    They didn't stop. They didn't leave any free samples. They could have dropped off a few cases and billed me, ya know?
  12. VorlonFrog

    Amcrest IP4M-1051B 4MP Pan-Tilt (Dahua hardware)

    $90 USD at Incredible picture quality, pan-tilt, wide 120-degree Field of Vision. Dual-band 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz wifi capabilities, also wired Ethernet. 2688x1520P at 20fps | 3MP and 1080P at 30fps Omnivision OV4659 image sensor, Ambarella S3LM chipset Classic Dahua firmware, default IP...
  13. VorlonFrog

    Hikvision 8 MP 'cube' camera DS-2CD2483G0-IW

    $125 on AliExpress Who'll be first to give it a shot and drop some bucks ?
  14. VorlonFrog

    All new Raspberry Pi 4 is announced (and already sold out!)

    Raspberry Pi 4 Just Released: Faster CPU, More Memory, Dual HDMI Ports Which variant of the Raspberry Pi 4 you choose depends on your needs; the 1GB RAM model is $35, the 2GB RAM model is $45, and the 4GB model is $55. Raspberry Pi 4 Review: The New Gold Standard for Single-Board Computing
  15. VorlonFrog

    18 hours without power (so far)

    Wicked thunderstorms with damaging winds blew up and through town Saturday afternoon. Because the local electric utility won't invest in underground primaries for existing overhead lines, we lose power every time the wind blows and a rotted branch falls across an electric line. My neighborhood...
  16. VorlonFrog

    Starlight VariFocal 5231 - Snapshot URL? (Onvif URL preferred)

    System Version 2.622.0000000.18.R, Build Date: 2017-11-10 WEB Version ONVIF Version 16.12(V2.4.1.510971) I'm trying all sorts of resources, but can't seem to snag a JPEG snapshot from the camera (as I once did, a few years ago.) I suspect it's a combination of stupidity...
  17. VorlonFrog

    LaView PoE switches on sale has the 4+2 Port Unmanaged PoE Switch (60W PoE budget) on sale for $34.99- 25%Off w/ code LAVIEW25 = $26.25. Shipping is free on order over $50. Otherwise, shipping is $5.99 LaView 4 Port PoE Switch + 2 Ethernet Uplink 60W PoE budget LaView 8 Port PoE Switch + 1 Ethernet...
  18. VorlonFrog

    Gru Industries Minion Cam - not what you think

    I purchased the latest model of this Minion camera this week. Not going to connect it to anything, because it's just a decoration for my desk at work, another chotchke to start conversations. And besides, I like anything minion-ish. And it can be used for a paperweight, too!
  19. VorlonFrog

    So, I purchased and installed a 12VDC 2A "IR cannon"...

    Got it mounted, and provided power, but no on/off switch ability, yet. (it works GREAT, by the way) Was considering the TP-Link KP200 smart outlet, unless someone else can offer a better suggestion? Seriously, how do other folk turn on/off their add-on IR illuminators? Thanks in advance.
  20. VorlonFrog

    Hallelujah, it has finally happened

    Wife was getting tired of losing cameras on her phone whenever I updated/upgraded/reconfigured anything at the house. Explained that if we changed her old camera viewing app to the BlueIris app, she'd never lose one of them again (at least not due to config changes, anyway.) The best part of...
  21. VorlonFrog

    Hardest working vendor in the camera business!

    First day back from vacation, and already got my order submitted and invoice received before lunchtime today. Thank you, Andy, for your tireless dedication to the IPCamTalk users. Your customer service is just one of the many great things about you and your business. :wave:
  22. VorlonFrog

    Looking for an outdoor WiFi ? $142 Netgear Orbi Outdoor AC3000 Tri-band Yeah, yeah, it's at Best Buy . . .
  23. VorlonFrog

    Dumb ass question about a dumb ass camera - Blink XT

    While I strongly suspect the answer is a resounding NO!, does anyone know anything much about open ports / RTSP / ONVIF capability on these cameras? A not-so-tech co-worker bought the package from QVC last weekend, and didn't bother to ask any questions until afterwards. Thanks in advance.
  24. VorlonFrog

    Hykamic 4.0 Megapixel Indoor Camera - Amazon - $89 Took a chance and ordered this one earlier this week. It arrived today in a generic brown cardboard box, but did include everything necessary, including the 12VDC power adapter. It had Hikvision v5.5.0 build...
  25. VorlonFrog

    Dell T30 server w/Xeon processor - $300

    PowerEdge T30 Mini Tower Server | Dell United States Dell T30 with xeon E3-1225V5 8gb of Ram, 1TB drive, and no OS. Coupon code 299t30 Happy shopping. All thanks and credit to jergomes at
  26. VorlonFrog

    DS-2CD2442FWD-IW WiFi Performance

    This thread is created to discuss the wireless performance (or lack thereof!) in the Hikvision Cube Camera. These cameras use an embedded antenna from AirGain mounted on the printed circuit board inside the camera's shell. In my case, the performance is poorer than an older Foscam C1 720P...
  27. VorlonFrog

    BlueIris v4.5.7.4 x64 and Hikvision Cube DS-2CD2442FWD-IW

    Configuration details are attached as JPEG image files. Also attached is the detection log file from BlueIris talking to the camera. I can view the video using a web browser, but BlueIris reports No Signal. I was just wondering if there are any particular hints/tips to getting this camera...
  28. VorlonFrog

    Thread views refreshing multiple times?

    What's with the threads being constantly re-loaded? If I spend a few minutes reading posts in a thread, I can't just hit my 'back' button to return to the forum thread listing? Just wondering, thanks. fyi: Windows 10 Pro, i5 laptop, Firefox v53.0.3, AdBlockPlus plug-in installed.
  29. VorlonFrog

    Entering the Hikvision zone

    Despite having all Dahua cameras outside, I decided yesterday to update the cameras inside the house to something better than 720P. Ordered one of the DS-2CD2442FWD-IW 4MP WiFi Cube Cameras from Amazon last night, and it shipped out today. I scanned this forum for references to the earlier...