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    Hikvision NVR password reset

    Hey all, I got an NVR from a friend of mine, and they don't remember the password, and the NVR is not one that was sold thru Hikvision here in north america, so the password reset page from Hikvision is of no help to me. I'm wondering if anyone on here can help me out with it. Thanks, Kevin
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    Camera installs and builds.

    Howdy everyone. I work for a company that does lots of construction site CCTV and commercial grow op facilities. In this thread I will be posting photos that I am permitted to that will not break the terms and conditions of my non-disclosure agreement. Attached is an image of 1 of the 3...
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    Camera placement help

    Hey guys and gals, Yes, another one of these threads. Looking for some input on where to locate cameras around this house. Its not my house, this is a clients house that is new construction. All my experience has been with buildings that are already built so this is a little out of my comfort...
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    Will this Desktop Computer work for BI?

    Hey Everyone, I've got an old computer kicking around that I've been wanting to use as a media server, but hasn't happened yet. I'm thinking I want to install BlueIris on the computer, but I am not sure if it will work. I don't want to put any money into it if I can avoid it. I may pickup a...
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    Wireless Network Cameras?

    Hey Everyone, First things first, this is not about wireless cameras in the traditional sense, it is about a cameras connected to a wireless bridge kit. The other day, my vehicle was t-boned in a parking lot (Click Here to view this video). I have a camera mounted in my apartment's window and...
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    Wall Bracket vs. Box

    Hi all, I believe this is my first topic on here, so forgive me If this is in the wrong section or something. I've secured a high end install at a high end home. I will be installing hikvision cameras, and have been thinking about the mounting of them. I know I will need at least a junction...
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    New to the forum not to the work

    Hello Everyone, I'm new to the site here. I began installing surveillance and alarm systems 2 years ago and have progressed with self learning as I go. Have moved up to intercoms, data, and access control as well (of which I might need help with in a few months, I'm an electrical apprentice...