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    Hello from Florida

    Hello, welcome to the forum.
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    We have such courteous thieves in Texas
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    New member. Just saying HI

    Hello, welcome to the forum.
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    Greetings from PNW

    Hello, welcome to the forum from Texas.
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    This Mom Has No Fear

    Love it!
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    Hello, welcome to the forum.
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    US Elections (& Politics) :)

    Great new avatar, especially for you being a Floridian.
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    Am new here

    Hello David, welcome to the forum.
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    Pandemic threat? Anyone else concerned?

    Thanks @mat200 very interesting. I walk 2 1/2 miles every day to combat insulin resistance and I do my own yard work. This is further encouragement to keep it up. Sounds like being outside is beneficial even if I have on long sleeves in colder weather, so I don't have to walk in a Speedo? Don't...
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    Hello from Borås, Sweden

    Hello, welcome to the forum.
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    Modem tuning help

    I've been thinking about getting a dialup modem sound sample to use as a ringtone. At the moment I'm using "Idiot Wind" for all the spam calls that I get and ignore.
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    US Elections (& Politics) :)

    These sick bastards are everywhere, even Texas, although Austin is more like San Francisco politically. edit, I just noticed the article is a week old so this may have already...
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    Shouting out an intro and some thanks

    Hello, welcome to the forum.
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    hi from Nova Scotia

    Hello, welcome to the forum.
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    Hello, welcome to the forum.
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    Funny / Satire

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    Funny / Satire

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    New member introduction

    Hello Kurt, welcome to the forum.
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    Hello, welcome to the forum.
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    2nd Amendment thread

    I'm not sure if Dollar General is woke or not, we'll see if this manager gets fired. shows Dollar General to be a liberal leaning company.
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    Pandemic threat? Anyone else concerned?

    More of that love and tolerance we've come to expect from the liberals, especially the Bidens. Maybe they should also be required to wear a scarlet letter or a star indicating unvaxxed.
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    US Elections (& Politics) :)

    I saw this in an article I was reading and thought it was a pretty good quip: Rep. Dan Bishop North Carolina Bishop continued: “Adam Schiff is the Jussie Smollett of Congress. He just hasn’t had his trial yet.”
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    Someone decided to jump a Tesla

    Well that didn't go too well, someone young and stupid I assume - not that I was ever young and stupid:)
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    Cold War II is here, time to bomb shelter ..

    A prepper on steroids.
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    US Elections (& Politics) :)

    I've noticed, I read so much news on this forum, that when I go to news sites (which I do a LOT) if I see an article I like, I'm looking for the "like" button. No doubt if you are subscribed to these sites (which I am not) you can like or comment.
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    No more DST!

    From the Emerson Smartset manual: Daylight Saving and Leap Year Adjustments All Daylight Saving and Leap Year adjustment are made automatically by the SmartSet internal computer as follow: Start of Daylight Saving time: At 2:00 AM on the 2nd Sunday in March, the clock will automatically advance...
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    No more DST!

    Yes we have clocks that automatically change DST. I guess if they pass this it means we will have to change these clocks to the real time twice a year or get new clocks, our clocks don't have the option to cancel this feature.
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    US Elections (& Politics) :)

    With Biden's state of mind I could actually see him holding a chart like this.
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    Delphinus new member

    Hello, welcome to the forum.
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    US Elections (& Politics) :)

    I'm curious, if google is censoring information won't that affect results on Startpage? Maybe not a big deal but I'm wondering. At least Startpage has better privacy than google.