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    Good Camera that doesnt need to be low light @ $60

    Hi Guys :) I am a DLLL (Dahua low light lover) but this time I don't need low light as there is good street lighting Can anyone recommend a good outside cam @ $60-80 and tell me what to look for / is it mainly just MP I need to consider? Please see attached a pic with my Dahua 4mp...
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    I DO NOT need a VPN to remotely view my BI & cameras !!!

    I am convinced that I DONT need a seperate VPN to remotely view my BI software screen and camera feeds !!! Background So you want to connect remotely to your Blue Iris & cameras at home via eg teamviewer, chrome remote desktop app or Microsoft Remote desktop. You should first should setup a vpn...
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    Cam config problem BI Fails to connect to Hikvision cam Error code 80002726

    Hi there! Have a Hikvision DS-2CD2142FWD-IS which I can not get connected to BI Error code 80002726 (failed to connect) I have updated cam firmware to latest via sadp and it works fine Hikvision live view Also went through a lengthy vid ensuring the cam was not the problem On Bi IP cam...
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    The Perfect BI setup needs SSD ?

    Hi there everyone It has been suggested the perfect BI PC needs an SSD However ? BP2008's suggestion in another post makes sense to me. __________________________ You don't need an SSD for the clips. Mechanical hard drives are a lot more cost-effective. Seagate SkyHawk or Western Digital...
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    Do 4 cores deal with cctv substantially better than 2 ?

    Hi there thanks for your help Im looking at buying the hp elitedesk The 2 options im looking at are: the DT desktop mini with processor 4570T or the bigger usdt ultra slim desktop with processor 4570S specs here...
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    Anyone Got a pre March 2014 copy of Milestone xProtect go by chance ?

    Was intending to use Milestone as the only limits of 8 cameras and 5 days recording seems ok for me to start off with But just read they removed email alerts in 2014 which is a must 4 me to see my burglars ! Anyone have an old copy I can borrow ? :D...
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    Poe switch recomendation please

    Hi I will be buying sub £100 Hikvision cameras Can anyone kindly suggest a good low power poe switch My only recomendation to date is a netgear FS728TP Thanks
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    Best NVR software & android phone app

    Hi Guys 1) Best NVR software for hospitality cafe coffee bar shop 2) Best android app & most importantly Why ( and where can i read up on the features) Thanks for Looking
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    Best WDR low light backlight camera

    Hi Guys Just looking for your differing opinions (some of the best reads are when people disagree) on the following : Best WDR low light backlight killing camera for indoor use English firmware 1) Sub $100 2) Sub $150 3) Sub $500 4) In the world ! Required for dimly lit cafe coffee shop...
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    Advice on Camera Positioning and Lenses Thanks

    Hi Guys I would be very grateful for any advice whatsoever on camera positions & lenses. (My dream is not to be there). Please see my plan below. Here are my uninformed thoughts : 1) I put no 5 at b5 instead of position b1 to minimize backlight from windows? 2) All lenses 2.8mm except...
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    CCTV digital overlay journal overlay till to cam screen & Geovision

    Hi Guys What a great website! I have a whole new setup to create (Nvr PC thanks 2 Fenderman i5 Haswell with \ good low light wdr IP cameras unknown & \ software unknown but looking at blue Iris) Was looking for digital / journal overlay which sends whats on the till to one of the cameras...