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    Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro

    Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro by Amazon | 1080p HDR Video, 3D Motion Detection and Bird's Eye View, hardwired installation | With 30-day free trial of Ring Protect Plan This seems to be the latest offering and an upgrade from the earlier version. Has anyone tried this out with BI?
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    Unable to Connect Please Try Again Reason: Unable to reach server (mobile)

    Running BI and have been receiving alerts to my mobile and able to access the camera and alerts from my mobile. Suddenly, I am still receiving alerts but unable to connect as per the subject line. I have not made any changes to the config in over a year. I have restarted the router and...
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    Dahua SD22204UE-GN Mini PTZ

    A few questions about this camera which I am considering for use on a soffit board: 1) Can the camera be mounted/affixed directly to a soffit board or does it need a junction box like PFA137? (the cables would pass directly through the soffit to the loft) 2) Is this camera pan, tile and ZOOM...
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    Settings for triggers in the dark (dark clothing)

    Can anyone point me in the right direction to manage settings for triggers at night where the subject (a person) is wearing dark clothing? I've just about got my zones and triggers set up as I need them, but found that a person wearing dark clothing at night did not trigger. I can redirect...
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    Alerts to BI mobile on trigger (EZ VIZ 3MP doorbell)

    Alerts are coming through from my Dahua IPC-HDW5231R-Z, albeit somewhat delayed (e.g. 10 seconds or later). If I install the EZ VIZ 3MP doorbell when the doorbell is pushed (or video triggered) is that going to come through any quicker to my mobile?
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    Dahua IPC-HDW5231R-Z firmware

    Currently using software Version 2.460.0000.10.R, Build Date: 2017-05-23 and wondering if I need to update the firmware? If yes, where can I obtain the correct/current version (I'm based in the UK).
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    Zone specific alerts to mobile on motion trigger

    I'm running BI 5 and the Android app. I tried to set up alerts to my phone and found a useful YouTube video by HomeTech that addressed this setup, using PushOver, albeit for BI4. On BI 5 the screens and settings look different, particularly around mobile device tags. I've got our mobiles set up...
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    Unable to access BI server from BI app (Android)

    Have been running BI for several months without any issues at all. Recently I found that I could not access the server via the BI app (on any phone). Have rebooted the server and checked it is running - I'm able to remote in. I'm only using it internally at the moment but I'm not able to...
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    EZVIZ LC1 Security Light Camera

    Not exactly a doorbell (please move if needed) but does anyone have experience with this? Potentially useful to cover a blind spot on my property and use to trigger doorbell/alarms.
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    Remote surveillance camera

    I'm looking for a small discrete camera to monitor anti-social behaviour in the neighbourhood. Thinking that something like this might do the job: The camera would be placed amongst some shrubbery/greenery to monitor the problem activities, which occur...
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    Remote access (router)

    Now I've got BI up and running I need to be able to access remotely via the home router (Asus) to monitor and receive alerts (both from BI and OpenHAB), etc. It's been a while since I did any network configuration like this. Is there a guide or are there any pointers that would be helpful?
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    Blue Iris Android App - BI Version 5

    Is the app working OK with BI version 5?
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    Unable to reach Dahua IPC-HDW5231R-Z

    I had this camera set up on the bench and it's operating just fine. If I recall correctly I used the config tool to change the IP to the 192.168.0.x subnet I'm using. Installed to a building with a cable run to the loft space where there is a Netgear GS308P hub providing a POE port. Both LED's...
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    AV software on Blue Iris PC

    Is there an AV (anti-virus) or similar software that works well on a BI PC?
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    Camera facing sun during sunset

    I need to position a camera facing SW meaning it will be exposed to direct sun for a period during sunset. The camera position covers most of the property frontage and so there is not an alternative location. What I can do is play with the angles a little to minimize the glare at sundown (which...
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    View through a window

    Not ideal I know but I'm looking for a temporary camera that can capture a view through a double-glazed panel looking out onto a driveway. It's something of a blind spot from the property frontage and I will find a more permanent solution eventually. Likely it will need to be a WiFi device on...
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    Intel 4600 or 530 chipsets

    Would either of these be OK for BI and is one better than the other?
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    PC hardware for Blue Iris with two drive bays

    It looks like some Optiplex and Elitedesk products will take only 2.5" drive bays. I need a PC that can take a 2.5" SSD, a 3.5" WD Purple, and (preferably) a CD/DVD drive. Online info is somewhat patchy. Can anyone confirm which models will do this?
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    Facial recognition (or presence sensor)

    Is there a way to implement facial recognition via a camera (preferably Dahua) to identify persons arriving to the premises? I could do this in combination with a z-wave presence sensor (e.g. key fob) but using this method it seems that the exact location can be established (e.g. front door...
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    Camera recommendation for side entry/passage

    I have a narrow (approx 1m) passageway at the side of a house with an exit door approx 5m back from a gate at the frontage. I need a camera to mount just rearwards of the door to pick up anyone coming through the gate and up to the door. A tripwire would need to be set also. The rear aspect is...
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    Does anyone have experience of using this product?
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    Conduit and fixings for Dahua Junction Box PFA137

    I have the subject junction box and want to connect a flexible conduit into it. There is a gland supplied (looks like 15mm ID, 20mm OD) and the gland nut has an aperture of 12mm (approx). Most flexible conduit from DIY stores is around 20mm and too big for the fitting. Reason I need flexible is...
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    POE Dahua NVR will be expedient compared to BI?

    I know there are multiple posts on the NVR vs BI topic and I'm leaning toward the NVR to save time on build and implementation as well as cost. So I'm asking for guidance with a product/spec. and just want to check what current product would be best to get up and running quickly. A build to run...
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    Dahua IPC-HDW5231R-Z - which wall mount?

    I'm in need of a flush type wall mount for the Dahua IPC-HDW5231R-Z, one with a knock-out for a cable gland where I can connect a flexible cable conduit and plumb into domestic cable conduit (I think it's approx 20mm or 25mm). Any product suggestions or recommendations?